Haunted San Antonio: Sinister Shadows at Comanche Lookout Park

Comanche Lookout Park is located in San Antonio, Texas.

This park is merely 96 acres, but does have the fourth highest point In Bexar County, a gorgeous view and an extensive history.

Haunted San Antonio: Sinister Shadows at Comanche Lookout Park

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Updated 2/11/2020 – With an elevation 1,340 feet, Native Americans were able to use this hill as a vantage point for hunting and warfare.

The Spooky Past Surrounding Comanche Lookout Hill

Apache Indians inhabited the area before the Comanches came along and made it their own.

There is a large, decaying tower on the property with many stories surrounding it.

The history involving the old stone tower varies depending on who tells you about it.

Some of the residents in San Antonio, TX will tell you the tale of how the tower was used as a lookout for the Indians, or even the military during the late 1800’s.

Another legend surrounding the tower is that an elderly man, an ex-military man, wanted to build a house that resembled a castle.

According to the tale, he fell in love with the castles in Europe while in the military and wanted something similar.

Many of the residents of San Antonio will also tell you about the moving lights that can be seen at the top of Comanche Lookout Park late at night.

One of the tales told by the locals talks about how the tower would be lit up when Indians were approaching.

Locals believe the lights seen at night are the very ones to warn of Indians advancing closer to the near by village.

Now, the lore surrounding the elderly military man includes him passing away during the construction of his “castle” in the 1920’s

They were able to construct two towers and dig out the cellar before his passing.

Visitors of this park often claim they feel like they are being watched or just like they aren’t alone.

These experiences leave goosebumps on their arms and raised hairs on the backs of their necks, and often questions that need to be answered.

Others just feel as though the place is spiritual, and is inhabited by many spirits.

One local practicing witch, and self-described psychic, reported seeing numerous spirits following her as she went about her rituals.

Things to do in San Antonio: Investigate Supernatural Shadows

Haunted San Antonio: Sinister Shadows at Comanche Lookout Park

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Some people have had more terrifying experiences visiting the Comanche Lookout Park late at night.

Most of the spookier tales you hear about Comanche Lookout Park will include noises on a dark night.

Some encounters are a bit more sinister.

A few of the visitors have described seeing “shadowmen” running at them or out in their path in a menacing manner.

These apparitions were described as looking like a dark shadow with a hats made from leaves.

Another of the witness claimed that they could see features of the apparition’s face and make out some type of paint on it’s face.

Another bit of lore surrounding this creepy hill is that the spirits are of military men and the noises you hear all around, are them watching you from the tower and the brush.

You can freely visit Comanche Lookout Park in San Antonio, TX, but the terrifying tower is not accessible unless you’re somehow able to get special permission.

The good news though, you don’t have to climb the tower to experience the spirits that run wild in this park.

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