Horrific Evil Lurks on These 9 Haunted Roads in West Texas

There’s so much to see in West Texas, including the haunted roads, streets and avenues which may not be on your travel itinerary.

Then again, you might not want to visit these sinister locations as there’s a good chance you might lose your sanity – if not your life or your soul.

Updated 2/11/2020 – Many different entities lurk and skulk around these places.

Some of them demonic, others evil spirits and one is considered to be a shadow of an alien.

You might think that you’re safe if you stay in your car and just drive by.

Be warned – no one is safe no matter how they find themselves travelling down these dark roads.

Horrific Evil Lurks on These 9 Haunted Roads in West Texas

9) White Eyed Lady at Shoreline Dr – Abilene

Shoreline Drive in Abilene, Texas is only haunted if you go alone, at night... so, don't. Please don't do that.

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Shoreline Drive is close to Lytle Lake, where a woman lost her baby boy.

He was drowned by a jealous lover.

Witnesses say you can see her floating over the water, crying for her child. Don’t be misled by pity.

She strikes out at anyone who gets close.

Many have reported being scratched by her.

Witnesses say the wounds take forever to heal and that her white eyes will paralyze anyone who sees her.

She haunts on the Full Moon, with the sound of her baby screaming.

Even though she focuses on men, she’s been known to attack women and even children, out of spite.

8) Creepy Shadow Man on Avenue Q – Lubbock

Avenue Q in Lubbock, Texas is home to many small businesses, and some of them have dark, twisted histories.

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There have been reports of UFO sightings over Mose Hood Park, but what’s more frightening is the appearance of shadow figures lurking around this area.

One witness reported the sensation of being watched when driving down Avenue Q.

She was brave enough to stop and get out of her car.

She saw a shadow man approaching her on the road.

She jumped back in her car and was horrified to see a creature with huge black eyes, shining and wet as it stared into her soul.

Even when she was speeding away, she saw it in her rear view mirror – staring and floating several feet off the ground.

7) Nasty Bully Boy on Wichita Ave – Amarillo

The ghost of a bully still takes out his issues on the living on Wichita Avenue in Amarillo, Texas.

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The ghost of a nasty child lurks around Wichita Avenue.

He’s a bully who bit off more than he could chew, believed by locals to be the boy who taunted the wrong person.

He appears to children, covered in blood from the stab wounds he received when killed by the older brother of one of his victims.

Some say he continues to prey on children who are small and weak.

One witness said that she heard evil laughter when her little girl received a bite mark while walking down the avenue one afternoon.

Her daughter screamed and told her that a red boy sunk his teeth into her flesh.

6) A Score to Settle on Texas Ave – El Paso

Texas Avenue in El Paso lives up to its haunted reputation every. single. time.

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A vengeful ghost with a score to settle haunts Texas Avenue.

Locals report seeing a dark mass around midnight, hovering near the street lights and darting down from above.

Some describe it as a ball of black ice, due to the way it chills you when it swoops past you.

Believed to be the nasty spirit of a gangster looking for the hitman who killed him, witnesses say that if you’re unlucky enough to get close, you’ll see his shattered face in the black mist – as he was shot point blank.

He torments those who wander the streets late at night.

Pray he doesn’t confuse you with the hitman.

5) Demon Dog at Hogan Park Rd – Midland

Hogan Park Rd in Midland, Texas is home to many baseball diamonds, but one of them is haunted. Want to know which? Go find out for yourself.

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A nice walk is a lovely thing to do, but what if you’re stalked by a demonic dog?

Locals say that you’ll hear the unholy growl and Hellish snarling as it sneaks up behind you.

One witness said he heard snapping jaws and when he turned around he saw only the head.

It was floating several feet off the ground – glaring with red eyes.

He ran off, thinking he’d lost his mind, but when he heard paws racing behind him, he turned around once more.

He screamed when he saw jagged teeth inches from his face, but when it vanished he could still hear the growls.

4) Sinister Hitchhiker on Hwy US-385 – Odessa

Highway US 385 is one of the most haunted stretches of land in Odessa, Texas.

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This time you need to take heed of the warnings about picking up hitchhikers because this Native American was banished from his tribe for performing the dark arts.

You don’t even have to stop as he’s adept at jumping on board when you’re driving by.

Witnesses say you’ll feel a chill and hear chanting and drums.

Then he leans over the seat and takes a hold of the wheel, trying to make you crash so he can bring you over to join his evil posse.

Keep an eye out for sudden gusts of wind and a dark shadow, if you have to drive down this Highway.

3) Crazy Ghost Pilot on Paint Rock Rd – San Angelo

San Angelo, Texas did nothing wrong to deserve such a painted place as Paint Rock Rd.

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A lost spirit who was a pilot before he died, hovers around this road.

What’s freaky about this disoriented ghost is that he possesses whoever gets close to him.

Some people believe that he wants to get back into the Goodfellow Air Force Base and that he’ll do anything to return.

One older gentleman advised that he was driving by when suddenly – he was driving to the gate with an odd feeling – telling him to crash through.

He skidded to a stop before crashing and then he saw the pilot standing in front of the gate glaring back at him, with crazy eyes filled with rage.

2) Long Legged Demon at Socorro Rd – Socorro

Soccoro Road in Texas is a great place to face your fears, if you're afraid of the paranormal that is.

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No one knows what is terrorizing residents and visitors on Socorro Road, but witnesses tell of a bizarre, demonic presence with incredibly long legs appearing after dark.

They say that he strides along while you’re driving and sometimes he inflicts evil thoughts into the minds of unsuspecting victims.

A nurse told of a time she noticed what she thought were telephone poles appearing alongside her car.

Thinking that she was tired from a long shift, she ignored it until she saw a hideous face staring at her through the windshield.

She said she’ll never forget the terrifying images of bodies being tortured.

1) Screeching Wild Woman on State Park Rd 8 – Big Spring

Big Spring, Texas doesn't deserve to be haunted by such chilling and malicious spirits, but we don't always get what we deserve, especially not on State Park Rd 8.

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You’ll see a wild woman and her pack of screeching animal spirits if you stay after dark on this Road in the State Park.

Locals say she roams the area looking for fresh blood.

Terrifying to behold – she’s old, naked and filthy with long, wiry black hair.

Even though she’s toothless – she’s deadly.

When she screams her mouth opens so wide – like a black hole that has the capacity to lure you in closer – no matter how hard you try to escape.

One young ghost hunter said that he saw her from a distance.

When she sent one of her screeching animals to fetch him, he ran like hell.