10 Most Haunted Campgrounds in Texas

S’mores, campfires, sleeping bags…. several things come to mind when camping in a lush Texan campground.

But perhaps what doesn’t come to mind is that campgrounds are sometimes home to not only family memories, but family fear.

10 Most Haunted Campgrounds in Texas

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Updated 2/11/2020 – These ten Texas campgrounds are notoriously haunted by spirits, and not all of them are friendly.

The 10 Most Haunted Campgrounds in Texas

10) Rusk KOA Campground – Rusk, TX

Campers have reported seeing strange things in the middle of the night, things that they can't explain without comparing them to the most frightening of horror movie scenes.

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This KOA campground is said to be haunted by a tricky poltergeist.

The unseen spirit is known for getting into locked areas and moving objects around while campers sleep.

One family believed they were the victims of theft until they saw a necklace moving on its own within their campsite.

When confronted, the poltergeist is known for writing crude messages to campers, informing them that the mischief will always continue.

9) Sunset Point on Lake LBJ – Marble Falls, TX

If only LBJ knew some of the horrors that would be reported from this campground in Texas.

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Campers on beautiful Lake LBJ have begun to experience something profoundly eerie during the night.

A few have come forward claiming to hear disembodied footsteps pacing around their tent the moment the sun goes down.

When confronted the footsteps stop for a few minutes, then seem to increase their speed around each tent terrifying the campers within.

Recently, a few campers set up cameras to make sure it wasn’t someone mistakenly going to the wrong campsite, but while the sound of the footsteps was successfully captured, nobody could be seen in the footage.

8) Blazing Star Luxury RV Resort – San Antonio, TX

You'll be glad you can pick-up camp and drive away easily. Most houses aren't able to escape when they're on haunted ground, which is really the biggest selling point of an RV, at least at a place like this...

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This large RV campground has recently been deemed haunted by campers.

Many have seen the ghost of a little girl, wandering the campground at night.

Those who have tried to approach the girl quickly realize she is dead when they see that she doesn’t have any pupils.

A few have claimed that after seeing her, they cannot step foot into the resort without experiencing problems with their vision.

Their eyes mysteriously return to normal the moment they leave the resort.

7) RV Park of Victoria – Victoria, TX

This RV park is about a mile away from just about anything you'd need, but a mile seems a lot longer when you're experiencing a malicious paranormal encounter.

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While not exactly malicious, campers here have been known to avoid the surrounding foliage at night.

Many claim that they cannot sleep because they hear disembodied voices and singing just outside the perimeter of the campground.

When a few brave souls went out to explore what was happening, they reported hearing their names said over and over again with increasing volume, until they fled the area in complete and total fear.

6) The Vineyards Campground and Cabins – Grapevine, TX

They say there's a ghost bride here, who is constantly on the search for a new husband.

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The Vineyards is home to a ghost bride, who seems to be in search of her new husband.

According to a local legend, the campground was the site of a couple’s honeymoon many years ago.

When the wife confessed she had had an affair prior to their engagement, the man took a knife and stabbed her in a rage.

Now, the ghostly apparition of a woman in a wedding dress is said to be seen wandering between the cabins, sobbing.

5) Woodland Lakes RV Park – The Woodlands, TX

Here's another haunted RV park in Texas. Are you starting to notice a theme yet?

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Many families refuse to go to this park after claiming to have had terrifying experiences.

They reported that whenever it rains at this campground, paranormal activity occurs.

Each family member woke up to their RV being violently shaken by an angry and unseen force.

They are convinced that it was supernatural in nature as no geological or tectonic phenomena was recorded while they were at the campsite.

4) Riverview Campground – Waco, TX

This campground is a very nice place to visit, but would you want to stay... forever?

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Hold on tight to your children at this particular campground.

Several campers have recently reported that the ghost of a little boy has befriended each of their children while staying here.

At first each believed their kids had developed an imaginary friend, but then the ghost boy started to appear behind each child whenever they were near a reflective surface.

A few of them think this boy is evil and is trying to steal their children so he has a playmate in death.

3) Post Oak Place – Denton, TX

The Post Oak RV campground is one of those places where, in the middle of the night, you just get a strange feeling of unwelcomness. Not from the staff, but from the spirits.

Photo credit: campingfriend.com

Recently, reports of paranormal activity have taken place at this campsite.

When a family saw a mysterious young man hanging out in the background of a photograph they took, they believed it was a wayward camper, just trying to be funny.

But when the same young man began appearing in ALL of the photographs they took, they realized it was a spirit who was joining in on their vacation.

After the family went back home, they claimed that the spirit showed himself in bodily form standing in their living room.

2) Oleander Acres – Mission, TX

Oleander Acres tops the list, but you'll have to find out why on your own, we won't spoil the surprise.

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According to local legend, a young girl was murdered near the area before the campground was developed.

Many scared campers have said that they have seen the girl standing outside of their tents during the night.

Sometimes even appearing within their tent in the hours between 3am – 4am.

From a distance, the spirit looks like a living human being, but as she approaches, campers are known to flee screaming.

The young girl was allegedly murdered by a gunshot wound to her face a very long time ago, and is missing an eye.

1) Rio Vista Resort – Kingsland, TX

There is always a lot to do here during the day, but it's the nighttime that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Photo via: tripadvisor.com

A handful of campers are said to have once demanded a refund after being the target of a malicious spirit.

One woman claimed that she stayed up later than her husband and found another woman sitting up in bed with him.

She believed her husband had been caught in an affair when the women gave an evil smile and disappeared before their eyes.

The woman believed the evil spirit stalked her during their remaining time at the campground.


Those who are faint of heart, beware.

These are no ordinary campsites, and nobody can guarantee that your experience at any of these campgrounds won’t include some form of paranormal sighting or encounter.