Susanville Terror: Evil Entity Lurks Inside This Haunted Bar

The St. Francis Bar and Grill is located in the heart of downtown Susanville.

This classic style restaurant is housed in a historic building that was built many decades ago.

Most Susanville residents have come to St. Francis at some point or other, accompanied by family members or friends.


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Is Susanville Haunted?

Updated 2/11/2020 – Recently, residents of Susanville have begun to suspect that St. Francis might be plagued by an entity.

Staff members on the closing shift have reported hearing the clinking of glasses and noises coming from rooms that are void of people.

Many have grown scared by the idea of the restaurant ghost.

When Dani (Names changed for privacy) first heard about the haunting, she thought it was nothing short of bored teenagers in need of something to do.

“High school students are always the ones who spread around gossip like that.

Hearing about stuff like that in Susanville…it’s impossible to take seriously.”

So when a friend begged Dani to go to the restaurant to pick up her lost wallet, Dani didn’t hesitate.

Closing time was pending, so Dani got into her car and hustled over to the restaurant, where she waited for a staff member to check the lost and found.

Laughter in the Dark

Laughter in the Dark


“I was just sitting there, minding my own business when I heard the sound of glass making contact with another glass nearby,” Dani recalled.

“That clinking sound they make, as if somebody was cheersing.

I was curious, so I followed the sound into another portion of the dining room.

“The section was like an alcove without any windows, so it was dark.

‘Anybody there?’

I called out.

At first there was nothing but silence, but then I heard this faint female giggle, emanating from the room,” Dani said with a slight frown.

“For one embarrassing moment I thought perhaps it was two employees making out where nobody could see them.

But…I don’t know, something about the feeling of the experience, it made me realize that something just wasn’t right.

That whatever was giggling in the corner was not a nice girl.

“I turned to walk away when a wineglass fell off the table right next to me.

It hadn’t been close to the edge, and I don’t recall bumping the table or anything.

I felt like whoever was in the corner was the culprit,” she said with a small shiver.

“At that point I was so freaked out and upset that I left St. Francis—not even thinking about my friend’s wallet.

Later that night my mom told me that staff at St. Francis believed someone had broken into the restaurant that night, but nothing had been stolen. I didn’t share my experience, but I was relieved, thinking that the girl I encountered was just some crazy—but living—human being.

“After I went to bed that night, the strange woman appeared in my dreams.

I could never see her face, but she kept throwing drinking glasses at me and giggling maniacally.

She whispered that she saw me…that she knew where I was, and that she would be visiting soon,” Dani said, her lip quivering.

“I woke up practically in tears.

But that was nothing compared to seeing the empty glass on my nightstand immediately after.

Staff had it all wrong…there isn’t a thief in Susanville, there’s a full-fledged spirit.”