The 7 Best Ouija Boards To Buy On Amazon (Contacts Real Spirits)

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The best ouija boards contact real spirits. Photo: emily mucha/flickr

Looking for the best Ouija board to buy on Amazon?

Start by reading this article so you know what you’re doing.

And remember to only invite spirits who dwell in higher vibrations.

Choose wisely and see what resonates with you, especially from this list of beautifully designed and thoughtfully produced divination tools.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s our two favorite ouija boards in this review – Updated 2/9/2020:


Buyers Guide

How Does A Ouija Board Work?

When you place your fingers on the planchette, (which is the teardrop shaped tool that comes with the board) they act as a conduit for spirits to manipulate the planchette and spell out answers to your questions.

Some say that sometimes your subconscious desires feed through to provide answers.

But that doesn’t explain the often strange and accurate words of advice, warnings and news that can come through, that are completely unknown to those enquiring.

The Best Time To Use A Ouija Board

Be sure to have clear minds and approach the Ouija with respect and caution.

Many warn that evil spirits are waiting for unsuspecting people to join in so that they can possess them.

Usually the best time to use the Ouija board is at night – either midnight or 3am – the witching hour.

Don’t be flippant and don’t provoke the spirits, even if you decide to use it at Halloween or the Day of the Dead.

How to Start

Set up a sacred space, light some white candles and burn sandalwood incense.

Ring a high-pitched bell to attract only good spirits.

Announce that you will not tolerate anyone with evil intentions.

Lightly place your fingers on the planchette and swirl it around to get the energies flowing.

When you’re ready, ask who’s there and welcome them.

Ask your questions and take notes when the spirits answer.

If you sense bad energy, stop the session.

Where to Buy the Best Ouija Boards

There are many online stores, magic shops and second-hand stores, but if you want to make an informed choice, then Amazon is the best place to purchase a ouija board.

It’s the best place to buy a board that “speaks” to you.

And our reviews in this article will help guide you.

The Seven Top Ouija Boards You Can Buy On Amazon

1) The Classic Ouija Board – Divination Tool

The classic Ouija board is a cultural icon that has been bringing fun – or terror depending on who you ask, into homes for over 130 years. Often regarded as the best game to play at sleepovers, this “toy” will answer your questions and reveal things you may not really want to know. 

When you use this board you might be contacted by your guardian angel, but then again, it may actually be a malevolent ghost.

Are you ready to discover what the spirits have in store for you?


2) Black Cat Crescent Moon Pentacle Glass Top Ouija Board

Black Cat Crescent Moon Pentacle Glass Top Ouija Board

This gorgeous 3D board has an air of steampunk with authentic Pagan symbols and a Black cat, Crescent moon and a Pentagram.

A separate glass cover allows for smooth gliding of the planchette, which has a cool Tree of Life design.

Unleash the Witch within with this awesome Ouija board.


3) Spalt Pure Evil Ouija Board

Spalt Pure Evil Ouija Board

For the edgier practitioner who’s not afraid of tempting fate, this scary, striking Ouija board is not for the faint-hearted.

With a Devilish design specifically hand-crafted for your divination pleasure, you’ll be thrilled with this stylish addition to your fortune-telling tools.

Do you dare place your hands on this beauty?


4) Lisa Parker Pagan Tree Of Life Pentacle Glass Top Ouija Board

Lisa Parker Pagan Tree Of Life Pentacle Glass Top Ouija Board

A lovely design by Lisa Parker makes this ancient looking Ouija board a must have for those who like to perform their sessions with style.

The ornate, resin base has a protective glass top and the Tree of Life’s mythology offers a wonderfully unique pathway to conversing with the spirits.


5) Ouija Mystical Spirit Board

Ouija Mystical Spirit Board

When looking for simplicity and affordability without compromising style, then look no further than this vintage, real wood Ouija board.

The charming, old world design is reminiscent of the spirit boards and planchettes seen in old pictures and often featured in scary movies.

It’s definitely a wise choice for beginners.


6) Arachnafaria Ouija Board

Arachnafaria Ouija Board

With an exquisite Gothic fairy design by Anne Stokes, you’ll be enamored with the detail in not only the Ouija board, but the box and angel wing planchette as well.

There’s a sweet, sentimental poem on the flip-side of the board, which is a lovely addition to this delightful package.


7) Mystic Aura Ouija Board

Mystic Aura Ouija Board

Updated 2/9/2020 – One of the best Ouija boards to buy is this wonderful divination tool.

The superb design includes a Pagan fairy in shades of purple and gorgeous butterflies – on the board as well as the planchette.

Created by Anne Stokes, the reverse side also has a poem to inspire your sessions.