17 Psychic Abilities You Can Tap into (And How to Develop Them!)

17 Psychic Abilities You Can Tap into (And How to Develop Them!)

Ready to tap into your psychic abilities? Photo credit: flickr/laurazalenga

Did you know that many people with psychic abilities don’t even know they have them?

Psychic phenomena are more common than most people believe.

The United States government has studied the field, as well as countless respected scientists and paranormal investigators.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that a relatively large section of the populace has at least one psychic ability, locked away in the recesses of their mind.

– Updated 2/11/2020

Understanding and Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Have you ever had a strange hunch that turned out to be true?

Maybe you knew a friend was in trouble, or about something bad happening before you possibly could have known?

Maybe you have a strong feeling that you would make a great a psychic reader?

Or perhaps it was a little more mundane.

Many people have had the strange experience of picking up a landline phone and knowing who was on the other end, before a single word was spoken.

Maybe you know a professional psychic and admire their ability to give psychic readings online.

Psychic abilities take many forms.

To the uninitiated, they can be mistaken for ordinary powers of perception, intuition, or even sheer luck.

Luck only goes so far, though, and if you find yourself repeatedly making “educated guesses” that turn out to be amazingly spot-on, you might actually be exerting a psychic ability.

Later on in this article, you will learn what sets them apart and how to establish whether or not you are actually a psychic.

A List of Psychic Abilities You Can Tap Into and Strengthen

Typically, psychic powers are keyed to one of the senses, though some can be more cerebral and focused on pure thought.

Abilities such as Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairscent, Clairvoyance, Retrocognition, Remote Viewing, Aura Reading, Empathy, and Telepathy.

Whether you wish to learn more about receiving psychic messages through Automatic Writing, or if you want to detach your spirit from your body by using Astral projection.

Perhaps you want to receive information about people and objects by Psychoscopy, or you want to heal others with Energy Healing.

Or maybe you want to converse with the dead by using the power of Mediumship, or perhaps you want to move objects with your mind using Telekinesis…

If you’re interested in any, or all, of these abilities, this guide is the right place to start!

1) Astral Projection

Astral projection is a phenomenon which has been mentioned in various cultures and religions over the course of centuries.

It is an out-of-body experience where an individual feels as if her spirit is being detached from corporeal form and is able to roam freely.

Experts usually see it as a type of telepathy.

In most of the cases, astral projection is closely connected to dreams and meditation, during which time spirit is able to exit the body.

A psychic ability which is very similar to astral projection is remote viewing.

Naturally, there are certain differences which you will learn more about in the continuation of the text.

Tips for using astral projection

  • Find an isolated room, where you cannot be disturbed
  • Start meditating, emptying your mind of all thoughts and concentrating on the void
  • At one point, you will start hearing noises and seeing bright light. Nevertheless, you need to remain calm as you are about to be projected
  • Once you leave the body, do not be afraid; you can easily return to it at any time just by thinking about it

2) Aura Reading

According to Indian religions, it is believed that each person has their own aura.

It represents an individual’s life energy which can be seen as a subtle glow surrounding one’s body.

Based on spirituality and inner strength, this aura will glow brighter or dimmer.

At the same time, they have different colors which can tell us more about an individual and her character.

Without even realizing it, some of us can read auras.

The importance of auras can be observed in different religions such as Buddhism, given that their flag shows various colors encircling Buddha

Even though these energy fields are invisible to most, gifted people are able to see them clearly.

Aura reading is oftentimes used with other psychic abilities (such as empathy, which will be mentioned later on) in order to help people with problems.

Tips for performing an aura reading
  • In order to read auras, you have to be able to recognize them. They are a combination of electromagnetic radiation and infrared radiation. Additionally, they consist of several layers which are in different colors
  • You will have to learn what each color signifies. This way, you can easily see what kind of character a person has
  • Similarly to energy, we are able to pick up negative “vibes” from a person. They can affect your aura, corrupting it in the process. Aura readers need to know when it’s time to cleanse their aura and how to protect it from outside influence
  • When reading aura, pay attention to how you feel when you are in the vicinity of another person. In time, as you get more proficient, this will come naturally
  • Perform exercises that will increase your affinity to colors and improve your peripheral vision. You have to concentrate on the area around a person as well as the colors surrounding her so having these skills is a must

3) Automatic Writing

When we write something, we need to formulate words in our head and then, transfer them on paper.

It is an intellectual process that requires concentration and planning.

However, there are cases where people are able to write without consciousness.

This is known as automatic writing.

Words come from a spiritual or supernatural source.

This is an example of Automatic Writing - one of 17 amazing psychic abilities you may possess

One of the early examples of automatic writing (taken from faculty.ncc.edu)

When performing automatic writing the individual loses control.

The sensation is often described “as if something possessed her”.

