7 Short And Creepy Horror Films That Will Scare You Senseless

7 Short And Creepy Horror Films That Will Scare You Senseless

Still from “The Little Mermaid” via Vancouver Film School

Do you dare?

They’re only a few fearful minutes long, so feast your eyes and freak yourself out on these seven short horror films.

Make sure you’re ready for a creep fest and be assured that the terror promises to stay with you long after you turn away!

– Updated 2/9/2020

7 Short And Creepy Horror Films That Will Scare You Senseless

1) Off Season

Many of us love to cheer for the underdog and some of us have no issue with rooting for the anti-hero, but how would you feel about a thieving loser who is destined to be upstaged by his cute canine friend?

These two are robbing vacationers at resorts in the middle of winter, but what ensues when they come across a cottage that proves to be a case of biting off more than they can chew?

You’ll definitely be enthralled by the excellent production values and cinematography, not to mention a slow burn story focusing on the horror of isolation.

2) Witch

A mysterious woman comes to the aid of a couple in crisis, who split up in public and listen to her advice.

In return, she asks for their assistance and it becomes obvious that her offering of advice was a trap with nefarious intentions.

The storyline evolves through flashback, with excellent acting, great storytelling and canny filmmaking skills.

Be prepared for an ending which will keep your mind reeling as the realities of the characters are exposed right at the climax of the movie.

It just might make you think twice about engaging strangers or how you behave in public!

3) Psycho Princess: The Little Mermaid

Haunting music melds with Steampunk style in this well made, terrifying tale of The Little Mermaid – unlike the fairy tales you’re used to reading or watching.

Set in a circus in the middle of the woods at night, we see a tent where a mermaid is kept in a tub on a stage, in front of a small, mixed crowd of people who sit mesmerized by her strangeness.

When her “keeper” feeds her a fish, the camera is trained on the audience as she rips into it.

When they leave – be prepared for a creepy finale as she wreaks revenge.

4) Monster

This short will strike a chord for parents and the young at heart.

Remember when you were young and believed that monsters existed under every bed – especially when the lights went out?

It’s heartbreaking to watch the young protagonist tremble in fear as he is confronted by an evil entity who is hell bent on plaguing him.

Beautifully acted and expertly shot, this movie will have you cheering for the little boy and feeling the mother’s concern as she does her best to try and protect him, especially when you see the end.

You’ll be grinning from ear to ear!

5) Derailed

Most of us probably like to think of ourselves as Good Samaritans and that we would always help someone in need.

That’s what this man believes, when he finds himself answering a call from a woman as he waits for a train on a railway station in Paris.

Hearing her distant, haunting voice calling for help compels him to rush forth into a horrifying world seemingly parallel to this world.

He soon discovers that some good deeds don’t go unpunished!

After watching this creepy short, you just might wonder how much of a Good Samaritan you are willing to be!

6) The Birch

Many who may have suffered at the hands of bullies will appreciate this piece.

Finally pushed to the edge of his limits by terrible bullying, the young boy in this horror short pleads with an ancient entity of the forest to avenge him and provide protection.

The problem is, he gets way more than he initially bargained for!

Prepare for a brilliant production filled with excellent acting, awesome effects and incredible imagery.

You’ll be greatly impressed by the imagination employed here, along with fascinating themes that will invoke fear, awe and a thrilling adventure you’ll remember for a long time.

7) Strange Thing

Updated 2/9/2020 – There’s nothing more satisfying than watching cardboard cutout or cookie cutter couples being knocked off their pretentious perches!

Watch as an “oh so happy” couple of newlyweds enjoy their breakfast in a setting that shows their picture perfect lives – until they are derailed when they inadvertently discover an odd door in their kitchen.

Their curiosity transforms into terrifying fear.

They have to make a decision over whether or not to open the door.

What will they find on the other side of the door?

Will they build up enough nerve to find out?

Watch it and see for yourself!

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