7 Haunted Waterfall Hikes in Texas That Will Make You Scream

Evil doesn’t stay in the dark.

It lurks in many beautiful places, even lovely parks with waterfall hikes, so don’t think that for one minute you can hide.

From demons in the shadows, monsters with tentacles and evil sprites in the soil, there are many things to fear in these actively haunted places.

Updated 2/11/2020 – From urban legends and local folklore, these stories are sure to make you think twice about enjoying Mother Nature, unless you’re a glutton for paranormal punishment.

Read on to discover just how terrifying the outdoors can be and don’t forget to bring your crucifix and Holy Water, if you choose to ignore the warnings.

The 7 Best Waterfall Hikes in Texas to See a Ghost

7) Bitten by Evil at Sculpture Falls – Austin, TX

Sculpture Falls has an insidious and hidden history of demonic entities who lurk under water, waiting for swimmers to enter their dark realm.

What’s worse is that they’re also very crafty and clever.

Locals report that the turtles who also share the lake like to bite unsuspecting bathers, but in reality the snapping, snarling beaks and teeth belong to evil water sprites who infect you with every bite.

One older man described the feeling of pure malice creeping through his veins after having being bitten.

He advises that he thought it was a turtle and that the evil thoughts swarming through his mind afterwards was a fever.

Watch out if you decide to visit, unless you don’t mind being possessed.

6) Evil Ushers to Hell at Hamilton Pool Preserve – Dripping Springs, TX

It’s a collapsed grotto reminiscent of paradise – although the menacing spirits who reside in the dark shadows of the cavern will make you feel like you’re at the threshold of Hell.

If you stay in the open and swim, you’ll be safe, but exploring the shady cavern will attract the wicked souls who’ll drag you into their lair.

One girl reports that she and her younger sister went to check out the cavern and she noticed the walls “moving on their own – like a mirage” – before a horde of nasty spirits rushed forth and grabbed onto both the girls’ arms.

They screamed as they were dragged into a black abyss.

She said that it was only when she screamed out “Jesus, please!” when they were released and stumbled back to the light.

They say only the truly devout can visit without fear.

5) Animal Possessions at Pedernales Falls State Park – Johnson City, TX

Pedernales Falls State Park has many activities including swimming, hiking trails with waterfalls and much more, but keep away from the animals.

Whether they’re sheep, snakes, birds or lizards – they are vessels for an unknown evil entity who lives in the woods.

Visitors reported a heightened sense of panic when they came across these animals, as their eyes are blood red and staring like zombies.

Apparently the animal will “herd” you into the woods, where an ancient spirit waits to drink your blood.

One man who had a narrow escape believed that it’s Satan himself.

He was chased into the woods by a lone sheep and then the trees became shrouded in darkness.

He said that he didn’t see the demon but he sensed the sinister energy and ran to safety before being devoured.

4) The Demoness at Krause Springs – Spicewood, TX

Although Krause Springs is one of the more “touristy” waterfall hikes, the springs are quite popular, unless you’re one of the unlucky ones who happens to see the Demoness as you float under the waterfall.

One woman reported that she was on an inner tube when she got a creepy feeling of being watched.

She said that she looked up and saw a black mist weaving through the waterfall.

She realized it was a female apparition – without eyes – getting closer and closer.

The creature had transparent fangs which terrified the woman enough to slip off her tube and swim to safety.

Another woman advised that the entity only seems to appear to women or girls – possibly looking for a body to take over as her own.

3) Creepy Octopus Man at Brushy Creek Regional Trail – Cedar Park, TX

One of the many hikes with waterfalls, Brushy Creek also has a haunted bridge over one of the waterfalls.

A teenager told of the day he was paddling nearby, then decided to explore under the bridge.

The first thing he saw was the eyes.

He said he’ll never forget how wide and white they were – without pupils – staring wildly through his soul.

The creature looked like a black octopus, with many tentacles.

He reported being frozen to the spot, when he felt something slithering about his ankles.

Suddenly he was flat on his back and underwater, with the hideous face inches above him – laughing maniacally.

He scrambled out of the water and to this day he’ll tell anyone who’ll listen to stay away.

2) Sinking Death at Chalk Ridge Falls Park – Belton, TX

Near the waterfalls in this park, you’ll need to try and stay away from the shady, mossy areas – otherwise you might sink into an early grave.

Many people have reported that there are sinister forces in the soil and circling the trees, like malicious spirits who crave fresh bodies.

It’s said that the reason why the forests and fields are so lush is due to the soil being fed by unsuspecting victims who stayed too long.

An older local told about how she felt that sinking feeling while she dozed under a tree one day.

She woke up in time to feel tiny roots wrapping around her toes.

She looked down to see her body being smothered by dark rhizomes as a deep, ancient voice cackled in the distance.

It took ages to untangle herself as she screamed in terror.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

1) Prowler at Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge – Marble Falls, TX


alexis b/yelp

The locals keep it quiet, but if you’re female, you might want to visit somewhere else.

It might seem odd that the nasty spirit of a peeping Tom would choose a wildlife refuge to haunt, but some say he went there to commit suicide before he was caught, when he was alive.

A young woman reports that she was walking on her own one day and when she got near the waterfall, she felt that creepy feeling of being watched.

She saw a shadow peeking around a tree.

Her blood froze when the same figure appeared around several other trees on the path.

Then she felt hot breath on her neck and an invisible hand grabbing her throat.

She screamed blue murder and another hiker came running to help, but he too reported seeing a shadow escaping into the woods.