7 Paranormal Trails You Must Hike in Northern California Before You Die

Each year, hundreds of people escape their chaotic, everyday lives to explore the fresh air, gorgeous villas and numerous vineyards that have all become iconic symbols of Northern California.

But Northern Cali is not just home to charming homes and exquisite wine.

Below is a list of hikes and trails that exhibit various types of paranormal phenomena.

7 Paranormal Trails You Must Hike in Northern California Before You Die

emmanuel cristobal/flickr

Seven Paranormal Trails You Must Hike in Northern California Before You Die

7) Moro Rock Trail – Tulare, CA

The Moro Rock Trail will take you through some very interesting scenery in Tulare.


Updated 9/23/2019 – Unlike most trails that cut through forested terrain, the Moro Rock Trail is a hike up a large granite rock formation, which provides spectacular views of wildlife, the surrounding forests and meadows.

However, many recent visitors have started claiming that bizarre figures have started to appear in the photographs they take while on this trail.

At first, people said it was simply user error, but too many people have reported seeing blurred faces and foggy apparitions in their photographs to be mere coincidence.

One woman claims that she felt a heavy sensation on her shoulders as she posed for a picture at the top of the trail.

But when the photograph was developed there were two phantom hands resting on her shoulders as the photo was taken.

6) Alum Rock Trail – San Jose, CA

The Alum Rock Trail in San Jose is beautiful during the day, but we weary of going here at night.

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Alum Rock Trail is situated in Alum Rock Park, which is the oldest California State Park.

The area has many trails of varying difficulty, but the Alum Rock Trail has started to develop a rather paranormal reputation.

Many hikers and explorers have recently visited the trail and have had a great adventure.

However, some of them have started to complain of experiencing chronic nightmares, as if something was trying to enter their dreams, after hiking the trail.

Each have consistently said that their nightmare is that they are on the trail by themselves in the dark, but each feels a dark spirit following behind them as they try to get out of the park in one piece.

5) The Lost Coast Trail – Petrolia, CA

The Lost Coast Trail is connected to over one hundred miles of hiking and exploration.

A few hikers who regularly visit the area believe that the trail is appropriately named, as they have experienced a strange phenomenon while on the Lost Coast.

They claim that the area is home to an unseen vortex, where the space time continuum is irregular.

Each has experienced this irregularity and have felt as though they have traveled back in time, to when the trail was newly developed and fresh.

The hikers claim they do not know the precise location of this vortex, but that each has disappeared for several minutes at a time while on The Lost Coast Trail.

4) Pear Lake Trail – Sequoia National Park, CA

Pear Lake Trail has been walked down countless times throughout history, even before it was officially designated. Some of those old spirits are still around, at least according to the people who have seen them.


This 11+ mile trail is considered fairly difficult, as it winds around the Sequoia National Park.

This particular path is only open from June until October and often gets a lot of traffic during that timeframe.

However, a group of rebellious campers recently decided to find a way onto the trail during the spring.

As they made their trek, one of the hikers claimed to have heard the sound of people walking through the woods to the left of the trail.

Not long after, the entire group saw at least a dozen figures walking in parallel through the forest, bearing torches.

Each had on a long black robe that also covered their faces.

The hikers were running as far away as possible moments later, as each got the intuitive feeling that the robed entities were not of this world.

3) Mt. Diablo Trail – Contra Costa County, CA

Care to venture along the trail at Mount Diablo? They don't call it that for nothing. San Francisco's most haunted trail.


This 13 mile loop trail is difficult and not recommended for beginners.

While treacherous, the views from Mt. Diablo are astounding, and many wonder how it could have gotten such a macabre name.

The namesake is often explained to new visitors when they reach the summit and read the placard at the top.

However, some locals believe that, contrary to the original stories, Mt. Diablo actually received its name for a far more sinister reason…

It is said that a missionary was once travelling through the area when he started feeling an evil presence fighting for control of his body.

He claimed that as he walked, he kept seeing the number 666 in his head, and in the surrounding landscape.

Many times he blacked out on the trip, envisioning a cross being turned upside over and over again.

2) Lake Chabot Trail – Castro Valley, CA

Castro Valley is home to some interesting trails, but the ones at Lake Chabot are certainly the most haunted.

emmanuel cristobal/flickr

The Lake Chabot Trail is an ideal area for fishing, and for those who wish to get a long winded walk out of the day.

However, many Castro Valley residents have started to avoid this magnificent plot of natural beauty, because of the area’s growing reputation.

Hikers have claimed that while walking on the ten mile Lake Chabot Trail they started to experience bizarre visions.

One envisioned being bitten by an extremely venomous snake.

Another swears he saw a horrific looking clown, following him on the trail with a knife.

And still another envisioned being attacked and killed by a rabid mountain lion.

After sharing their fearful visions, they came to the conclusion that there is a paranormal phenomenon on the trail where the hiker will have visions of their worst fears…come to life.

1) Crystal Cave Trail – Sequoia National Park, CA

You can walk along this creepy trail at Sequoia in California, but you're truly brave if you actually go inside the Crystal Cave when it's dark outside.


The Crystal Cave Trail is a fairly creepy trail, located in the heart of a dense, dark cavern.

While many visitors have explored the cave without incident, every year a few experience something that is truly terrifying.

It is said that these visitors have each witnessed seeing a pale, white slimy creature observing them from the large stalactites on the roof of the cave.

These creatures are evil and devious in nature and will take advantage of any explorer who gets separated from the rest of their group.

A dozen visitors have claimed that the slimy creatures have stalked them around the twisting tunnels of the cavern.

It’s believed that these horrendous beings attempt to get visitors lost so they can be attacked in the shadows where the creatures dwell.


Hikes in northern California are enjoyable and relaxing…but make sure to bring your courage when you explore these trails (and perhaps a phone to make a call for help!).

These are dangerous, scary, and filled with paranormal phenomena.

But that’s exactly why you should check them out; for the terrifying thrills.

Just keep alert and be careful because anything can, and will, happen.