Tips for using automatic writing

  • Relaxation is the key to automatic writing. You have to empty your head of all thought
  • The pen needs to be held loosely. Some people prefer using their non-dominant hand. However, both of them are ok
  • The process starts by asking a question (you can even write it down)
  • Now, you can relax and wait for it to happen
  • After writing is done, you can interpret the message. Like with other forms of visions, the message may be hard to interpret at first but it gets easier as you become more proficient

4) Clairaudience

One of the most well-known psychic abilities is clairaudience.

Although this can manifest in the form of hearing literal sounds in other places, it generally takes a more intuitive form.

Joseph Banks Rhine, the first man to use term extrasensory perception

Joseph Banks Rhine, the first man to use term extrasensory perception (taken from wikipedia.org). You can read his “Extra-sensory perception” on downloads.imune.net

For the clairaudient, this represents their psychic intuition presenting information in a verbal form.

People with this power quickly learn to trust the voices.

Tips for using clairaudience

  • Clairaudience is based on sounds. You have to concentrate and eliminate all the noise surrounding you
  • Focus on receiving the message with your ears

5) Claircognizance

Claircognizance is often mistaken for simple intuition or the ability to make unconscious logical leaps.

Simply put, it means the ability to know something, without a shadow of a doubt, even if there is no possible way to know it.

It’s a hunch.

But it’s a hunch that’s always right.

Claircognizance can manifest itself as a vague feeling, such as feeling inexplicably that one is being watched or is in danger.

For others, it manifests as a sudden flash of knowledge.

Tips for using claircognizance

  • Claircognizance comes through the process of meditation
  • As you focus inwards, messages will start showing themselves

6) Clairscent

Clairscent is a psychic ability that is not commonly spoken of, but is nevertheless one of the most common to manifest itself.

It is the ability to experience the scent of places or events where you have never been or cannot know of.

Typically, one has to be thinking of the place for this to occur.

Many people think they are imagining it when it happens.

Different people’s brains are wired in different ways, and when psychic abilities surface for some, they go straight to the nose.

Tips for using clairscent

  • Unlike other types of messages, this ability is based on your sense of smell. When focusing, a person needs to remain calm, collected and to open himself to scents surrounding him
  • The message always comes in some vague form. Because of this, it may be hard to understand it but in time, as you get more accustomed, it will become easier

7) Clairvoyance

Essentially, clairvoyance is the ability to see visions.

Information that you cannot know will present itself to you visually, as your mind unconsciously reaches out to retrieve it.

This may manifest itself as symbols or representations.

Oftentimes, the power takes the form of strangely vivid dreams that turn out to be true.

Nostradamus, the greatest prophet in human history

Nostradamus, the greatest prophet in human history (taken from sacred-texts.com)

Some of the famous prophecies by Nostradamus include the Death of Henry II, The Great Fire of London, the French Revolution, Napoleon, Hitler and the Atomic bomb

For some, the ability presents itself as words.

Received visions may give us information regarding past, present and future events.

Tips for using clairvoyance

  • This ability can be developed over the course of time.There are several methods that can help you develop it such as card reading, meditating, developing intuition and deciphering dreams
  • Although you might desire this power, you might fear it at the same time. This can pose a big obstacle. In order to overcome it, you will have to eliminate all doubts and let go
  • Start by concentrating and increasing your visualization power. Then, you are ready to ask a direct question
  • Let images flow into you. If you do understand the message, ask yourself what the meaning of it is. Keep repeating the question until you get the answer

If you have questions about using clairvoyance, you may want to consider getting a psychic reading.

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8) Divination

Unlike most other psychic abilities, divination has a very important social layer.

This is a process that allows us to foresee the future by reading various signs and omens.

It was a crucial part of human history as tribal shamans tried to understand their surroundings and see what the future held for their people.

When it comes to divination, the first thing that comes to mind is the Oracle of Delphi. When Persians came to invade Greece, the Oracle was asked for advice. They responded: “Pray to the Winds. They will prove to be mighty allies of Greece”. As it was prophesied, Persians lost a lot of their ships in a storm at Artemisium and were subsequently defeated by the Greek navy

Nevertheless, divination is something that was performed by highly spiritual individuals who are able to see past the corporeal world.

There are certain similarities between divination and fortune telling although, as time went by, the latter form became much more popular.

Divination using playing cards is a common method of foretelling events. However, other tools can be used, such as:

  • Tea leaves
  • Crystal balls
  • Tarot cards
  • Spirit boards
  • Runes
  • Crystals
  • Pendulums

Tips for using divination

  • Prior to reading, you have to be relaxed and concentrated. This is the only way to get into a state of clairvoyance that will allow you to decipher signs
  • Create a good environment that will allow you to focus
  • Take the object from which you are reading and place it in front of you
  • Focus on one spot and take your time
  • When you receive the message, make sure to write it down. Sometimes, the message may have various meaning and you might misinterpret it (especially if you are inexperienced)

9) Empathy

Empathy is a term which is often used nowadays.

