10 Most Terrifying Haunted Roads In Texas

There are certain similarities between a lot of haunted places in Texas, and certain assumptions that people often make when it comes to these locations.

One can assume that the place is antiquated.

You don’t hear about very many hauntings in newer locales, but that could simply be because they haven’t had a chance to collect enough tragedies yet.

10 Most Terrifying Haunted Roads In Texas

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Often, places that become haunted were once open to the public.

Landmarks, public buildings, hotels & inns, cemeteries…

And lastly, many assume the haunted place saw many unfortunate deaths, such as hospitals or insane asylums.

But what they often don’t consider that the haunted place is, in fact, not a specific place at all, but rather a road.

Some roads in America date back centuries and have seen buildings come and go over the years.

You’re about to discover 10 roads in Texas that are considered to be the most haunted, and most terrifying, based on numerous reports.

The 10 Most Terrifying Haunted Roads In Texas

10) Patterson Road – Houston, TX

Patterson Road in Houston has a rich history of interesting paranormal occurrences.

Photo credit: Google Street

This street in Houston has gained an interesting reputation.

Locals report that when driving down this street late at night, you may see a dark figure standing on the road ahead of you.

Many claim that if you offer the figure a ride, it will disappear and you can get to your destination without incident.

But if you don’t offer the shadowed entity a ride, you will see it again and again as you continue to drive.

9) West 7th Street – Port Arthur, TX

West 7th Street in Port Arthur is a very haunted stretch of read, with many dark secrets.

Photo credit: Street View

Legend has it that a woman once tried to cross the train tracks on 7th Street, and was violently decapitated by a passing locomotive.

To this day, it’s been said that the woman’s ghost can be seen beside the tracks at night.

A few train conductors have discussed seeing her apparition.

What is strange about their accounts is that when they looked at the tracks ahead, she would not appear.

The decapitated woman would only reveal herself after the train had passed, slowly following in its wake.

8) Old Greenhouse Road – Katy, TX

It shouldn't come as a surprise that one of the most haunted roads in all of Texas is located in Katy.

Photo credit: Google Street

Many Katy residents report paranormal incidents occurring on Old Greenhouse Road.

Local psychics believe that the spirit of a woman who died in a car accident haunts the area.

A few local teenagers claim that they were drinking in a car on the road when a misty figure appeared in the car’s headlights.

Seconds later the entire car began to violently shake while the entity remained visible.

The shaking stopped only after the misty apparition had dissolved into the night air.

7) Moeller Road – Electra, TX

This road is Electra, TX is said to be where a young girl was burned because they thought she was a witch.

Photo credit: Google Street

Residents of Electra, Texas are convinced that Moeller Road is haunted—especially near the Sheila Bridge.

It’s been said that during the 1800s, a woman was burned alive on the bridge for practicing witchcraft.

Those brave enough to stand near the bridge at night often hear a woman citing spells from the surrounding foliage.

Many have reported feeling a burning sensation all over their body, as if they stood too close to a fire.

Some have even said that they have found a burn in the shape of a hand on their body the following day.

6) Ranch Road 32 – Texas Hill Country

Ranch Roads can be some of the most haunted in all of Texas, this one in particular...

Photo credit: Google Street

This highway, better known as Devil’s Backbone, is quite worthy of its nickname.

Native Americans, Spanish Monks and Confederate soldiers are said to haunt this scenic road.

But a few terrified travelers have spoken of another spirit.

Many have said that they have seen an apparition crouching on the hood of a passing car.

A few of them have said that they knew it wasn’t some stunt when the car got closer and they saw that the entity on the hood had empty eye sockets.

5) Milam Street – Seguin, TX

Milam Street is where many people call home, but some of them have encountered the various entities that also call this street home.

Photo credit: Street View

Many native Texans believe that Milam Street is haunted by a Confederate soldier from days of the Civil War.

Locals have shared stories and rumors that they have seen a headless apparition wandering northbound down Milam.

But perhaps what is most disturbing about this ghost is the fact that those who have witnessed the soldier report having bizarre dreams for three nights following the incident.

Some have claimed that they dream about walking in a large open field, where they come upon the soldier’s decapitated head.

4) Old Foamy Road – Cleburne, TX

Photo credit: deviantart/drag0nflyawayh0me

Photo credit: deviantart/drag0nflyawayh0me

Local legend claims that a goat-man entity resides on Old Foamy Road.

Many believe the satyr makes its home near the adjacent stream due to the number of bodies that have been found there over the years.

Residents report that when close to the stream, a strong choking sensation overcomes them, as if they are drowning in the water.

Rumor has it that after an encounter with the spirit, people have returned home to find the clothing in their closets soaking wet.

3) Wichita Street – Houston, TX

Texas is filled with haunted streets, and some of the most peculiar are located right in Houston.

Photo credit: Google Street

Former landowner Charles Fondow is said to haunt a portion of Wichita Street, where his house still stands today.

Houston locals have whispered about seeing the dead VA nurse crawling up the sides of homes on this street.

However, a few nearby residents have recently come forward claiming the spirit that haunts Wichita is actually a demon.

Each claim that after seeing the entity, every clock in their house stops working at precisely 3 AM every single night.

Each has bought new clocks, but to no avail.

2) Transmountain Road – El Paso, TX

Sometimes, evil finds a way to inhabit a stretch of road... like the Transmountain in El Paso.

Photo credit: Google Street

According to local legend, a monk and his donkey perished around Transmountain road centuries ago.

Both spirits are said to haunt the road to this day.

While many who have witnessed the donkey’s ghost said they did not feel uneasy or scared by the apparition, they have said the monk is another story.

El Paso residents believe the monk sinned before dying, and torments the living from the inferno.

Many have said that the monk will appear in their room at night, calling upon the devil to appear.

1) Lindsey Hollow Road – Waco, TX

Lindsey Hollow Road is believed to be the most haunted road in all of Texas.

Photo credit: Street View

Many Waco residents fear this infamous road.

Locals claim that two thieving brothers were hanged on this road during the 1880s.

While some have reported hearing screams and the sounds of choking while driving on Lindsey Hollow at night, worse experiences have occurred.

A couple of college students report passing through Waco and driving on this road.

They reported that they saw hundreds of bodies swinging from ropes in the trees overhead.

When they decided to turn around and report the horror to police, all of the bodies had suddenly vanished.


Many Texans have reported seeing, and being haunted by, insidious entities that lurk near roads scattered throughout the Lone Star State.

Unlike spirits that haunt houses or public buildings, these apparitions and creatures cannot be banished by any cleansing ritual.

These spirits are here to stay, so wherever you drive, make sure you keep your eyes on the road – no matter how terrifying the visuals become.

Have you driven down any of the haunted Texas roads on this list?

What paranormal activity have you experienced there?

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