True Horror: Beware Angry Spirits At This Richmond Swimming Pool

Richmond is a Californian city full of swimming pools that offer public access to those who want to enjoy good weather in a place where they can both do some exercise and have fun.

Updated 2/11/2020 – One of the best options for those who are visiting or reside in Richmond might be in the outskirts of the city, but its features make the short trip worthwhile: El Cerrito Swim Center not only has two heated outdoor pools, but also a barbecue area with picnic tables where a whole family can have a great time.

What else could you expect from a public swimming pool center?

Well, how about not being taunted by angry spirits while you are there?

A Fun Plan That Can Easily Turn Into A Nightmare

According to some local mediums, ghosts haunt the main swimming pool in the complex, and that their dirty tricks will transform your stay into an unpleasant one, making you leave to never go back again.

The spirits are more than one, and it seems that when the pool is too crowded, they get irritated and start doing terrifying things to scare people away.

Turning the heated water into freezing cold from one second to another is one of their favourite actions.

A few number of visitors have also experienced being bothered inside the swimming pool, as if something is grabbing them by their feet or even pulling them down when they are swimming.

It is not known where these spirits come from or why they roam the swimming pools land, but by the experience of those who have lived through the paranormal occurrences in the area, there are at least three or four different presences.

Beware The Angry Entities That Could Try To Harm You

Beware The Angry Entities That Could Try To Harm You

Beware what you seek.

These acts upon the visitors can become dangerous, especially considering that the ghosts that lurk around the swimming pool are choleric and unfriendly and do not seem to mind if someone gets hurt.

A young man, who happens to be a video psychic, used to train in this swimming pool center had such a terrible encounter with the angry spirits that he decided to change pools.

“This is something that goes far back, as I had always had the feeling that the whole place is haunted.

But I guess they were really upset that particular day because as I swam, I started hearing angry voices of men whispering to my ears things like “Get out!”

He tells he did not take it seriously right away as he thought he was imagining it, but when he tried to keep on swimming, he was suddenly grabbed by the feet and pulled down, making him choke on water.

“That was it for me.

I did not want to keep swimming in a pool where I was not wanted.

I took my things and didn’t return”, he finishes.

Most of the people do not seem to undergo any scary experience in this Richmond pool.

However, and just in case, if you ever find yourself visiting this Swim Center, beware the angry ghosts that lurk around.