10 Paranormal Things To Do In Fresno This Weekend

Do you live in central California?

Are you looking for things to do in Fresno?

Especially this coming weekend?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

Updated 6/4/2021 – Whether you want to spend your Saturday doing something fun with the family, or you’re in the mood for a peaceful afternoon of solitude, these ten places in Fresno are particularly noteworthy…and are particularly haunted to boot.

Paranormal enthusiasts are sure to enjoy each of these locations.

Ten Paranormal Things To Do In Fresno This Weekend

10) Woodward Park

Woodward Park is gorgeous, well-maintained, and a perfect place to clear your mind...save for a few ghosts and entities here and there.

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Looking for a place in Fresno for solitude and reflection?

Check out the gardens and river that flows on one side of this park.

Those looking for some fun can head to the Frisbee area, or the path that has been specifically designed for dirt bikes.

If you need to use the restroom, we suggest you take a friend with you.

Not only is there extremely poor lighting, but recently visitors have seen a frightening black mass that appeared behind them when they looked in the mirror.

The black mass enveloped them, and caused them to suffer from sudden sleep paralysis the next day.

9) Fresno Chaffee Zoo

The Chaffee Zoo in Fresno is home to many animals, both living and deceased.

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Many Californians consider Fresno Chaffee to be the best zoo in the entire state.

The animals have large, elaborate habitats and are very well cared for by loving staff.

If you pay a couple extra bucks, you can feed the stingrays—even the giraffes!

If you’re heading to the Kopje Lodge for lunch, be on the lookout for a misty apparition that sometimes appears near the ceiling.

Rumor has it that a woman loved going to the zoo after her chemo treatments.

After she passed away, she decided to make the zoo her permanent residence.

Some visitors claimed that she has touched their necks and whispered in their ears while they dined.

8) Forestiere Underground Gardens

Forestiere Underground Gardens in Fresno are a sight to behold, and with all of the spooky hallways, the hair on your neck will be stranding straight up.

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If you’re looking for a place to go that tourists don’t typically flock to, then be sure to check out Forestiere.

Once the home of a self-taught gardener and engineer, the man slowly transformed his home and the surrounding land into a magical place of discovery, full of inventions and vast gardens.

Feeling daring?

Be sure to be the last member of your group to walk through the tunnels…visitors have said that an unseen apparition will follow you and try to pinch you as you explore.

7) Rocket Dog Gourmet Brats & Brew

Rocket Dog is a great place to grab a bite, especially if you enjoy ghosts.

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Ready for lunch?

Head on over to Rocket Dog for gourmet hot dogs and several beers on draft.

The restaurant’s casual atmosphere is a great place to bring your family or a fun first date.

Happy to be there around three in the afternoon?

Use caution if you visit the ladies room.

Rumor has it that the ghost of an elderly man has been seen peeping on women in the stalls.

What’s even more creepy is the fact that the ghost man has sharp claws for fingers and will try to scratch you if you attempt to communicate with him.

6) Maya Cinemas

Maya Cinemas has been the home to numerous reported paranormal occurrences.

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If the upcoming forecast looks gloomy and you’re looking for things to do in Fresno this weekend, consider seeing a new movie at Maya Cinemas.

Not only is the food fairly inexpensive, but kids twelve and younger are free! According to some locals, one of the theaters is haunted by what they believe is a demonic entity.

The locals reported that they looked over during the movie to see their friend’s eyes had gone completely white, and they started speaking English backwards.

Their friend did not recover until an exorcism was performed.

5) Berlin Street Grill

Berlin Street Grill has awesome food, and mostly friendly spirits that haunt it.

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Berlin Street may look very simple and casual at first glance, but that’s because all of their attention goes into their food.

If you’re in the Fresno area looking for something a little different to eat, you’ll definitely want to try their authentic German and Mediterranean cuisine.

Be on the lookout for a ghostly little girl who can sometimes be seen in the dining area.

Those who have seen her claim she has black eyes, and they saw blood in her teeth when she turned and gave them a disturbing smile.

4) John’s Incredible Pizza Company

John's Incredible Pizza hosts parties, but after the lights go out and everyone leaves, the spirits take over.


Need a place to eat that will also keep the kids entertained for a few hours?

Look no further than John’s.

This restaurant offers unique pizzas served buffet style.

They also have a large assortment of arcade games that should be fun for everyone.

Be sure to keep a close eye on the children in the arcade…although most of the spirits only come out after dark, rumor has it that the ghost of a young boy has started to show himself during business hours.

3) Storyland & Playland

Storyland & Playland is a great place in Fresno to spend the day with the kids, just keep an eye out in the Chapel.

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Storyland is a fantastic place to bring rambunctious toddlers.

It’s also a great place to introduce your children to the world of fables, since many of them have been turned into full-fledged playgrounds here.

If your kids want to visit the chapel, be sure to stay close by at all times.

Rumor has it that around noon every day, the spirit of a nun can be seen sitting in one of the miniature pews at the church.

She will try to choke anyone who steps within a foot of her.

2) Shinzen Japanese Garden

Shinzen Gardens in Fresno are gorgeous, and most certainly occupied by more than just plant-life.

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Are you an artist or photographer in need of inspiration?

Shinzen Japanese Garden is a beautiful place to explore various types of birds, and flora.

It’s also an ideal place to lay about and enjoy a book for the afternoon.

Feeling brave?

Be sure to wander the park right before sunset…Legend has it that the garden is haunted by a dead woman in a white wedding dress.

One terrified local claimed that after he touched the ghostly apparition, her head fell off and rolled down the hill, all the while the ghostly woman screamed.

1) Blackbeard’s Family Entertainment

Blackbeard's is allegedly haunted by several ghosts of real-life pirates.


There are plenty of things to do in Fresno this weekend, but if you’re looking for an adventure, you definitely want to visit Blackbeard’s.

Enjoy a round of mini golf, and race your family members on the go karts.

Interested in the paranormal?

You definitely want to explore their laser tag course.

Some folks have said that a white, mist-like form suddenly appeared during their game, and terrified everyone.

One individual accidentally ran through the mist, and immediate began to bleed from his nose and ears.