The 10 Best California Restaurants To Eat At And Spot A Ghost

Whether you’re a local or just visiting, there’s no shortage of incredible cuisine in California.

From quirky little family restaurants, to affordable ethnic favorites from around the world, to high-end cuisine featuring some of the world’s greatest chefs, it’s all here.

Updated 2/9/2020 – Are you on vacation and in need of a good ghost story?

Do you live in California and are sick of the same old restaurants and the same old meals?

We all need some variety in our lives, sometimes…something to get excited about, something to awaken our curiosity and imaginations…

These ten restaurants are not only tasty, but they’re the best California restaurants to eat at if you want to see a ghost.

Places where you can order a meal and also have a good chance of a paranormal encounter.

The 10 Best California Restaurants To Eat At And Spot A Ghost

10) Wilda’s Grill – Redding, CA

If you and your family can’t seem to agree on type of cuisine, be sure to suggest Wilda’s Grill.

This restaurant has a little bit of everything, from gourmet style hotdogs, to Asian style broth bowls that are legendary.

While the wait may not be speedy, their famous Buddha Bowl is worth it.

According to a lesser known local legend, a waitress once killed herself in the bathroom after her divorce was finalized.

Some folks say that they see her spirit from time to time, walking into the kitchen as if to pick up somebody’s dinner.

9) Café Rolle – Sacramento, CA

Hankering for a delectable French meal?

Check out Café Rolle.

This petite café may be small inside, but their portions are certainly not.

For some people in Sacramento, nothing beats eating a croque monsieur while enjoying the French artwork, and posters on the walls.

From the food to the décor, everything about this place gives off the ambience of an actual café in France.

Recently, a few reports have come in that Café Rolle is haunted.

Some regular customers have begun to notice orbs of light by the restrooms, are convinced it’s the spirit of a man who loved Café Rolle, and would drop by a couple times a month.

8) Cuisine of Nepal – San Francisco, CA

If you’re in the mood for mouthwatering Nepalese fare, then you can’t miss Cuisine of Nepal.

Prem, the owner of the restaurant is known to attend to each and every customer himself to make sure everybody is happy with their meals.

Those who are very familiar with this restaurant often claim they have better customer service than any place they’ve ever been.

Some people go not only for their paneer, but for their poltergeist

A few locals believe the building was cursed with an evil spirit long before it became a restaurant.

Now, the entity likes to fiddle with people’s napkins.

7) The City Fish – San Jose, CA

Are you searching for quality seafood without spending an arm and a leg? Then The City Fish in San Jose is for you.

Enjoy fresh seafood in a casual atmosphere with friendly service.

Their Oysters Rockefeller dish is quickly making The City Fish one of the best restaurants in California.

Enjoy their daily happy hour specials as well.

The ghost story?

According to some San Jose natives, the apparition of a woman is said to come in and sit by herself in one of the farthest tables in the restaurant.

What is most chilling is the fact that the apparition looks remarkably like a woman who disappeared from the area several years ago.

6) The Annex Kitchen – Fresno, CA

This fine Italian restaurant is a great location if you are on a date.

The décor is quite sophisticated and romantic, but their food is simply delicious.

Enjoy a plate of homemade pasta, and their special, a concoction of roasted eggplant and peppers.

Explore their extensive wine list, both domestic and imported, as you tell your date about the resident ghost.

A disembodied voice has been known to attempt to communicate to people while they use the facilities.

Nobody is quite sure what the spirit says, as it quietly whispers in Italian.

5) Hummus Express – Bakersfield, CA

The décor inside this restaurant may be minimal, but that just adds to the cleanliness, and wholesome goodness of their Mediterranean fare.

Those who live in Bakersfield may already be aware that Hummus Express is said to have the best falafel you will ever taste.

Have to wait for a table?

Don’t fret…the staff may offer up some free samples of their savory lentil soup, and you won’t want to say no.

The ghost that lives in the building is elusive at best.

Some believe it is the spirit of a little boy who once lived nearby.

Now, the boy likes to play with shiny, metal objects, so be sure to watch your belongings!

4) 633 Café – Los Angeles, CA

This eclectic café in Los Angeles doesn’t have a particular theme to its décor or cuisine…the sole focus of the very friendly owners is to simply provide fresh, innovative takes on classics, and offer a fun atmosphere to enjoy while you dine.

Enjoy a cup of their gouda macaroni and cheese, or share a basket of their yucca fries.

Feeling sluggish from the feast?

633 Café offers up catchy music from the 90s and encourages dancing before, during and after meals.

Occasionally, some guests will report seeing an elderly man dancing by himself before disappearing.

Locals have become convinced that the man decided to spend his afterlife enjoying the fun atmosphere of the café.

3) KooKoo Grill Fusionyaki – Anaheim, CA

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider visiting the KooKoo Grill.

This Mexican and Asian fusion style restaurant is sure to intrigue your taste buds.

While some may find the menu a little overwhelming at first, don’t be discouraged.

You simply can’t go wrong with any chicken dish in the joint, especially the now famous KooKoo ball.

The staff is super friendly, and always willing to answer your questions.

So what goes bump in the night?

Nobody is quite sure.

A black, shadowy mass has been spotted at the grill, drifting between two tables.

The moment the shadow is approached, it disappears, and only the smell of jasmine flowers remains…

2) The HipPea – Long Beach, CA

This fresh and casual restaurant offers up more health-conscious choices than most in Long Beach.

The place is small, and often only staffed by one or two people, so expect a decent wait for your food.

However, everything is made from scratch, and is quite affordable.

They may even give you a sample falafel while you wait!

This resident ghost has never been seen…only heard.

The entity is known to bang on the ceiling and the walls whenever a customer arrives.

Some regulars are convinced the spirit is attempting to communicate with anyone who walks through the door.

About what?

We may never know.

1) Bahn Thai – San Diego, CA

Bahn Thai is one of those places where you want to get there before the hectic lunch crowd.

They only make a certain number of items each day and you don’t want to miss out.

Even so, they always have a few savory chicken curry and steak and mushroom pies if you’re running behind.

Their papaya salad alone, is making them become one of the best restaurants in California.

The woman who manages the restaurant is incredibly friendly, especially with young children, making this place great for families.

From time to time the apparition of a young man can be seen, standing behind the counter.

Some believe he is related to the owner and has come to help out.

Have you visited any of these restaurants?

What did you experience?

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