5 Simple Steps to Read an Object (Developing Psychometry Made Easy)

If you hold a key that belonged to somebody, can you know how they used to feel?


Building your psychic repertoire wouldn’t be complete without developing Psychometry.

It’s where personal items or objects are sensed or read for information about the history of the owner or person attached to the object.

Read on to discover how to perform this fascinating skill using and building your sixth sense.

– Updated 2/11/2020

What Is Psychometry?

The word Psychometry is derived from the Greek word psukhē, meaning soul or spirit and metron which means measure.

Psychometry is also called “object reading” and is considered a form of extrasensory perception, where an object is “read” by the practitioner.

The practitioner can receive visions or information from the object, about the history of the associated person or target, as well as discovering hidden secrets.

It is believed that the practitioner receives knowledge via the vibrations imprinted on the item or object, but can also be used when reading a building or an area of interest.

How Does Psychometry Work?

It is believed by many in the paranormal world that the vibrations associated with events and emotions become imprinted in surrounding objects, the landscape and personal items.

Even clothing, furniture and buildings can absorb the energies and thoughts from people and animals in and around them.

Emotions seem to be the strongest vibrations to be found when reading an object or area.

The psychic can read an item – such as a piece of jewelry (usually something personal to the subject, which they had close to them for most of the time) or sense the vibrations in a room, battlefield, house etc.

The psychic may be able to pick up on the personality of the person linked with the item, their emotions and other important factors – past, present and even the future.

When a medium senses a spirit in a haunted house, they are picking up on imprinted energies, as in a residual haunting.

5 Steps to Learn How to Do Psychometry

Before you start, find an item that belongs to someone you know, like a family member or a close friend.

The reason for this is to perform a test, to ensure that you’re on the right track.

A simple object like a watch or something that has sentimental value, which they often wear, use or carry is ideal.

Can you experience Psychometry through a building?


Another reason is that they will probably be more likely to confirm your findings correctly or advise if you are on the wrong track.

Once you have your item, find a quiet spot or create a sacred space where you can focus on your reading without being interrupted or distracted.

Perform a psychometry test on yourself, using your own items – especially ones you haven’t touched for a while.

Do the impressions take you back to forgotten memories or events in your life?

What about people in your past?

Try using an old coat you haven’t worn for a while.

Note any impressions?

Step One – Prepare

Make sure that you have a notepad and pen or a means to record your impressions, such as a voice recorder.

Place the object in front of you and make yourself comfortable.

Turn your phone or device off and meditate.

Try not to have music in the background, as it will affect your reading.

Step Two – Clear Your Mind

As you meditate, allow yourself some time to filter out the meandering thoughts that come across your mental screen.

Do this before you pick the item up to make sure that you are essentially a blank canvas, on which the impressions will materialize or appear.

Step Three – Open the Channel

Different objects can show you different things when you practice the psychic ability of psychometry.


Feel yourself flooding with light, whether you believe it’s the light of God or the power of the Universe.

See it flood through you as you pick up the object and link with the energies contained within it.

Pay attention to all your impressions, even if they seem ridiculous or even unsavory.

Step Four – State Your Purpose

State aloud that you respectfully request whatever information it chooses to share.

You can ask the object direct questions but try to keep them simple.

It’s best to ask it to feed you visions, emotions, thoughts or words.

You could ask it to tell you about the emotional state of the person or about their history.

Step Five – Record Your Impressions

Whatever you feel, hear, see in your mind’s eye or even taste or smell – record your impressions.

You can make sense of the answers later, when you report to the owner.

Try not to color the reading with your own ideals or motivations.

Once you finish the session, thank God, the Universe and the object.


Take note of your own feelings.

Have you changed in certain ways, such as points of view, emotions or anything else?

Discuss the results with the owner and date your notes for further inspection.

You can modify these steps for a reading of a house/room or even an area like a famous place, etc.

Video Demonstration

In the following video, Jamie Butler takes a look at a rocking chair that a mother is considering adding into her nursery.


As you embark into these practices, it’s important to be patient, and open-minded.

You may not feel anything right away, and some people are naturally more sensitive to psychic feelings than others.

Don’t become discouraged, just try making small changes to your process until you experience what you’re looking for.