Your Truest Nightmare: Demons Crave Companionship At This Nortonville Hill

Nortonville, California, used to be a mining community back in the day.

Today, Nortonville is a ghost town and part of the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.

Things you can do in Nortonville do not go beyond enjoying wonderful vistas from the hills.

However, not everyone who goes to Nortonville returns with their sanity intact.

Updated 2/11/2020 – Things appear to live in Nortonville hills that have the power to take you away.

Certain things like demons.

Nightmares live on in Nortonville, California

“I still don’t understand why we decided to go there at night of all times,” our source told us.

He and his friends, six men and two women, decided to enjoy the views of Nortonville at night.

They soon regretted that decision.

“The moon was full and bright,” he said, “and the sky was full of stars.” It was when the stars disappeared that they felt something was wrong.

“It wasn’t even cold,” he said.

“Isn’t it supposed to get cold when demons are around?”

He asked the question without expecting an answer.

“It wasn’t cold.

It was warm, balmy even.”

But as they sat down to relax and enjoy the beer they had brought with them, they felt a presence.

“Well, me and the other guys did.

The girls seemed fine.”

Nightmares live on in Nortonville, California


He didn’t know how many demons were there.

But he felt them.

“A presence, both enticing and familiar, as if my favorite things were just there, out of reach but close anyway.”

They seemed to move in a circle around the group.

The men got drowsy while the women looked around, indignant.

“It was the girls that saved us in the end,” he told us.

“We began to relax.

I began to feel sleepy.

Then,” he said, shuddering, “I began to feel at peace.”

As if he was dreaming.

He began to see the girl he’d lost a year ago before him.

She was smiling, holding out her hand for him.

That was when the girls began to yell.

They slapped the men awake.

“I felt the cold then,” he said.

“I saw shadows that were blacker than the night, I saw that the sky was empty of stars while the moon looked ghostly.”

The beautiful landscape around them was bathed in silver light.

“It was as if we’d entered a cold, harsh world.” The images did not go away.

The previous feeling of peace turned to a full body pain.

“I couldn’t move.”

His body felt pierced by a thousand needles.

The girls managed to rouse the other guys, and together, they dragged the last of them away.

They’ve never returned since, not even in daylight.

The demons want to keep you for all eternity

There are local legends in the area, told by the descendants of the people who used to live near or in Nortonville.

The legend talks about the Black Widows, demons who lure men, and occasionally women, into another world.

They want to keep them there forever.

Strange disappearances are not uncommon there.

People who walk up the hill are bombarded with feelings of peace, contentment, and happiness.

They willingly give in to the Black Widow demons, who show them images of loved ones who had died to lure them further.

If the road ever takes you to Nortonville, California, beware the demons that lurk in the hills near this ghost town.