Haunted Ocala: The Woman with Rotted Flesh at the Seven Sisters Inn

Charles Rheinauer, born March 5, 1846, became a prominent businessman and leader in Ocala, Florida.

During the 1890s, Charles and his brother established a clothing store that became very popular in the community.

In 1906, Charles had been so successful and so involved with local organizations, he became the mayor of Ocala.

Haunted Ocala: The Woman with Rotted Flesh at the Seven Sisters Inn

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There’s a Dark Spirit Lingering in an Ocala Bathtub

Updated 2/10/2020 – All of these accomplishments took place in the beautiful Victorian home, now known as the Seven Sisters Inn.

Charles passed away in the house, and the property was passed along in his family for many generations.

When one thinks about the lives and deaths that have occurred in the magnificent house, it is not surprising to hear that many locals and visitors believe the Seven Sisters Inn to be haunted.

Many claim that Charles himself continues to reside in the house, and that he is a friendly ghost.

But the entity that Logan encountered at the Seven Sisters was not Mr. Rheinauer…and it was far from friendly.

“Don’t tell my friends, but I really enjoy Victorian architecture,” Logan laughed.

“I was just passing through Ocala and could have made do with just some cheap motel, but I knew staying at the Seven Sisters would be worth the cash.

“I dumped my bags into my room, and began unpacking my clothes,” said Logan.

“I remember hearing this strange, quiet moan as I hung things in the closet…

Her Next Plaything…

The creature emerged by the bathtub, gripping a brutalized little doll.

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“But it was so faint, I just figured it was coming from someone in the hallway or in another room.

“The noise got louder over the next few minutes, and I realized that it sounded like it was coming from my bathroom.

“I thought perhaps someone had broken in, so I grabbed a nearby lamp—the only thing I could use as a weapon,” he gestured.

“I slowly crept to the bathroom, and flicked the light on from the switch.

“At first, I didn’t see anything, and I was just about to tell myself to get a grip when a pair of fingers and a foot started coming up from inside the bathtub,” Logan said, visibly shivering.

“A woman’s head and shoulders finally appeared and I was horrified to see that it looked like her flesh had begun to rot away.

“Her eyes were void of pupils, but I still felt like she could see me.

“I was so petrified, I couldn’t move.

“The rotted woman continued to look at me and growled something like, ‘finally, a brand new toy.’

“That’s when I noticed the bloody and dismembered doll clutched in her decaying hand.

“I ran out of my room, and hid in my car for over an hour,” Logan confessed.

“I thought about telling the staff members about it, but by the time I felt brave enough to go back to my room, the woman was gone.

“If I ever have to go to Ocala again, I’m going to stick to my original plan and find a cheap motel instead.”


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