7 Terrifying Documentaries That Will Keep You Awake At Night

7 Terrifying Documentaries That Will Keep You Awake At Night

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We often thrill at the idea of ghost stories being told around campfires or at sleepovers and horror movies are a big deal at the cinema, but the fear steps up a notch when the stories are true.

That’s why scary documentaries have the ability to chill us to the bone, with everyday people sharing their stories.

From haunted children to bloodthirsty vampires, these paranormal documentaries reveal the truth behind many frightening events and entities which have plagued humanity.

Far from the average stories about things that go bump in the night, you’ll discover fascinating facts and chilling, terrifying tales.

Ranging from exploring historical evidence to urban myths, these documentaries bring to light the variety of horrifying, paranormal events that have enthralled people throughout history, such as demons, ghosts, vampires and many other ghouls and monsters who’ve made us afraid of the dark.

Read on for an eclectic list full of creepy stories, spine-tingling characters and some of the best ghost documentaries.

– Updated 2/9/2020

7 Terrifying Documentaries That Will Keep You Awake At Night

1) Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal

Paranormal documentaries are scary enough without children thrown into the mix.

In Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, we see boys and girls who see dead people – and more.

In the series, we discover their chilling stories and witness amazing psychic skills which baffle those around them.

Along with the assistance of a psychology expert, psychic Chip Coffey helps the children face their fears, including demons, ghosts and night terrors – as well as learning how to deal with the stigma coming from their communities and the misunderstanding in their families.

It gives a new meaning to suffer the little children.

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2) A Haunting in Connecticut

You’ve seen the movie, now watch the story behind it, where the Snedeker family discovers that their new home – which used to be a funeral parlor – is haunted by apparitions and dark entities hell-bent on terrorizing them all.

They especially focus their evil energies on the 14 year old son – the family’s eldest.

Confronted with sinister voices and enduring chilling, demonic activity, the family calls on the famous paranormal investigators – Ed and Lorraine Warren – for assistance.

Be prepared for spine-tingling reenactments and the ever-present, ominous entities who only have evil in mind.

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3) The Nightmare

Horror has never been so real when projected through the minds of those who suffer from sleep paralysis, affecting millions around the globe.

Far worse than a nightmare, these terrifying events and specters lie dormant until you fall into or come out of sleep.

Director of scary documentaries, Rodney Ascher also gave us Room 237 – the documentary behind Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

In The Nightmare, we follow 8 victims of sleep paralysis telling their bone-chilling stories about spooks who stalk the bedroom.

Trapped between sleep and waking states, these tales are about waking up with locked muscles, only to watch as sinister shadow people terrify the hell out of them.

“Now I lay thee down to sleep” has a darker edge after watching this documentary.

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4) Vampire Secrets

Vampires have horrified humanity for over a thousand years and haven’t always been the romantic and charming characters often portrayed in Hollywood movies or fantasy novels.

Even before Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1897, the idea of being eaten alive has haunted all living creatures on earth.

Worse still, is the idea of having your blood drained by a hypnotic assailant hiding in the shadows.

Along with the symbolic imagery of sharp fangs and theatrical figures in black capes, the monsters, vixens and unholy beasts are given center stage in this fascinating and terrifying documentary.

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5) Canada’s Most Haunted: Paranormal Encounters In The Great White North

Are you ready for true paranormal activity, including ghosts and monsters who haunt land and sea, from Canada?

With such a long history of terrifying tales, it’s no wonder that this documentary offers a vast array of thrills and chills with entities who promise to keep you up at night.

Learn about ghost children who enjoy slamming doors, a paranormal portal in a haunted museum, a Fish and Chip business with 16 spirits and a thirty foot lake monster – just to name a few.

You’ll be amazed with the ghastly ghouls and bizarre stories in this great documentary.

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6) A Haunting in Georgia

This is another chilling documentary based on true events, A Haunting in Georgia tells the tale of a four year old girl named Heidi and her so called pretend friends, named Con and Mr. Gordy.

It doesn’t take long for her parents to realize that these imaginary playmates are more than the result of childish games.

Both Heidi and her parents end up with gashes on their bodies, apparently inflicted by Mr. Gordy and his hooded, faceless friend who only has one hand.

After contacting paranormal investigators, they discover that their home is situated on a fault-line.

Can the Church save them from these evil spirits?

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7) Paranormal Prisons: Portal To Hell On Earth

Updated 2/9/2020 – You’d think it would be bad enough ending up in prison, without dying there or dealing with the ghosts who’ve already passed over.

This documentary covers a variety of prisons and jails, with stories like the bloodied figure waving a meat cleaver or the sinister and sadistic guards who like to taunt the living.

Visitors and prisoners alike share their chilling stories about coming face to face with grisly apparitions and not all of the spirits are men.

Be prepared to keep the lights on if you dare to go to sleep after this one.

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