Does a Praying, Dead Nun Haunt La Lomita Chapel in Mission?

In 1899, a small section of land in Mission, Texas was designated as part of a grant to the Oblates of Mary Immaculate church organization.

The Oblates wanted to use the land as a part of their headquarters.

As a result, a modest, white church was constructed and was called the La Lomita Chapel.

Does a Praying, Dead Nun Haunt La Lomita Chapel in Mission?


The Oblates New Mission Project

Updated 2/11/2020 – In 1907, the Oblates desired to construct new churches and schools along the newly built railroad system.

In order to pay for this project, they decided to sell most of their acreage around La Lomita.

Many new churches were built during this time period, including this beautiful church located in the heart of Mission, Texas.

In 1910, the Oblates officially moved to the new location, and La Lomita was promptly abandoned by the organization.

While the chapel is now considered a registered historic location, very little has been done to prevent further deterioration of the structure.

Today, the little white chapel is better known for the ghost that supposedly lives inside it.

Many locals have reported seeing the apparition of a woman, levitating in the open doorway of the chapel.

Most of them have claimed the apparition was floating in the air, and seemed to be reciting a prayer.

Those who have witnessed her believe she is the spirit of a nun.

When Breanna was assigned to produce a series of photographs of dilapidated structures, the first place that came to mind was the La Lomita Chapel.

“It’s such a pretty church, I knew it would be the perfect place to start my photography project,” she said.

She was so inspired by the idea; she really didn’t think about the possibility of the church being haunted.

“It was a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon when I drove to the chapel.

I got out of my car and took a few shots from a distance, but I wanted to explore the interior and see if I could produce some artistic photographs from within,” she recalled.

A Haunting Perspective…

There's a strong connection to paranormal activities and old churches, why do you think that is?


“I stepped inside and immediately felt a wave of cold air rush up to my face.

It felt intense at first, but then I looked from the shadowed ground out into the sunny field surrounding the church, and I assumed it was just the natural temperature difference of the room.

Nothing weird about that, right?” she chuckled.

“But the moment I relaxed, it felt like someone had walked behind me and brushed their fingers across the base of my neck,” she said with a gesture.

“The touch was so faint, but so intimate—like something your mother or a boyfriend would do.

‘Jeez, Bree, get a grip,’ I whispered to myself, knowing I wouldn’t be able to leave without a perfectly framed photograph.

“Suddenly the wind picked up, and a few dead leaves tumbled into the open doorway.

As they scraped along the floor, it almost sounded like somebody was saying my name….



Within seconds all of the hairs on my arms stood on end.

The feeling of evil being present was overwhelming.

“I yanked my camera to my face and snapped a few quick shots before I all but ran out of the church.

As I looked over my shoulder, I thought I saw something move by the treeline that bordered the property.

I don’t know what made me do it, but I snapped another quick photo and kept running,” Breanna said quietly.

“I developed those photos…and it looked like a ghost is hovering, hunched over between the trees.

One of my obnoxious classmates looked at it and said it was nothing but a tree trunk.

After that, I vowed I would never return to the chapel in Mission ever again.”


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