10 Out Of This World Hiking Spots In Southern California

Are you looking for amazing hiking trips in California?

They are are a fantastic choice if you love it sweaty!

Keep in mind shade, water, and elevation are absolutely worth considering in your hike plan.

Murphy Ranch, Mount Baldy, and Switzer Falls are fantabulolus trails on your “TO-Hike” list!

7) Malibu Creek, Calabasas - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

Woman Walking on A Hiking Trail

Updated 2/9/2020 – Whether you are a virgin to hiking or a master hiker, each of these 10 Brilliant Out Of This World Hiking Spots In California is guaranteed to please all ages and abilities.

Take to the trails with your partner or with a group of friends to explore nature and rejuvenate your body and mind with some fresh mountainous air, spectacular scenery, and refreshing lakes, streams, and rivers.

Hiking trips give you the chance to reduce stress, strengthen immunity, and release those legal-drug endorphins so your energy levels shoot through the roof!

Newsflash! The human body was made to exercise, not sit behind the computer; that’s physiologically proven.

Hiking also delivers that essential kick-in-the-butt to your self-esteem!

And you can’t use money as an excuse here.

Hiking in California doesn’t really need any equipment except layers and a good pair of shoes, and anyone can do it!

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Ten Hot Spot Hiking Trips in Southern California

10) Mount Baldy, San Bernardino County

2) Mount Baldy, San Bernardino County - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

This hiking trips trail boasts the highest point in Los Angeles County; where you’ll discover some of the most challenging day hikes, and hidden waterfalls, located in beautiful Southern California.

Get set to sweat; and no worries because there is some fresh cool breeze mixed in.

Simply Amazing!

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9) Switzer Falls, Los Angeles County

3) Switzer Falls, Los Angeles County - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

Short and shady hiking fun.

This is an excellent hiking trips trail for families because it’s short, sweet, and straight to the point with nature.

The majority of it is shaded and there are plenty of BBQ pits for eating.

You can all go swimming in the falls and take a break from the sun whenever the need arises NO PROBLEM!

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8) Mount San Jacinto, Mount San Jacinto State Park

4) Mount San Jacinto, Mount San Jacinto State Park - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

This is the tallest hiking trail in Southern California!

Shooting crazy sharp straight up through the desert floor, you’ve got the choice to hike it or “tram” it; on the aerial tram ride up to the top.

It’s all or nothing here.

Hike it so you’ve got the bragging rights!

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7) Bridge to Nowhere, San Gabriel Mountains

5) Bridge to Nowhere, San Gabriel Mountains - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

Steamy hot bridge hiking fun.

Before you get started here I need to tell you something VIP!

This bridge is TEN miles long with ZIPPO shade.

It other words, it’s freakin hot!

This means you’ve got to be able to withstand the heat in order to bask in the refreshing glory of freezing-cold San Gabriel River!

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6) Malibu Creek, Calabasas

1) Malibu Creek, Calabasas - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

Beginner to expert hiking trips trails alike.

Whether you are looking for a killer workout or what I call a casual “grandma stroll,” it’s all at your fingertips.

If you get heated in the moment you can always break for a crisp dip in Malibu Creek, or perhaps slip into the Rock Pool if you aren’t that brave.

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5) Santa Anita Canyon, Los Angeles County

6) Santa Anita Canyon, Los Angeles County - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

Perfect for cool au natural hiking trips!

It really doesn’t matter what season you’re in, cuz when hiking trip in Santa Anita Canyon you’ll never get too hot.

The canyon provides the natural cooler temperatures even when the creek water levels are ultra-low.

Refreshing and alive is what hiking is all about here.

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4) Murphy Ranch, Pacific Palisades

7) Murphy Ranch, Pacific Palisades - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

A shady trail meandering inquisitively through ancient ruins.

This is the spot to hike through a special piece of history; where you’ll discover the planned hide-out for Adolph Hitler after the “ASSumed” victory in World War II.

Lucky for the whole freakin world that was never meant to be!

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3) Big Laguna Trail, Pine Valley

8) Big Laguna Trail, Pine Valley - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

Spectacular sunrise for early birds.

Here’s where the early bird catches the worm for a breathtaking site if you want to take in the fireball rising up over the horizon.

An excellent California hiking trail any time of the year for all skill levels and ages.

Are you up for the challenge?

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2) Palomar Mountain, San Diego County

9) Palomar Mountain, San Diego County - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

Amazing scenic hiking trip! Where you’ve gotta just take it all in.

So much to see and so little time comes to mind with this one-with-nature hiking adventure.

You can camp if you like…

…just make sure you take a minute or two to enjoy the relaxing gurgling of the creek.


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1) Franklin Canyon Reservoir Loop, Beverly Hills

10) Franklin Canyon Reservoir Loop, Beverly Hills - 10 Out Of This World Hiking Trips In California

Easy-peazy hiking along 15 miles of magnificent wildlife trail.

You’ll loop around the reservoir that’s a natural mecca of nature at its best.

If you are still up for adventure there’s plenty of fresh opportunity with trails that branch off.

All yours to discover if that’s your cup of tea!

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Your Next Step

Whether you are looking to test out your new hiking boots for the first time, convince your family that hiking is fun, or you’re a seasoned veteran searching for Mother Nature challenges, these California adventure hiking trips can’t be beat!

Make sure you come with a hiking buddy; better yet bring a whole group or your family.

It’s not like you are ever going to have to worry about traffic, honking horns, or impatient crowds!

The toughest decision you’ve got is to figure out which of these adventurous hiking trips comes first.

My advice – eeny meeny miny moe! Good Luck!

PS…Don’t forget your sunscreen and water!