Some believe that this is a psychic power; others see it as an ability based on intellect and high perception.

Regardless of its origin, empathy is the capacity to understand other people’s feelings and perceive them as your own.

However, if you’re an actual empath, then the feelings will be much more intense.

You feel exactly what the other person is feeling.

At times, it may feel as if the universe itself is expressing its feelings through you.

Empathy is a powerful tool that helps us understand others and aid them in their moment of need.

Lastly, this ability can be quite advantageous in certain professions.

Tips for using empathy

  • Before anything else, you have to be prepared for this gift
  • In order to become an empath psychic, you need to be very sensitive in order to absorb other people’s feelings and energy
  • Whenever conversing with someone, pay attention to their movement and behavior. In time, you will be able to notice even the slightest changes
  • After a while, you will start sharing their feelings and experiences

10) Energy Healing

As its name implies, energy healing is a process during which individual is able to treat other person’s ailments by transferring his own energy to him.

Today, this is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) forms of alternative medicine.

We can distinguish three healing methods: hands-on, hands-off and distant healing.

Procedure is performed by an individual who has excess life energy.

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki

Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki (taken from wikipedia.org)

Even though healing through hands is often mentioned in Christianity, Mikao Usui, a buddhist monk from Japan, is regarded as the founder of Reiki which is considered a modern form of spiritual healing. After a devastating earthquake that befell Kyoto in 1923, Usui who lived on nearby Mount Hiei, would visit the city every morning in order to heal the wounded

During the course of treatment, a practitioner is able to transfer their energy to a recipient increasing his vitality in the process.

Tips for using energy healing

  • Energy healing is a process that needs to be performed by a healthy, vital individual. In that sense, you shouldn’t do it if you are not feeling well or if you are exhausted. Your body will need energy to heal itself so you won’t have enough energy at your disposal
  • Before the treatment, make sure to remove any jewelry from your hands
  • Be confident in your energy and the fact that you will be able to transfer it to another person
  • If you are using a hands-on approach, always remember to avoid using force. Otherwise, you may disrupt the energy flow. Instead, you should barely touch the recipient
  • Similarly, you shouldn’t be forcing your energy onto others. All you have to do is open your energy channels and let it flow into the recipient

11) Mediumship

Previously, we mentioned that some gifted people are able to sense the aura of others and manipulate their own spirit, detaching it from their body.

Having this in mind, it comes as no surprise that psychics are also able to sense spirits of those who are no longer with us.

Mediumship represents the ability to converse with the dead and pass their message to others.

Mediumship is one of many psychic abilities that has been practiced by various cultures throughout the centuries

“Witch of Endor” by Nikolay Ge shows us mediumship in classic art (taken from wikiart.org)

The existence of the human spirit is something that is universal for all the great religions in the world. When it comes to mediumship and conversing with the dead, it was first mentioned in “First Book of Samuel”, where prophet Samuel is raised from the grave in order to give valuable advice to Hebrew king Saul

A person who is performing the ritual is able to either hear the spirits or be possessed by them.

Furthermore, mediumship is seen as a form of clairvoyance.

Tips for using mediumship

  • When communicating with the dead, it is always better to have a group beside you. Usually, you will require additional people who will take messages and perform other tasks. Also, it makes the entire process that much safer
  • Create the right environment and cleanse the room
  • Focus and empty your mind
  • Now, you are ready to ask a question. First, introduce yourself. You will have to be very patient, polite and to state your intentions clearly
  • Take notice of other signs such as unusual sounds, tingles on your skin and change of room temperature

12) Psychoscopy (also known as Psychometry)

Similarly to humans, immovable objects are also able to store information.

At the same time, they have energy fields which can be compared to a human aura.

During psychoscopy or psychometry, an individual is able to create a psychic link with an object.

Joseph Bushan, the first man to use term psychometry

Joseph Bushan, the first man to use term psychometry (taken from wikipedia.org). You can read his “Manual of psychometry” on archive.org

By touching an object or by concentrating on it, the psychoscopy practitioner is able to interpret information stored within its energy field.

This way, we are able to learn more about that item and its history.

Tips for using psychoscopy

  • Start by finding an object that you wish to analyze. It is best to take an item which belongs to your friend or a family member
  • Place it in front of you. Wait for some time so that it can release its energy and heat
  • After a while, put it in your hand and concentrate
  • Make sure to note any feelings or visions that you receive during the reading
  • Describe all the sensations to your friend and ask him if you were correct
  • Depending on the feeling which you receive, the item may be storing positive or negative memories

13) Remote Viewing

Psychic people are well aware of their surroundings.

