Haunted Springville: Spooky Things Afoot at Sequoia Dawn Apartments

If you ever happen to be moving to Springville, California, and you’re in need of a place to live, you might take a look at the Sequoia Dawn Apartments.

The rates are good, the residents are mostly friendly older folks who make excellent neighbors, and it has the benefit of being something of a historical site as well.

Haunted Springville: Spooky Things Afoot at Sequoia Dawn Apartments

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Former Sanitarium

Updated 9/19/2019 – Of course, if you’re not a fan of this particular kind of site – a former tuberculosis sanitarium – and if you’re afraid of ghosts, it might not be the place for you.

There are many supposedly-haunted apartment complexes in the world, but this one has at least quite a few of them beaten in the creep-you-out department.

For one thing, it has its own cemetery (not too many people who used to get tuberculosis – also known as consumption – back in the day survived, and they had to be buried somewhere, didn’t they?)

For another, there is a woman who is said to roam the halls, bloody mouth agape – held open with a metal apparatus.

She will sometimes pass through solid walls to take a look at the interior of the various rooms.

She silently watches the residents going about their lives.

Her approval or disapproval is said to be easy to figure out just based on the way she flicks her tongue side to side.

Some ghosts in the apartments seem to enjoy moving items from one side of a room to the other, or creating phantom noises in the air vents.

There are a few playful ghosts who will knock your hat off if you’re not paying attention.

That sort of thing.

But some ghosts are not so friendly.

Ghosts In The Graveyard

There is a ghostly woman, bloody mouth agape, who roams the halls of the Sequoia Dawn Apartments in Springville California...

Photo credit: deviantart/scaryjesus

“I didn’t want to go down to the cemetery that day,” says former resident Hollie; she nervously handles an asthma inhaler, and several times throughout our interview brings it up to take a puff.

“Jim (her boyfriend at the time) said he wanted to see if there really were any ghosts out there.

You know, people who had died in the apartments back in the days when it was a hospital?”

I nod.

It takes some prodding to get her to go on.

“Jim, he wasn’t too bright.

He said he wanted to piss the ghosts off so they’d talk to him, because they weren’t making any noise at first.

So he started kicking one of the gravestones a little bit, telling the ghosts to come out.

All of a sudden,” she takes a puff from the aspirator, “something was in the air all around us.

It wasn’t exactly visible, but it was dark and frightening.

I remember feeling scared, but more than that I just remember feeling this hopeless depression creep over me.

Whatever it was, it lifted Jim two inches off the ground, and there was this whole bunch of voices talking all at once.

I couldn’t understand what they were saying.”

She hesitates a bit, then concludes “We moved out of there two weeks later, had to break our lease to do it.

But by that point, they were in the apartment with us too.”

I ask her what she was afraid would happen, expecting her to say that she was afraid of being harmed.

“I thought they would make us kill ourselves,” she says.

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