10 Insanely Creepy Dolls That Will Absolutely Terrify You

Amongst Legos and Hot Wheels, every child in America has loved one doll or another.

Whether inexpensive baby dolls or costly porcelain ones, dolls often satisfy the parental instincts, intuition, and urges most children begin to develop when young.

But not all dolls are created equal.

Some have been used as vessels to promote sinister agendas.

10 Insanely Creepy Dolls That Will Absolutely Terrify You - ftr

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Poltergeists and demonic entities can inhabit dolls to torment and terrify their victims.

Some cases, such as Robert The Doll, has led to heinous historical crimes, including murder.

Nobody could have ever imagined the grief and trails of blood one seemingly innocent object created.

Robert was often discussed in the media and became one of the most bizarre criminal cases in American history.

Their sweet and innocent exteriors convince many children that their favorite dolls are companions and their most trusted advisors — creatures in need of extensive care and love.

Little do they know that malevolent spirits rely on this sense of camaraderie to remain undetected, even long after paranormal activity has begun.

10 Insanely Scary Dolls That Will Creep You Out

Whispers, screams, apparitions…anything can happen when you allow a possessed doll to enter your beloved home.

Not all them have such a sinister destiny.

But below is a list of haunted dolls that could far too easily fit the bill.

10) Scary Clown Doll Watches While You Sleep

Scary Clown Doll Watches While You Sleep

Photo credit: bizarrocentral.com

Most haunted dolls have a tendency of being clown-like in appearance.

These haunted toys rely on their brightly colored hair and clothes to attract young children.

This clown doll seems incapable of hiding his evil demeanor.

His lips seem not to smile, but to smirk at his victims, knowing all of the terrible things he has in store for them.

These paranormal dolls are of a patient nature—they will wait to make sure the children of the household truly love them before they begin to wreak havoc.

This scary clown figure would be content to begin his torment while his victims sleep.

Always in sight, if objects begin to fly across the room, and maniacal chuckles can be heard in the hall, nobody would ever suspect such eerie activity would emanate from the toy that sits before them.

9) Withered Baby Will Trigger Your Fear of Dolls

Withered Baby Doll Will Eat Your Flesh

Photo credit: wanelo.com

According to legitimate Mediums, Baby dolls are some of the most haunted dolls in the world.

Their infantile appearance pulls at the heartstrings of many young children, females in particular.

What is most cunning about using these types of toys as vessels is the simple fact that little girls enjoy taking their baby dolls with them everywhere.

From shopping malls, to doctors’ offices, to their own child-sized beds, entities that reside in baby dolls are fully immersed in the lives of their victims.

This particular creepy doll gives the appearance of having been to Hell and back.

Her milky white eyes are now void of compassion.

She might only live to consume flesh and souls, bringing innocent little girls into her world of evil and darkness.

8) Ventriloquist Dummy Speaks In Demonic Tongues

Ventriloquist Doll Speaks In Demonic Tongues

Photo credit: Dead Silence

Many haunted doll stories pertain to ventriloquist dolls.

The appearance of these scary dolls requires little imagination.

Their large eyes and gaping mouths give them a permanent deranged expression.

Many are known for deriving power from the very humans that speak through them.

These creepy dolls pride themselves on listening to every word their family says.

He takes note of their weaknesses and fears, and will always make his victims suffer.

When the family is out of the house this ventriloquist would probably collect knives from the kitchen.

He would hide them under beds, and inside of his clothes.

He would wait until everyone slumbers.

One by one he’d stab his victims to death, all the while keeping that insane grin on his face.

7) Ugly Doll Compels Suicide

Ugly Doll Compels Suicide

Photo credit: flickr/shainerin

Possessed dolls, know not just anyone will love them.

This doll’s deformed skull and grotesque mouth would deter most people.

Creepy dolls moving off store shelves don’t happen very often.

Once a misunderstood human herself, she probably decided to conduct a ritual that would trap her soul into a doll for eternity.

Her ideal victims would be humans that like to prey on their peers.

Perpetually bullied and harassed, haunted dolls of her nature would inflict the pain and suffering she endured while she was alive.

She would like to make her victims end their lives, especially by forcing them to drown themselves in water.

When suicide victims are found in rivers and bathtubs, this doll would never be too far away.

6) Terrifying Siamese Twins

Terrifying Siamese Twins

Photo credit: tumblr/dunkleliebe666

Siamese twins, these creepy antique dolls pack double trouble.

