The Woman on the Ceiling at the Springville Inn

For many years, residents of Springville, California were convinced their local inn was haunted.

The Springville Inn had many locals as employees, not only in the hotel portion of the building, but in the restaurant as well.

Over time, many reports and eye witness accounts were made, and the town realized the inn was not just haunted by one spirit, but by four.

The Most Haunted Building in Springville?

Updated 2/11/2020 – The Springville Inn is now permanently closed, but many former employees still recount the paranormal activity as though it were just yesterday.

Charlene, an older woman who worked in the restaurant of the hotel during the 1980s, has had numerous encounters with three of the four reported entities that haunted the building.

While each was creepy in their own way, none was so terrifying as when she finally encountered the ghost of a woman.

The Persistent Woman

“One of my co-workers had begged and begged for me to take her late night shift on account that her grandmother had been admitted into the hospital that morning.

I needed the money, and I felt so bad for her family I immediately agreed,” she nodded.

“I believe it was around ten that night when the last of our guests shuffled out of the restaurant and back to their hotel rooms.

I began the usual chores when closing up…wiping down tables, vacuuming the carpet.

As I worked I began to notice a sudden chill overcome the restaurant.

Now, this isn’t particularly odd because the temperature of the room always lowers after all the warm bodies leave,” Charlene reasoned.

“I changed the temp on the thermostat and resumed wiping the tables down.

As I bent over one table, I heard a shuffling noise from directly behind me.

‘Want me to refill the salt shakers?’

I called out, thinking it was the shift manager.

“When nobody answered, I looked behind me to find I was alone in the dining area.

I shrugged and resumed my work.

As I looked out across the span of tables, I saw someone seated at a table in the corner, all the way across,” she said, gesturing.

“The lights had been dimmed, but I could tell that she was no ordinary woman.

I took a deep breath and began to slowly walk over to the table.

The whole while I kept my eyes on her, but it seemed like with each passing step, the woman dissolved.

“By the time I made it to the table, she was nowhere in sight,” Charlene sighed with a shake of her head.

I had already seen a couple of spirits at Springville at this time, so while I wasn’t altogether surprised, it was still pretty unsettling.

I forced myself to calm down, and I turned back to the tables.

“I leaned over one, and as I did so I felt hot air on my face—almost as though someone had breathed on me.

I looked up, and standing upside down on the ceiling was the woman, staring at me as a disgusting black substance oozed out of her slightly open mouth.

I remember running, screaming into the kitchen.

“It’s been a long time since I thought about the Springville Inn, but that memory still haunts me to this day.