The 5 Best Spirit Boxes (Communicates With Real Ghosts!)

There are several factors to take into consideration when looking for the best spirit box.

It all depends on the level of investigation you’re deciding on.

If you’re an armchair enthusiast who wants to check out an abandoned house, then a simple, cheap spirit box is your best bet.

Otherwise, if you’re a serious paranormal investigator who wants to collect awesome evidence and spend quality time communicating with ghosts, a purchase from the other end of the spectrum might be a perfect choice.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s our two favorite spirit boxes – Updated 2/9/2020:

Choosing The Best Spirit Box For Your Needs

How Does A Spirit Box Work?

Also known as a ghostbox or “franks box” – a spirit box is a device used to communicate with spirits.

Using radio frequencies and white noise through an electronic medium, it’s believed that ghosts can manipulate this energy to relay messages and answer questions.

The majority of these devices sweep AM or FM radio bands, through audio fragments and white noise, which relay spirit voices – either changed in pitch and tone or perfectly original and clear.

Communicating With The Dead

Spirit communication involves more than asking questions like, “Who’s there?”

Do some background research to get an idea of who you could be speaking with, to discover trigger words and to develop a psychic link.

Begin by advising that you mean no harm and that you’d like to help them tell their story.

Ask what they want, how they died, how they’re feeling etc.

Be respectful, unless you’re provoking a bad spirit by chastising them for heinous acts.

The 5 Best Spirit Boxes On The Market

1) Spirit Box SB11 Ghost Hunting Equipment Radio Sweep Ghost Box

Spirit Box SB11 Ghost Hunting Equipment Radio Sweep Ghost Box

Considered the most advanced spirit box, this device is used by Zak Bagans on Ghost Adventures.

Communicating with the dead becomes much more fun with the option of single or dual AM/FM adjustable sweeps, hot and cold spot detection as well as a high intensity LED flashlight.

Along with forward and reverse sweeping functions, this spirit box can be used hands free in dark places with night vision and can be upgraded when new features are developed.


2) P-SB7 Spirit Box ITC Research Device

If you’re looking for the best spirit box from the top shelf of ghost hunting, then this is a great choice.

This updated version is easy to use, with seven different scanning speeds and dual AM/FM frequencies.

For improved ghost voice detection, it also has noise cancellation for clear transmission.

The external speaker needs to be used with ear plugs and this device also has forward and reverse scanning capabilities, along with three triple A batteries included.


3) SoulSeekersUK Ghost Box App

SoulSeekersUK Ghost Box App

This app is easy to use, has reverse audio, a variable sweep rate and uses sound bank design with human sounds and tones.

It has a proximity alarm for devices equipped with a sensor, so this useful tool is a nifty application to be included in your ghost hunting inventory.

It also has a recording feature to perform EVP bursts when you want to record ghostly voices and the audio can be stored on your device’s internal memory.


4) Sono x12 Spirit Box App

Sono x12 Spirit Box App

This cheap and simple spirit box app is considered one of the most advanced on the market.

With three different speed settings, improved voice banks which include four big soundbanks and an experimental mode for clear results, you’ll be glad you included this tool in your repertoire.

Understanding how it works is necessary before buying, as this ghost box uses multiple voice banks created from small pieces of the English alphabet to create words and full sentences.


5) BooBuddy Ghost Hunter Interactive Bear – Ghost hunting trigger object

BooBuddy Ghost Hunter Interactive Bear

Updated 2/9/2020 – Especially useful when trying to contact the spirits of little children, this interactive teddy bear is more than an EMF detector.

It can ask EVP questions as well as react to environmental changes, with the inclusion of motion and vibration detection capabilities and temperature fluctuations.

Used in conjunction with a video camera, you’ll be sure to capture great evidence as the bear is a universal trigger object for children – particularly those who have passed over.