Telekinesis: How to Move Things with Your Mind [3 Easy Ways!]

3 Easy Ways to Move Things with Your Mind [The Power of Telekinesis]


What do chairs, pencils and scissors have in common?

All of them have been the primary objects that famous and infamous magicians alike have used to demonstrate their mastery of telekinesis.

But what are some easy ways to move things with your mind?

And can this supernatural power be developed?

– Updated 2/11/2020

What is Telekinesis?

Before we get into the easy ways to move things with your mind, it’s helpful to understand what Telekinesis is exactly, and how it works.

Telekinesis, also known as Psychokinesis (PK) is simply the ability to move an object in some manner without coming into physical contact with it.

In essence, it is the psychic ability to use the power of the mind to manipulate a specific target and conform it to your will.

Moving an object can include making it change direction, location or causing it to levitate.

In order to perform telekinesis, or psychokinesis, you must exude energy from your mind to move or re-shape a physical object without handling it in any physical manner.

Reshaping an object means to change its physical appearance, such as bending a spoon.

How Does Telekinesis Work?

How telekinetic power works has yet to be proven in the scientific community, however there are a number of concrete theories as to how psychokinesis is feasible.

According to Stephen Wagner, renowned Paranormal Researcher and Expert, there are a few top contenders:

  • Quantum Connection: some researchers believe that our minds are capable of directing subatomic particles and energies in objects, which enables us to move them without physically touching them.
  • Magnetic Field: other experts theorize that psychokinesis can occur when a human is in control of the magnetic field around their body and can push that field into the object, causing it to move.
  • Sound or Heat Waves: some psychics believe they are able to generate sound or heat waves that can form energy. This psionic energy can then be directed toward the object, forcing it to move.

Famous Telekinetic Figures

Telekinesis became a popular subject during the 1850s, when spiritualism and séances great popular in American culture.

While interest in this subject has been sporadic during the last century, there are a few individuals who became global sensations, based on their alleged telekinetic powers:

Nina Kulagina

Nina Kulagina was a Russian woman who became famous after claiming she had psychokinetic powers.

She has demonstrated her powers on a wide range of objects, including bread, clocks, and a salt shaker.

While a few of her demonstrations were captured on film, many believe she was nothing but a clever magician, well versed in the art of sleight of hand.

Stanislawa Tomczyck

This Polish woman gained international fame when the media reported that poltergeist-like activity happened around her often.

Stanislawa successfully demonstrated levitating small objects between her hands, but only under hypnosis.

In 1910, she was studied under strict scientific observation, and produced astonishing results.

Uri Geller

Perhaps the most famous of well-known psychics, Geller became famous for demonstrating how he can bend spoons and keys with his mind.

While many fellow magicians are convinced that Uri is merely a mastermind at sleight of hand, he gained many believers when he started doing his metal bending tricks from great distances.

Mind Over Matter

Recently, parapsychologists have begun to speculate about the possibility of accidental telekinesis.

Many scientists believe in the theory that, unlike having a non-human spirit hanging around in your house, poltergeist activity is the end result of how emotional states can affect an external environment.

Some believe accidental telekinesis is feasible, and works on the same principle—that heightened emotions, especially stress and anger, can alter physical objects around you.

Ellie Crystal, a respected psychic, teacher and author, refers to this phenomena as remote influencing.

How To Move Things With Your Mind – 3 Easy Ways

There are several methods and experiments to use when practicing telekinesis.

BookofResearch is a nonprofit project where tenets of parapsychology is explored.

Here, they list the most simple yet effective methods of moving objects with your mind:

Warm up: the very first thing to do when learning how to move things with your mind is to first focus on your concentration and visualization skills.

Before moving onto moving objects, first rub your hands together.

Now slowly pull them apart, and try to gather the energy you created by rubbing and form it into a ball.

1) Push/Pull Method

One of the easiest ways to move an object is to use the push/pull method.

Fold a sheet of paper in half and set it on a level surface so the folded sheet is standing upright.

Now, visualize strings of energy connecting you to the sheet of paper.

PUSH the paper away from you by visualizing the strings of energy moving the paper away from you.

PULL the paper towards you by visualizing the strings of energy being sucked into a vacuum so the paper has no other choice but to fall towards you.

2) Pen Roll Method

Take a cap-less pen and put it on a flat table.

Take several minutes to relax your body and to concentrate on the pen.

ROLL the pen across the table by visualizing the energy coming out of your brain in the form of waves.

These waves can crash into the pen like an ocean swell, causing the pen to move across the table.

3) Psi-wheel Method

Take a 4×4 sheet of paper and fold it diagonally both ways.

Now open it up and fold it vertically and horizontally as well.

Place the needle through one end of a cork that is flat and can be put on a flat surface, such as a table.

Place the folded paper on the other end of the needle.

Clear your mind and focus entirely on the piece of paper floating on the needle.

Concentrate on making a connection with the paper, as if it were an extension of your very body.

Now visualize the energy between you and the paper.

Try moving the energy strings in a counter or clockwise fashion, so the paper will start to spin upon the tip of the needle.

Need a visual aid?

The following video provides directions on how to calm your mind and open it up to the idea of telekinesis (It also provides a tutorial on how to create a Psi-wheel and how to make it move):

Telekinesis for Beginners Video

How to Develop Your Telekinetic Power

According to researchers well versed in the subject of psychokinesis, there are a few steps you can take to practice and strengthen your telekinetic power:


In order to calm your mind and open it up to the possibility of telekinesis, meditation should be practiced on a regular basis.


Stare at an object for extended periods of time without being distracted by external factors.


While it is not recommended to practice every day (your brain needs rest!), devoting a structured amount of time to telekinesis will greatly improve your odds.


While some telekinetic abilities are possible when first starting out, heightened levels of this power may take years to develop.


Telekinesis simply will not work unless you believe in the possibility that it can.

If you attempt to move an object with your mind while doubt lingers in your heart, the object will never move, no matter how hard you concentrate.