The Real Hauntings in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion

One of the darker corners in the happiest place on earth, Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion in Anaheim has been known to send chills down visitors’ spines and even stop hearts (literally).

However, the scary décor and props aren’t the only things that can scare you there.

There are numerous poltergeist haunting the place, waiting for the living to enter and possibly join them in becoming the new residents of Haunted Mansion.

Disneyland Haunted Mansion

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Ghosts lurking within the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland

#1 – The Man with the Cane

Ghost man with a cane

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Though the building was set up on property that had no previous construction on it, someone had died nearby.

Referred to by employees as The Man with the Cane, the man died after his small plane crashed in a lake near the park.

Now, his spirit can be seen late at night, especially after closing.

According to some California psychics, he is stuck between worlds.

#2 – The Man in a Tuxedo

Shadow of a Ghost

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Another spirit that employees have noticed is The Man in a Tuxedo.

He first appeared to the attendant where passengers embark.

The employee noticed a shadow in the mirror Disneyland placed so that she can see the riders come behind her.

However, there was no one there every time she turned around.

As she looked closely in the mirror, she noticed that the shadow wore a tuxedo, but couldn’t see it beyond the mirror.

All of a sudden, she felt a chill and a hand placed on her shoulder.

That’s when she ran out of the Haunted Mansion and quit Disneyland altogether.

#3 – The Crying Boy

Ghost of a Boy

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Many have reported seeing the apparition of a crying boy near the exit of the Haunted Mansion.

According to Disneyland’s urban legends, against the advice of several psychic advisers, his mother was adamant on scattering her young son’s ashes inside this spooky attraction.

Though officials forbade her, she managed to sneak the ashes inside and scatter them secretly.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t her son’s last wish, which is why he’s bound there, crying to be free.

Ghosts aside, there have been many paranormal activities at the Haunted Mansion.

The Séance Circle has especially spooked many employees since they started creating it.

In fact, the sound designer who set up equipment in the area before it opened to the public swore that he heard music playing behind one of the new walls.

At the time, he believed that a radio got accidentally walled up there.

However, he started panicking when the music never ended and no radio announcer came on.

After failing to find the source of the sound, he placed a speaker in the area to drown the sound.

So, the next time you’re there, don’t think that everything you see is just a prop.

Chances are that you’re staring at a ghost who may decide that you’re worth keeping in the Haunted Mansion.