10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings In California

Creatures from all over the galaxy have perfected space flight.

They are way ahead of us.

If you could fly to another planet, wouldn’t you?

Unlike us, they know where life on other planets is, and they want to learn more.

Whether it’s diamonds, gold, or human blood, they are interplanetary miners.

Title - UFO Sightings California

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Updated 2/9/2020 – They are scientists.

They are pirates.

They will take anything that isn’t nailed down and will explore anything they can get their bony, scaly hands on.

As they streak toward us in the aircrafts, they terrify us with their ghostly blue lights and orange flames.

California is not exempt.

The large state has been the location for UFO appearances for more than a century.

Up and down the coast of the Sunshine State have been many befuddling or terrifying sightings.

I’ve chosen ten that are particularly bizarre.

Do UFO sightings have some magic energy?

Do they make people do strange things or compel them in some way?

Let’s explore!

10 Most Mysterious UFO Sightings In California

10) Near Barstow, 1960

10 - Near Barstow - UFO Sightings California

Photo credit: flickr/arminnius

A couple in their twenties was driving on Highway 15, between Baker and Barstow.

Over a ridge, they saw something strange and pulled over.

They were looking at the silver underside of a car that was on its side on the shoulder of the road.

Steam and smoke roiled all around.

There was no one in the car.

The two decided to drive to a payphone and call the police.

But on the way back to the car they saw a bluish light about the size of a dime appearing over the mountain ridge.

It zoomed forward, becoming the size of a dinner plate.

The two terrified travelers could see it was a silver disk.

Later, the woman would say that she tried to follow the object as it streaked from right to left, but that in the blink of an eye, it was gone.

The next morning, the couple found there was no record of the sighting of the blue disk.

But there was also no record of the car crash.

9) Needles, 2008

9 - Needles - UFO Sightings California

Photo credit: disclose.tv

The temperature was dropping in the valley of Needles.

Trying to warm herself with the prickly blanket, the woman decided instead she needed to get dressed.

Her lover did the same under the clear sky.

A glow appeared behind them, otherworldly, turquoise.

There was a faint hum.

The couple got into their car and drove, following the object.

It was falling.

Soon, helicopters came.

It was later reported that the object crashed, but no eyewitnesses heard a crash.

8) Astronaut Gordon Cooper Sees a UFO at Edwards Air Force Base

8 - Astronaut Gordon Cooper - UFO Sightings California

Photo credit: ufoevidence.org

In 1957, famous astronaut Gordon Cooper was installing a precision landing system, and he had a camera crew with him.

They saw a saucer coming toward them and got it on tape.

It had landing gear and touched ground near a dry lake bed.

What’s creepy about this story is that after Cooper handed the film over to his superiors, the investigation stopped.

They claimed to have lost it.

Why the secret cover-up by the government?

7) Cisco Grove, 1964

7 - Cisco Grove, - UFO Sightings California

We’ll call her Sally.

She was taking her laundry off the clothes line, even though it was past midnight.

It was her own backyard, after all, fenced in.

However, from over the fence came a small being, not quite five feet tall, almost like a robot.

She put a blouse up over her mouth in sheer terror.

White vapor shot from the being’s mouth and knocked her unconscious.

The next thing Sally knew she was on the ground, with warmth and light all around her.

She would later realize she’d been taken to the countryside out in Placer County.

Three beings like the one who had abducted her were around her.

Their hands were near her now-naked body, not touching her.

But it felt as though they were touching her.

And then she blacked out.

She awoke in her backyard the next morning, and her life went on, so far as she could tell, as usual.

6) Santa Ana, 1973

6 - Santa Ana - UFO Sightings California

Photo credit: old-ufo-photos.latest-ufo-sightings.net

A man we’ll call Eric was driving home from a late-night shift near Santa Ana when he saw something amber-colored, almost like a meteorite.

He began trying to follow it with his pickup truck.

