Mysterious Blue UFO Over Los Angeles Could Be Alien Sighting

Do you believe in life beyond the planet Earth?

You will after watching this video showing a possible UFO and alien sighting.

This amateur footage taken by a group of Los Angeles residents shows what looks to be a massive UFO flying in the night sky.

The spacecraft is engulfed in a bright blue aura before taking off, lighting up the skyline.

Mysterious Blue UFO Over Los Angeles Could Be Alien Sighting

youtube/Julien Solomita

Updated 2/10/2020 – The makers of the video state that they were just filming atop a roof in L.A. for a vlog for about an hour.

All of a sudden they notice a object in the sky move its way up into the atmosphere.

Suddenly the unidentified object becomes surrounded in a supernatural bright blue aura.

Waves of blue flash across the sky as the spacecraft picks up speed.

It looks like something straight out of the Twilight Zone; so incredible it’s hard to believe it’s real.

But the footage taken is real.

On that same night other residents of Los Angeles also took notice of the UFO and recorded similar sightings themselves.

The video is not doctored, which makes the event that much more incredible.

As the object picks up speed, a huge glowing trail is manifested behind it.

Eventually the object creates enough speed, and disappears into the LA night sky.

Is this event an alien sighting?

It very well could be.

The footage taken is mind-boggling, depicting events that are almost never seen by the human eye.

The spacecraft could, and is quite possible alien technology traveling across Earth’s atmosphere.

The more logical explanation is that the object is a military missile launch that was being tested.

A”trident” missile is used to launch across the globe to hit specific targets, usually carrying nuclear warheads.

Of course on a test run the missile would be empty.

As it travels into the atmosphere another thruster is activated which could explain the weird blue aura.

As an object leaves the atmosphere it creates ice crystals, hence the blue waves.

Of course it is convenientĀ that whenever one of these UFOs are sighted the government will explain that it’s some sort of military equipment being tested out. Perhaps a little too convenient.

What do you think?

Is the phenomenon captured a real alien sighting?

Check out the video below to decide for yourself.