What Haunts the Moose Lodge in Turlock, California?

Turlock, California is home to one of the many Moose Lodges scattered across the United States.

Moose is a fraternity which was first established by Dr. Henry Wilson in 1888.

The primary purpose of this organization is to aid communities, children and the disabled.

What Haunts the Moose Lodge in Turlock, California?


Serving the Turlock Community

Updated 9/23/2019 – Turlock has been a Moose location for several decades now.

While many people have been to this particular lodge without incident, some members have begun to claim that it is haunted.

Strange, disembodied noises have been reported, along with objects that seem to move on their own.

Some older members believe the paranormal activity is caused by a member who died many years ago.

He was known as ‘Dapper Don’ and he enjoyed a good practical joke.

Those who knew him while he was alive believe he has come back to the haunt the lodge, and move objects around as a prank.

But others are not quite convinced.

Dapper Don was a playful man, but not at all malicious.

But when one woman was visiting the Moose Lodge for an event, her encounter with the paranormal entity was by no means friendly.

A Parking Lot Spirit

Your imagination can run wild as you try to figure out the cause of a strange sound.


“My son is mentally challenged, and we are heavily involved with Special Olympics.

I love the Moose Fraternity because they donate a lot of time, money and resources toward Special Olympics, and they really help out us parents,” the woman said, after requesting to keep her identity anonymous.

“I can’t imagine how we would be able to put them on without their continual help and service.

“Anyway, I was at the lodge in Turlock to discuss an upcoming event.

It was evening time, and it was getting dark outside.

We were about to wrap up our meeting when my son’s babysitter called me on my cell.

“With a mentally challenged son, I always pick up when the babysitter calls—you just don’t always know what to expect when handling a kid like that, and I wanted to make sure the babysitter knew I was available to chat whenever she needed me.

So I grabbed my phone and I stepped outside to speak with her.

It can’t remember why she had called, it wasn’t anything important.

“During our conversation, I began to notice that there was the sound of someone walking through the sand and dirt on the ground, but I didn’t see anybody around me.

The noise seemed to get louder and louder, but nobody ever appeared,” she frowned.

“I couldn’t blame it on the wind because the few trees in the area were perfectly still.

“I thought maybe it was coming from my babysitter’s end, but she couldn’t hear anything.

I could hear these terrifying sounds.

“I got off the phone and started to walk around the building, wondering if someone needed help or something.

Part of me hoped that what I heard was somebody in need of assistance, because that way at least I’d know what the noise was.

“I walked around the entire building and didn’t see a soul,” she shrugged.

“I made for the front door of the lodge when I felt this pressure on my back, which caused me to stumble.

“As I got up, I heard this graveling voice on the air, and it sounded like it was chuckling, laughing at me.

I didn’t see anybody, but I definitely didn’t feel alone, and nor did I feel safe.

I ran to the doors and took one last glance behind me.

“I thought I saw a pale white leg move behind the bingo sign out front.

I was just about to scream when a white poodle suddenly emerged with a broken leash around its neck.

I probably sound crazy to some people, but it was not a dog I heard rustling all around me,” she said, getting teary eyed.

“Especially not a tiny dog like this.

And what happened to his leash?


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