Bent on following the glorious path of the notorious Annabell doll, these girls would likely enjoy leaving hair-raising messages for their victims and showing up in places other than where their victims leave them.

Instead of relying on physical harm, these girls would probably push their victims into madness.

They would not be above using disembodied voices, nightmares and scary notes to disintegrate a person’s sanity.

These dolls might be found with women who have been sent to psychiatric wards, bent on stabbing their own eyes out with scissors.

They would take delight in hearing their victims blame them for their deeds, only to be locked up forever in an asylum.

5) Disturbing Experiment

Disturbing Experiment

Photo credit: mylene.net

This unusual doll looks like an experiment gone horribly awry.

Bony and deformed, his limbs look as though they have been Frankensteined together.

Having this in your home would likely mean a lot of trouble.

He would use his connections to the underworld to plague each house with dead people.

Victims would find these dead spirits in their closets, in their beds, always standing behind them, breathing down their necks.

This figure would use any means to instill fear into his victims.

As each living human would scream and run with fear, this stoic doll would remain unsympathetic.

The only things he would know are suffering and pain.

4) Creepy Doll Seeks Revenge

Creepy Doll Seeks Revenge

Photo credit: tumblr/buffalo-divine-eden-no7.

Once experimented on like a rabid dog, this doll would probably stop at nothing to seek revenge on those who deprived him of his arms and legs.

Confined to materials that resemble a violin, this doll would be passed from musician to musician, leaving death and despair in his wake.

Knowing his victims are partial to sound, this “toy” would prod needles into people’s eardrums while they slept.

Overtime, they would become deaf.

And they would be incapable of hearing the doll when he attacks.

Now without limbs, the he would use his teeth to chew away at his victims.

They would slowly bleed out over their guitars and pianos, and he would take pleasure in each gruesome scene.

3) Doll Enjoys Burning Her Victims Alive

Doll Enjoys Burning Her Victims Alive

Photo credit: creepycollection.com

Haunted porcelain dolls are prevalent in American culture, and this doll could certainly be one of them.

She would rely on her eerie, monstrous mouth to ensure no child would keep her for very long.

Possibly trapped inside the confines of the dolls body, the enraged spirit within would stop at nothing to regain her freedom.

For children that would love her despite her macabre appearance, the toy would decide to destroy them for good.

Waiting until deep into the night, this terror would light hundreds of candles all around the house.

One by one she would knock them over with her pale arms, setting the house ablaze.

Once the flames were strong and healthy, the doll would rest outside the child’s bedroom, where she could listen to their screams as they burned alive.

2) Freaky Twin Doll Toys with Its Victims

Freaky Twin Doll Toys with Its Victims


Reminiscent of circus freaks, this doll would enjoy the creepier side of life.

Having two grey colored heads on one small body, the two spirits that may live in this figure would likely compete to see who would murder their victim more quickly.

The larger head would play host to a more intelligent spirit, bent on hatching the perfect plot.

Compensating for his size, the smaller head would possess a more violent spirit, whose only desire is to become a feared serial killer.

Victims would tremble with fear as these entities argued over their ultimate fate.

Whether bludgeoned to death with a hammer, or forced to commit suicide, at the end of the day this doll would always win.

1) Porcelain Doll Wants to Skin You Alive

Porcelain Doll Will Skin You Alive

Photo credit: reddit/esPhys

Clad in a satin Victorian era gown, this doll would rely on her exterior charm to fool her victims into loving her.

Her pale blue eyes and wrinkled face would make doll collectors assume she is nothing but a fragile old lady doll, simply in need of love.

But beneath her unassuming exterior could be the spirit of a demonic force.

Desiring to appear younger and more beautiful, this terrifying toy would likely choose her victims based on youth.

She could drug their evening wine, rendering them unconscious.

While they slept, she would cut off patches of their skin.

As each victim would bleed out on the floor, this doll would hum cheerfully to herself, sewing their skins together.

She would make a more beautiful body for herself.


No matter if a doll is a pale faced beauty, or a dusty collection of cloth and yarn, it’s impossible to discern what a haunted doll may look like.

Sinister spirits may lurk behind porcelain skin, or they could find a home in Raggedy Ann.

The important thing is to recognize the signs of paranormal activity in relation to acquiring each new doll.

A victim fooled by a seemingly innocent exterior often doesn’t have the opportunity to learn from her mistakes.

One must always use caution and suspicion in order to remain alive.

Have you ever purchased a haunted doll? What kind of paranormal activity have you experienced with it? Tell us in the comments below and share this with your friends. Click the Share button below.