Terrors at the Little-Known Ohlone Burial Grounds in Fremont

All over the web, you’re bound to hear stories about the haunted Mission San Jose in Fremont.

The ghosts of those who died tragically due to fires and earthquakes have been attracting fans of the paranormal for decades.

But there’s one little-known haunted spot at Washington and Paseo Padre that’s even scarier.

If you go down the road from the mission, you’ll see a fenced off area.

Unless you look closely, you’ll fail to see the old plaque designating the site as an Ohlone burial ground.

But there’s a good chance that you’ll know exactly what this place is as its ghostly residents hardly hide.

Terrors at the Little-Known Ohlone Burial Grounds in Fremont

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The Ghosts of Fremont’s Original Inhabitants

Updated 9/23/2019 – Before the Spanish mission was established, the area now known as Fremont belonged to the Native Americans of the Ohlone tribe.

While some of the tribe’s members accepted Christianity and moved into the mission, many remained outside and were ravaged by European diseases like chickenpox.

And it’s the latter who haunt the Ohlone Burial Grounds where they thought they’d seek eternal peace.

One of the ghosts which most people write about is that of a young girl whose face alone will bring on nightmares.

The first thing you’ll notice about her skeletal face are two empty eye sockets that look as if they’re peering into your very soul.

What is going on with her eyes? Just one of the spirits of these Fremont burial grounds.

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Witnesses have also been terrified by her bloodied nose and misshapen teeth.

Going by her features, she may have been tortured to death.

While the words she screams are yet to be understood, the way she lashes out at those visiting the Ohlone Burial Grounds proves her aggressiveness.

One of the people who came across her claims to being dragged into the fenced area, managing to run away by reciting a prayer.

Another ghost haunting the Fremont Indian burial grounds is that of an old chieftain.

He’s been known to stand next to the plaque.

Only his eyes would move as he observes people walking by or into the burial grounds.

A visitor wrote that he was fascinated by the life-like statue next to the plaque only to find out that it was a ghost.

Don’t worry about him, though.

He’s harmless.

Fremont’s Other Unexplained Paranormal Events

Ghosts aren’t the only things you’ll see at the burial grounds.

Many people have witnessed orbs floating around.

Those who photographed them believe these orbs to be the spirits of the Indians who died at the mission and were buried there.

Some have also seen a large thunderbird swoop across the land a little before sunset.

Many believe that it protects the burial site, ensuring that the Ohlone Indians resting there remain at peace.

Just don’t try clicking its photo.

The bird has been known to attack anyone taking interest in it.

Some of the people who came across it lost their cameras while trying to defend their faces.

There are definitely many more entities that make the Ohlone Indian Burial Grounds much more than meets the eye.

But remember not to disturb the dead, especially when they’re as powerful as this tribe.

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