Molly’s Souper: The Most Haunted Place In Upland California?

For the person with a hankering for a little breakfast in Upland, California, it’s hard to beat a little place like Molly’s Souper.

Open seven days a week for both breakfast and lunch (come for the breakfast, stay for the lunch could be their motto,) this little restaurant has a great menu, great prices, and great service.

It has it all.

Molly's Souper - The Most Haunted Place In Upland California

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Including, some people have said, a ghost or two.

Yes, this is a haunted restaurant…

Molly’s Souper History

The now-famous breakfast joint is located in what was, at one time, a mansion.

Built just after the turn of the century, a mere five or so years before the United States would become involved in – and provide the critical boost in men, materials and morale needed to win – World War One, the mansion was originally owned by a citrus farmer and his wife.

It is possible that these original owners are the very apparitions which many have claimed to come into contact with at or in the Souper, but no one knows for sure.

What we do know is that some consider this one of the most haunted places in Southern California.

The Haunts of Molly’s Souper

The Haunts of Molly's Souper - Patrons have reported seeing the shadowy figure of a man standing on the porch...

Photo credit: tumblr/wishflowers

Sometimes up close and frequently from some distance, patrons have reported seeing the shadowy figure of a man standing on the porch.

This in and of itself would not be particularly strange, except that in almost every account the man has no face.

None whatsoever.

One witness even claimed that he was smoking a pipe, and that he just held it up to the blank and almost blurry region that would have been his mouth.

According to that particular eye-witness, the smoke just went right through the man, catching the breeze behind him as if he had no substance at all.

And then, of course, there are the tales of the farmer’s wife – if indeed that is who it is – which are a bit more chilling.

Mandy W., a sometimes patron of the haunted restaurant, has this to say about her:

“Whoever she is, she stalks children.

I mean really stalks them, too.

Several times when we’ve been there I’ve seen her appear.

She’s this old woman, with a mean look on her face, except that she’s transparent.

Like, you know, you can see through her.

The ghost of an old woman is rumored to stalk children at Molly's Souper in Upland California...

Photo credit: tumblr/henker

“Anyway,” she continues, “when I’ve seen her, she always goes after Derrick.”

(Derrick is Mandy’s ten year-old son.)

“Once she even got so close that she put her hand on him.

I saw it as plain as I see you now.

I don’t think he felt it – not physically at least – but he shivered, and I remember him asking me on the way home if we could turn on the heat, even though it was August and pretty hot at that time of the year.

“The place is haunted, no doubt about it.” She shrugs.

“I don’t know if the old man is harmless or not, but he seems to be.

But that old lady…” she says.

“She’s a real poltergeist.

I’ve seen stuff move around on its own whenever she’s near, or sometimes if she comes into a room.

It’s creepy as hell.”

Good food or no good food, Molly’s Souper seems to have something of the Soupernatural about it.

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