7 Paranormal Creatures That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Have you ever seen a picture of a ghost that stuck in your mind?

What about some other paranormal entity?

We all have that one story, image, or experience that keeps us up at night.

For some, it’s an apparition in a darkened room.

7 Paranormal Creatures That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Jewish Ghosts

Updated 2/9/2020 – For others, it’s an eerie sound that no human could make.

And others still, may have experienced a paranormal episode that tears at the very fabric of their being.

Something they’ll never be able to shake.

Whatever it is that makes you sleep with the lights on…today is your lucky (or perhaps unlucky) day.

Because you’re about to discover seven creatures that will make you permanently tape the light switch in the “on” position, haha.

The only problem is…what if “something” removes the tape and turns off the light?

“Something” straight out of a nightmare…

“Something” like one of these

7 Paranormal Creatures That Will Haunt Your Dreams

7) Black Stick Man

8 - Black Stick Man - Paranormal Creatures 8

Photo credit: mysticinvestigations.com

Stick figures may seem fun to draw on paper and pretty much everyone has done so.

However, how would you feel to see one actually come to life?

It wouldn’t be so fun anymore now would it?

Particularly if it was midnight black and walked with a haunting gait.

Although rare, there have been reports of sightings of these terrifying stick-like figures walking around, particularly at night.

Another interesting report says anytime someone has seen one, a close relative or friend dies within 24 hours, on one occasion it was apparently 3.

The thought is terrifying.

You want to see but you don’t know if it’s going to cost the life of a loved one.

6) Duendes

7 - Duendes - Paranormal Creatures 8

Photo credit: creepysites.com

These are dwarf-like creatures found in Mexico, often in the woods near farms.

These complex creatures steal food from farmers and like to cause trouble.

Usually it’s innocent but sometimes there’s evil intent.

One report saw the Duendes unlock the gate releasing the farmer’s bulls, who then trampled his wife in the yard while she was gardening, snickering at her screams while being crushed.

The farmer watched, frozen in horror, unable to do anything.

He claimed the Duendes held him in place with their breathe.

5) Encantando

6 - Encantando - Paranormal Creatures 8

Photo credit: ancient-origins.net

This is said to be a hedonistic shapeshifting creature that loves to seduce the unwary.

And who wouldn’t want to get a little nasty with this beautiful creature?

Problem is the Encantando apparently isn’t all beauty.

This creature is also part vampire and enjoys locking necks with unsuspecting drunken partiers.

Legend has it this shapeshifter is lured by the smell of blood alcohol.

The more wasted you are the more it’s drawn to you.

You might think this is a good thing and it might feel like a good thing, right up until the part where this creature sinks their sharp fangs into your neck and off to the underworld you go.

And ladies, don’t think you get off the hook because this is a shapeshifter remember?

It makes one hell of a sexy man according to eye-witnesses that didn’t wind up prey.

4) Dybbuks

5 - Dybbuks - Paranormal Creatures 8

Photo credit: jewishghosts.com

This is known as a chaos causing Jewish-demon creature that gets off inflicting pain.

Anything from making someone deathly ill to burning down houses, and making terrifying sounds and releasing an odor of death; the Dybbuks do it all.

These creatures are sent from hell to reportedly make your life a living hell.

They have never been seen actually killing a human but they will start eating the limbs when you’re sleeping.

Some people report waking up to one gnawing on their foot or arm; leaving bite chunks gone; however they scurry away when seen.

The good news is they can be contained if you have a suicidal rabbit and a Dybbuk box; apparently they are for sale on EBay.

The difficulty is convincing the rabbit to sit in the box long enough for the devil-creature to come for dinner.

3) Jorogumo

4 - Jorogumo - Paranormal Creatures 8

Photo credit: en.wikipedia.org

This Japanese spirit is female in gender.

Legend has it this spirit takes to seducing helpless men and lures them back to her lair.

Upon arrival she plays a music that entrances or sedates him.

Then she unveils her true evil spidery form and with malice wraps him tightly in her spidery-like silk.

She then feasts on him for dinner – alive.

Believers say they can hear the deathly screams for miles around.

2) Spring-Heeled Jack

3 - Spring-Heeled Jack - Paranormal Creatures 8

Photo credit: cryptidz.wikia.com

This is a Victorian legend many people truly believe has layers of truth within.

The tales depict Spring Heeled Jack was a peculiar man who prowled the streets of London and preyed up young beautiful women.

Truth be told, if you tried to nab him he would shoot around the streets at the speed of light with lightning bolts blazing behind; flying up over fences with ease, like you or myself taking a step.

The paranormal kicks in because eyewitnesses report if anyone actually caught him, blue flames would cascade from his mouth similar to that of a dragon.

Of course stunned, the capturer would let go with severe burns to a large portion of their body and Spring Heeled Jack would fly off into the sky shrieking with laughter; a game for this creature.

1) Knell Hounds

1 - Faerie Hounds - Paranormal Creatures 8

These paranormal creatures take their name from the term “Death Knell”.

Knell Hounds look similar to a Hellhound and are quite large with eerie glowing eyes.

Witnesses report seeing them appear and disappear at will.

It’s said that when hunting humans they will actually run on their hind legs.

Some believe this dog-like creature is part shapeshifter and others just think they have attuned balance.

The idea of course is to get as close as possible to the death grip on the neck.

They often appear with mottled brown fur and have also been reported in the night savagely tearing their victim apart.

If you hear them bark beware.

As omens of death, it’s told you will soon experience a death or tragedy if you see or hear them.