Further out in the country, Eric was shocked and terrified to find that this streaking object was now visible not far above him, as a hovering silver disk.

The disk pulled out ahead of Eric by a couple hundred yards and then it landed in the weeds off the road.

Eric wanted to investigate; he pulled his rifle from the back of the truck and cautiously approached.

From the hatch in the saucer emerged a tall, spindly creature with a black and gray head and a dark gray body.

Trembling, Eric fired at this alien.

He thought he’d struck him, but wasn’t sure—he didn’t see the creature drop.

However, before long, a green, milky substance came out of the alien’s body.

He didn’t wait to see what would happen next, but instead high-tailed it back to his truck, hoping a whole crew of aliens wasn’t tailing him.

That’s all Eric could tell authorities.

5) Near Fresno, 2010

5 - Near Fresno - UFO Sightings California

A man named Justin saw a UFO crash into the mountains a few miles from his home.

Driving nearer to the scene, he saw that the crashed aircraft was nestled into the side of the mountain.

It was triangle-shaped, with bizarre, glowing lights.

As other witnesses got nearer, they saw blue flashing lights.

What was spooky about this was that after the vehicle took off, the lights remained.

4) Near Eureka, 2010

4 - Near Eureka, - UFO Sightings California

Photo credit: io9.com

A woman and her boyfriend were sitting on the deck outside their house in Eureka when they saw what they thought was a forest fire.

They became increasingly alarmed seeing enormous sparks falling to earth, disappearing on their way.

Was the world on fire?

Was this the apocalypse?

Using binoculars, the woman saw that there were objects emitting these flames.

Before long, the flames went away, and the objects flew forward toward the stunned people.

They saw that people were stopping to watch.

A heavy fog rolled in, obscuring this ephemeral object, which then melted away.

What was this fire-spewing object, and when might it return?

3) Hesperia, 2011

3 - Hesperia - UFO Sightings California

Photo credit: nbcbayarea.com

An older gentleman was out walking his dog near the Apple Valley Mountains and the town of Hesperia.

He felt an odd energy and felt compelled to stop.

At the same time he could sense something blinking powerfully directly above him.

Looking up, he saw four orange and yellow lights moving in a slow pattern.

Later, other witnesses would report seeing patterns of orange and yellow lights drifting hypnotically above them.

2) Sacramento, 1896

2 - Sacramento - UFO Sightings California

Photo credit: unmuseum.org

Some people think that UFOs are glimpsed by cranks or people who are too tired around midnight.

But George Scott, an assistant to California’s Secretary of State saw something in November of 1896 that remains a scary mystery to this day.

He saw a light up above the capital, far above.

It was creeping along, and what made it frightening was that he was able to glimpse an oblong shape along with the light.

Observers at the time had never seen such a sight, and we now know that this was before any such flying contraption had taken flight.

What makes this apparition so shocking is that it was seen by people across the country.

The “logical explanation” for it has had plenty of time to find the light of day, and it has not.

Something that large is frightening indeed.

1) Antioch Fireball, 2011

1 - Antioch Fireball - UFO Sightings California

Photo credit: unitedstatesufo.blogspot.com

A young man living with his mother received a phone call.

Mom said she was on her way home from work.

She then called him again, sounding very disturbed.

He could make out something about a fireball in the sky.

It wasn’t like his mom to be hysterical or sound strange like that.

He hung up the phone and went outside.

Looking in the direction he knew his mom was coming from, he walked outside and was stunned to see an enormous fireball hovering in the sky.

It was headed toward his house.

It stopped and stayed in place.

The man’s mom got home and together they watched the fireball hang, until it suddenly shot off to the West.

It was as though it was escorting the woman safely home.

Or perhaps not so safely.


One can believe these stories or not.

But I’d wager many of you have had similar experiences.

Forms and lights can appear in the sky.

What’s creepy is that what is, to us, a mystery, is more than well known to the intelligent alien beings behind it.

What mysterious things have you seen in the sky?

Tell us in the comment section below.