10 Most Terrifying Haunted Roads in Florida

When tracking down ghosts and haunted locations in Florida, most people visit the most obvious of places—cemeteries, hotels, historically registered buildings.

10 Most Terrifying Haunted Roads in Florida

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Updated 2/10/2020 – But what about the very roads Floridians travel on to get to these said destinations?

A haunted destination does not need to have brick and mortar in order to have paranormal activity.

The roads below are considered the be the most haunted in all of Florida.

The 10 Most Haunted Roads in Florida

10) Chapman Road – Oviedo, FL

West Chapman Road turns into a dirt road, and things go from wholesome to horrifying real quick.

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When traveling west, Chapman eventually turns into a dirt road.

Many Oviedo natives have witnessed seeing a misty white apparition in the area, standing between two telephone poles off the side of the road.

While the eerie figure is always seen in this one location, many have claimed that they hear the sound of a woman screaming in their ears as they pass by the apparition.

They have said that while the apparition never moved, it felt and sounded as though she were in the backseat, hovering right beside their ear.

9) Greenbriar Road – Jacksonville, FL

Strange orbs of light have been reported on Greenbriar Rd. Motorists have said the orbs follow them.

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A floating ghost light is said to haunt Greenbriar Road.

Many Jacksonville residents have said they have experienced being followed by the strange orb when driving in their vehicle.

While altogether a strange experience, many residents believe the light is not evil in nature.

Many believe it is the spirit of a motorcyclist who died in the area, and he is making sure drivers get home safely.

8) Chuluota Road – Chuluota, FL

Motorists have reported strange things happening to their car radios while driving down Chuluota Road.

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Chuluota, also known as 419, is home to a paranormal, mysterious force.

A handful of residents have said that while driving down this particular road, they have had episodes where they lose their sense of time and place altogether.

They have said that when turning off onto another road they shockingly realize that they cannot recall where or even who they have been during the last few minutes of driving.

Many blame these strange episodes on the nearby Oviedo ghost lights.

7) Interstate 4 – DeBary, FL

Interstate 4 doesn't just bring drivers and passengers from state to state, it has been said to draw in certain entities from outside of FL state lines, too.

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There is a section where I-4 crosses Lake Monroe.

This area has seen a staggering amount of accidents since the 1960s.

Many believe that the road was paved over a small cluster of headstones and is now haunted.

The appearance of ghostly hitchhikers is not uncommon.

Many locals have also reported losing cell phone service within the area.

What’s worse?

As soon as they lose their service, each has received a call from a stranger who whispers to them about their experience with death.

6) Girvin Road – Jacksonville, FL

Girvin Road passed by a lot of people's homes, but the hauntings are generally reserved for those travelling the road itself.

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The ghost of a dead schoolgirl is said to roam Girvin Road, begging for a ride from passerby.

According to residents who claim to have seen her, if you see her walking through rainy or stormy weather and do not offer her a ride, she will appear in your dreams that night.

Many have said they dream of driving down Girvin Road and suddenly see the ghost girl standing in the middle of their lane.

She always causes them to spin out of control and cause a deadly accident in their dreams.

5) Celery Avenue – Sanford, FL

They say a local blacksmith's horse died and was buried along this road, but that's not where the story ends...

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According to local legend, a resident blacksmith of Sanford owned an extremely large horse.

When the horse died, he was buried along the celery fields that once grew alongside the avenue.

When the road was widened, the horse’s burial site was paved over.

Now the phantom horse has been seen galloping alongside cars on the road.

Sanford residents report that at night a Native American warrior with a black hole for a face can be seen riding the ghost horse as well.

4) Route 520 – Cocoa, FL

This road has been the home to many tragedies, and some of them are still present to this day.

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Reported as one of the most dangerous roads in all of Florida, Route 520 has not only been the site of many deaths, but is also the alleged home of ghost lights as well.

Several locals have come forward and have said that the eerie green lights have floated over their windshields, nearly causing them to crash.

Those who have witnessed these lights are convinced they are insidious in nature and purposefully cause people to lose control of their vehicles.

3) Highway 65 – Eastpoint, FL

It's a long highway, and certain parts are considered a lot more haunted than others, but if you drive long enough you'll experience the gamut of terror.

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Several nearby residents believe Highway 65 is haunted south of town.

Many claim that if out driving on the highway around three in the morning, a phantom hearse will suddenly appear on the road, practically riding on your bumper.

A majority of those who have experienced this terrifying encounter have told their friends and family shortly before they die of mysterious circumstances in their homes.

Those friends and family say the driver of the hearse is a dark figure with a black hood over his face.

2) Indian Hill – Pine Hills, FL

This Pine Hills road is nightmare fuel after dusk.

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Indian Hill and the surrounding roads are said to be the place where three energy fields intersect, causing frequent supernatural experiences.

Many locals have witnessed seeing full bodied apparitions roaming this area, and hearing whispered chants from unseen entities.

Worse yet, recently it has been reported that a few residents have been deemed criminally insane after spending extended periods of time at Indian Hill, studying these bizarre energy fields.

Those deemed insane were said to be convicted when trying to gouge the eyes out of their loved ones.

1) Rolling Acres Road – Lady Lake, FL

Rolling Acres is not your typical haunted road, for a number of reasons. Are you brave enough to explore further?

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Rolling Acres is surrounded by dense forests.

Many Floridians claim to have heard the sounds of human screams and growls emanating from within the trees as they drive past.

Less fortunate drivers have experienced seeing the apparitions of three dead children sitting in the backseat of their vehicle.

The terrified drivers report that when looking at the children’s faces, blood suddenly begins to ooze out of their eyes, nose, and mouth.


Next time a friend wants to explore a local haunted hotspot, keep these haunted roads and avenues in mind.

Although be warned, these roads can be terrifying, especially if you travel them at night.

Keep your wits about you, otherwise driving on them could very well be the last thing you ever do.