San Marcos: Beware The “Nightmare Man” of Thompson Island Bridge

There is a small island located in San Marcos, Texas.

The San Marcos River forks around what is known as Thompson Island.

Before the Civil War, a cotton gin was operated on the island with much success.

San Marcos: Beware The "Nightmare Man" of Thompson Island Bridge

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Updated 2/11/2020 – However, post war the gin sat abandoned, and the island was slowly overtaken by the cypress trees.

For the last few decades, many San Marcos residents, including resident psychics and mediums, have claimed that the spirit of a Confederate soldier has been spotted on the Thompson Island bridge, marching to and fro at its entry point.

The Deserted San Marcos River Island

This story had, admittedly, very little interest to newcomer and savvy businessman Frederick.

But the property on Thompson Island sure did.

The idea of opening a restaurant and bar on the small island was something he started scheming up the moment he moved into town.

He wanted to contact the owner of the site and make an offer, but knew he would have to explore the island himself first.

“I needed to see what kind of condition the island was in—how pliable the ground was, how deep the tree roots went—all of those nuances that need to be investigated before purchasing land,” he explained.

“I had spent the day negotiating for an office to rent in town and was driving by the island when I decided to scope it out early.”

Business Plans Turn Terrifying…

“Part of the decision relied on the structural integrity of the bridge, so I parked on the side of the road and crossed the bridge by foot, making notes on a small notebook I carried,” he said.

“I remember the bridge feeling unnaturally cool compared to the rest of the air around me as I crossed it.

“But I had just heard about the supposed haunting and I figured my brain was just being over sensitive to the temperatures around me as a result.

“There’s always a logical explanation—or so I used to think,” he said with a faint smile.

“Anyway, I went all around the island, taking notes on every little detail I stumbled upon.

“I was there much longer than I had anticipated, and as the sun sunk closer to the horizon, things started getting…a little weird.

“I thought I heard a faint growling sound whenever the wind picked up.

“I also began to feel like there was a presence watching me from a distance, no matter where I was on the island.

“’Get it together man, you’re starting to seem like one of the crazy locals from town,’ I told myself with a small laugh.

“But things just felt steadily oppressive and I decided it was time to leave the island for the day.

“I began walking on the bridge, but as I got to the middle I felt like someone was watching me from the shadows.

That’s when I noticed some “thing” in the bushes.

It looked like the figure of a man…but not entirely human.

“I moved forward with caution, wishing I had my gun on me,” he shook his head.

When one encounters the apparition of a demon, it's often the manifestation of very negative feelings mixed with many, many decades for them to grow more and more sinister. (San Marcos: Beware The "Nightmare Man" of Thompson Island Bridge)

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“I slowly made my way over the bridge, constantly checking behind me for the man-thing who watched me.

“I was terrified, and I had no idea what was out there.

“I all but ran to my car, turned on the engine and booked it out of there,” Frederick confessed.

“I was still a bit jumpy when I returned to my new house, but I finally felt safe.

“Until I went to sleep that night…

“I dreamt about being back on the bridge again.

“I was wearing the same clothes, had that same nerve-wracking feeling that someone was watching me.

“Suddenly, I blinked in my dream and the water around me turned into flames, and the sky was pitch black above,” Frederick gestured above his head.

“I felt entities all around me in the shadows–dark, demonic spirits, soul-less and God-less.

“It was the worst dream, the worst thing, I have ever experienced here in San Marcos,” he added.