Ridgecrest Spirit in Need

Sometimes ghosts and spirits make themselves known in the most innocent of places.

In the town of Ridgecrest, California, a local hotel is quite clearly haunted.

Ridgecrest Spirit in Need

Photo credit: todaysthedayi.com

Updated 2/10/2020 – There’s nothing special about the Carriage Inn, from a paranormal standpoint.

As far as anyone knows, was never the site of a horrific unsolved murder, or a troubling missing person case.

And yet, as two California Paranormal Private Investigations agents found, something about the place has drawn at least one soul to call the Carriage Inn home.

In 2013, as part of Ridgecrest’s new Weird Tales Festival, the CPPI investigators assembled their collection of recording devices, EMF meters, and other ghost hunting gear.

Several employees at the Carriage Inn’s bar had reported hearing clinking glasses in the empty room, and the festival organizers thought it would be a fine opportunity for the ghost hunters to demonstrate their craft.

A crowd gathered to watch as the agents measured air pressure and EM interference, but it wasn’t until they turned on the high-sensitivity microphone that they found an unexpected guest.

A Haunted Hotel Bar

Hidden in the background noise of the room was a voice.

It was quiet and strangely hollow, but very clear.

“Help me.”

To confirm their find, the paranormal investigators passed around the headphones to everyone in the room.

Out of over a dozen festival-goers, all but one or two agreed the voice was there.

“Help me.”

Among those present was a member of the Ridgecrest City Council, who confirmed she heard the voice.

The paranormal event intensified as the crowd’s excitement grew.

A local photographer employed by the festival became visibly disturbed by a feeling she could not explain.

Attendees suddenly felt a coldness around their arms, as though a lifeless presence was grasping at them for attention.

One person even saw a black shadow flitting about the bar.

Rumors persist about other shadow entities infesting the area.

After some time and repeated attempts to further the communication, the investigators were stymied.

The spirit wants help, but of what sort, none can say.

It’s a sad thing when a soul so clearly needs help but is unable to send a message we can understand.

Nobody knows what the ghost of the Carriage Inn needs, but it remains there to this day.

“Help me.”