Haunted Riverside: The Dire Ghosts of March Air Force Base

There’s a place in California called March Air Force Base, also known as the “March ARB” From the heavy-duty bombers to the lightning-quick jets, this base does brisk business, and it does it military-style.

On base, if you were to visit, you would find Building 2300.

Haunted Riverside: The Dire Ghosts of March Air Force Base

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Updated 2/10/2020 – These days, it is the on-site AMDS (American Military Dental Association) building, but once upon a time it was the hospital for the site.

The most disturbing part of its history is that it was a tuberculosis ward…

For children.

March Air Force Base: Beware The Hauntings of Building 2300

The lower levels of what used to be a hospital for kids with very little hope of survival was, during that time, a morgue, and it is from here outward that you might find yourself caught up in a sad, wistful brand of haunting.

March Air Reserve base staff who have come into contact with apparitions.

And there have probably been more of them who have than have come forward, but a decent number of people have spoken up – state that the ghosts of children they have come into contact with are, for the most part, benign and even sometimes playful.

“I’ve never gotten the sense that I need to be afraid of them, or that they are trying to send any sort of dark energy my way,” says one young woman who formerly worked in the building.

“That being said, it’s a kind of disturbing experience, you know, being in the room and realizing that while there’s no one else in there with you, there’s someone in there with you, just the same.

Do you know what I mean?”


According to reports, sometimes the ghosts who wander through the ward are even playful, moving things in rooms around or hiding something for a day or two, only to have it reappear somewhere else.

Encounters vary, from people catching orbs with their cameras or EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) with digital recorders, to full-on encounters with ghostly apparitions.

One man – we will call him Tom for the sake of his anonymity – states that what he saw while working at the March Air Force Base, in building 2300, did not reflect the playful nature of most people’s encounters at all, however.

Something Sinister Lurks Within The ARB

Beware The Hauntings of Building 2300 at March Air Force Base in Riverside...

Photo credit: deviantart/Clouded-and-Shadowed

“I saw this girl – she was, I dunno, maybe twelve, thirteen years old.

And she had been mangled; there’s no other way to put it.

“Someone had taken this poor girl and sliced her face open, for what reason I can’t even begin to imagine.

“And I can tell you, she sure to God wasn’t fucking around and laughing and playing jokes.

“No, she was wandering that building looking for the person who had done this to her.

“I know because I heard her talking to herself.

She walked right by me – didn’t even look at me – and was just talking to herself.

“Horrible stuff about being locked in a closet down in the morgue by one of the doctors.

How he had done stuff to her that she couldn’t understand, but that it had hurt.

“Most of all, how she was going to find him, and make sure he didn’t ever do that to anyone else again.”

Tom shakes his head.

“Then she just walked right through the wall, and that was the last I saw of her.

“And whoever that sick fucker was who messed her up…well, for his sake I hope he died a long time ago.”

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