The 2 Best Rem Pods For Sale Today (Detects Real Spirits!)

Best REM POD With Temperature Detection

One of the most important tools to have in your paranormal inventory is a REM pod.


Because it's useful when trying to detect the presence of spirits, especially if you’re not getting any EVP responses or other evidence.

Sometimes spirits don’t know how to use their energy to communicate, which is where this device comes in handy.

Creating its own energy field for ghosts to manipulate, it also has lights and sounds to alert you when they are in the vicinity.

Top REM Pod - Quick Pick - ​​Updated 2/9/2020

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Rem Pod Buyers Guide

What Is A Rem Pod?

A small, compact device considered one of the most essential items in the world of paranormal detection equipment.

REM is an acronym for Radiating Electro-Magneticity. 

With an antenna that covers a range of 360 degrees, it detects disturbances and changes in the surrounding area of the REM pod.

It radiates an EM field around the rem detector, creating energy for spirits to communicate through.

The REM pod uses sound and colored lights to set off alarms for the ghost hunter.

How REM Pods Help You Find A Ghost

The EM field around the REM pod is affected by anything that conducts electricity, so when a ghost enters the field and sets off the alarm, you can start doing EVP bursts in order to catch a disembodied voice.

You’ll notice the different lights glowing at varying rates, depending on the level of energy generated by the spirits.

If you’re investigating another area, the sound of the alarm will alert you so that you can return and collect evidence.

The 2 Best Rem Pods

1) Red Pod Pro Series

Red Pod Pro Series

When checking out REM pods for sale, you might want to consider this popular item, which has a 360 degree energy detector circuit that automatically calibrates the strength of the EM field every five seconds.

This feature reduces the ability for naturally occurring energies to interfere with its operation.

The LED lights and sound will alert you to the presence of ghosts and the handy removable antenna allows for easy storage when not in use.

2) REM POD With Temperature Detection

REM POD With Temperature Detection

One of the more sophisticated ghost hunter tools is this REM pod which was designed for professional paranormal investigators.

The radiating EM antenna detects spirit energy and anomalies and the multi-colored lights and sounds alert you that ghosts are present, varying according to the level of disturbance.

This capability allows for understanding the strength of the energy the spirit is exhibiting, which is especially useful if you want to determine the presence of different entities.

Ghost Hunting Gadgets - Honorable Mentions:

The following two tools aren't REM pods but they are often used with REM pods, and are incredibly useful, so they deserve a mention here:

1) 360 Degree Motion Detector

360 Degree Motion Detector

This gadget incorporates a popular element in ghost catching equipment, which is a motion detector.

Also with 360 degree sensing, it allows for a complete sweep of the surrounding area. 

The lights and tones will alert you to the presence of spirits once the device is set up in the center of any room.

The sensors will point out the direction of the movement, in a range of forty feet to a forty five degree angle.

2) EDI+ All-In-One EMF Detector and Data Logger

EDI+ All-In-One EMF Detector and Data Logger

​Updated 2/9/2020 - Ghost hunting supplies should include this little gem.

All up, this device has five essential tools in one, including data logging, air pressure and humidity sensors with LED alarms. 

The EMF detector has an LED display and digital readout, as well as a temperature sensor in both °C and °F readouts.

It also has vibration detection which is an important capability for paranormal investigations and comes with a free graphing program to assist with data analysis.