In comparison to others, they use their mind in order to assist their basic senses thus being able to absorb information from various sources.

As a result, some individuals are capable of remote viewing.

With this power, you can see hidden objects and gather information regarding distant places.

Such individuals are able to sense things with their minds which are otherwise known as extrasensory perception.

Tips for using remote viewing

  • The process of mastering remote viewing is very similar to that of astral projection. You have to find a secluded place where you will begin meditation and empty your mind of all thoughts
  • Similar to astral projection your spirit will leave your body at one point which you will notice by a sensation in the back of your neck
  • However, unlike astral projection, during which the spirit goes to an astral plane, remote viewing occurs within the earth plane

14) Retrocognition

This term marks a phenomenon very similar to precognition.

But, in comparison to precognition which shows us things to come, retrocognition focuses on past events.

Knowledge gleaned via retrocognition cannot be attained from any existent source.

Oftentimes, these events do not have to be in any way correlated with a personal experience.

In fact, a person may be seeing things that happened to others and are not common knowledge.

In other words, there wouldn’t be any other way to gain this information besides your own psychic ability.

Tips for using retrocognition

  • Like most other psychic abilities, retrocognition requires concentration and a quiet, isolated environment
  • Once you clear your head of all thought, you are ready to begin
  • Focus on the area just above your head (this is where information comes from)
  • Open yourself to the information and ask a question
  • Continue repeating the questions until you get the needed information

15) Scrying

Scrying is perhaps the most recognizable type of psychic ability.

This power has been depicted in numerous series and movies.

Similarly to fortune telling and divination, a person needs an object to help her during the process.

Commonly, things such as crystal balls and other translucent items are used.

During scrying, a person has spiritual visions which can show past, present or future.

While looking into a crystal ball, the individual falls into a trance and after that, visions start appearing.

Tips for scrying
  • Like any psychic process, it is necessary to concentrate while relaxed. This can be achieved by meditating prior to scrying
  • Create a safe working environment. It is best to scry during the night because divination is usually connected to the moon and its power
  • Eliminate all outside interferences and noises
  • When using a crystal ball, make sure to focus your attention on one spot. This will help you relax and get into the mood
  • If you are inexperienced, the received message may be confusing. However, through experience you will be able to reveal the meaning behind it. Sometimes, you may receive a message via different senses which may be overbearing

16) Telekinesis

Telekinesis is a phenomenon where a person is able to control objects through sheer power of mind.

Among various forms of telekinesis, one of the most famous is metal bending.

By using his mind, person is able to levitate other objects and people, to bend various items and even to control his own organs.

According to the Bible, Jesus Christ is one of the first people (at least documented) to have the power of telekinesis as well as many other psychic abilities

The power of telekinesis can be obtained by tapping into the vast psychic potential of one’s mind as well as through practice.

Tips for using telekinesis

  • Visualize an object. Analyze every aspect of the item, including shape, color, smell etc.
  • Empty your mind of any thoughts
  • Relax and eliminate stress
  • Remove any preconceptions of an the object. Both you and this object have the same energy
  • Feel the energy within yourself
  • Decide how you wish to approach the object and in which direction you wish to move it
  • Take your energy and point it towards the mentioned item

17) Telepathy

Most people know that telepathy or mind reading is a process during which a person is able to read another individual’s thoughts.

However, there is much more to telepathy than this.

This ability allows the user, not only to see thoughts, but also to extract other information from a person’s mind.

The list includes emotions, perceptions, passions and experiences.

In a way, telepathy can be seen as a complete brain scan allowing us to take a peek into other person’s well-being.

Another aspect of telepathy is dream walking. Which is the ability to enter someone’s dreams.

Tips for using telepathy

  • You need to believe that telepathy is possible. Without this, you will never be able to perform it
  • Both you and the receiver need to have the necessary prerequisite in order to transfer the message. You have to be focused and the receiver shouldn’t be distracted
  • Create a bond with the receiver. If a person is a stranger, try asking some basic questions that will increase your affinity
  • Relax your body and mind
  • At first, it is best if the receiver is in close proximity
  • Visualize the receiver and create a mental connection
  • Next, you need to visualize the message which you wish to send
  • Send the message and then, ask the receiver to write the first thing that comes to his mind


These psychic abilities are not exclusive.

In fact, there are various similarities between them which is not surprising given that they all require a high level of spirituality in order to be practiced safely.

Luckily, psychic abilities are something that can be honed with enough persistence.

Meditation and focus represent the basis upon which they are built.

As you become more proficient with one power, you will soon realize that other abilities are much easier to master.

Nevertheless, if you do decide to start practicing one of these abilities, be patient.

Spirituality doesn’t come over night.

You have to practice it and find your inner peace and only then, you can unlock your full psychic potential.

What is your experience with psychic abilities? Share it in the comments below!