How to Safely Use a Ouija Board to Contact Spirits

Want to learn how to use a Ouija Board?

Ouija boards can be a quick, easy passageway into thrilling—and frightening—other worlds.

They can answer dark or desperate questions, giving you the power of knowledge.

Are you ready for that knowledge?

Why are many religious groups and packs of skeptics so against the board?

What are they warning against?

Do they really believe you’ll be possessed by the Devil?

If your curiosity has gotten the better of you, here are some pointers for the best Ouija experience.

How to Use a Ouija Board – Beginning the Exploration

Board and Palm - How to use a ouija board

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Updated 2/11/2020 – 1. To enter this dark and glorious realm, be in the proper mindset. Be ready to learn and explore, fearless of what you might find. Welcome the answers.

2. You may set the mood with candles or incense.

3. Embark on this journey with a trusted friend or two. This is not something to take lightly. It’s not a way to pass the time with visiting cousins or people you haven’t bonded with. It’s more meaningful, and should involve trusted companions.

4. Sit facing the other user. Your knees should be touching. The board should be supported by your opposed laps. Do not use a table.

5. Choose the medium. During the process of learning how to use a Ouija Board, the medium is the one solemnly intoning the questions. It can be one of the two seated at the board or a third person.

6. Place your fingers on the planchette (pointer).

This facilitates the flow of energy.

Communicating with the Other Realm

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Learning how to use a Ouija Board in the proper manner is important.

Answers are out there.

In some cases the absence of answers are there too, and that’s valuable information.

Your experience will be valuable as it will take you into the world of psychic mystery.

1. Have the medium invoke the spirits of knowledge and wisdom; he should announce a mood of seriousness and sincerity.

2. Begin to ask questions. Have patience if things get off to a slow start. You may get only silence at first. It is important to continue to have a serious attitude and to ask questions in the same serious intonation.

3. Establish a connection. You may start by asking if there are spirits present, if they would like to answer questions. Etc. If you ask the wrong questions you may lose your connection.

Asking the Right Questions

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1. In the process of learning how to use a Ouija Board don’t joke around or be disrespectful. Asking “what’s the square root of sixteen?” will turn off any spirits that may be present. In fact, always regard it seriously.

2. Avoid questions of ridiculous specificity. Asking what time of day on what day you’ll die isn’t really how the spirits work.

3. Be careful about frightening questions. Asking how one of the other people present might die or some other highly-personal information without their permission is just inappropriate.

You can ask when you’re going to die or something else that might be compromising, but give it some thought.

This is a serious undertaking.

Many of the answers you hear will be true.

Some will not, but you won’t know which are which, and you may cause yourself undo, prolonged worry if you ask the wrong questions.

When you are finished, move the planchette to the “goodbye” position and close the board.

Tips and Final Thoughts

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1) When learning how to use a Ouija Board, believe in the power.

You’re not going to get anywhere trying to be skeptical.

This is not a game for people who want to try proving that paranormal stuff is bogus.

2) Be sober and in control.

While people think of Ouija as some sort of party game or entertainment, it can take you into a very sublime spiritual realm.

It won’t work nearly as well if you’re under the influence.

Clear your mind for the incoming messages.

3) Consider the answers carefully.

You have asked for knowledge and information.

That was your choice.

Some of the answers you’ve gotten might be hard to take.

But handle it the way you would other information in your life: consider things from various angles, and if some of the answers bother or scare you, some careful consideration may help.

The powerful experience and information is not meant to terrorize you.

4) If you don’t already have a Ouija Board, get one here.

Have fun as you learn how to use a Ouija Board.

And tell us about your experience in the comments below; what did you ask and what was the answer?