Haunted Fellsmere: Demonic Entity Lurks at Town Hall

In 1905, the town of Fellsmere was established on the east coast of Florida.

Being a new settlement without a lot of people, not a lot of public buildings were necessary.

Along with a general store and post office, a local schoolhouse was built for the children of the town.

Haunted Fellsmere: Demonic Entity Lurks at Town Hall

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The Town Hall Haunting

Updated 2/10/2020 – As time passed, Fellsmere steadily grew.

The area was officially declared a city in 1911, and many larger buildings were built to accommodate the growth.

A larger school building was built and the original schoolhouse became Fellsmere’s town hall.

Whether haunted by the ghost of a child or a former town official, nobody is sure.

But a majority of residents agree that the town hall is haunted by something quite sinister.

A former worker at the Town Hall was not an individual that needed convincing.

“I had been working at the town hall for about five years at that point and I would have bet you a million bucks the building was haunted,” she said, nodding vigorously.

“You’d like to think that since I already believed, the spirit would have targeted a non-believer.

“But I guess that’s not how it works out sometimes,” she shrugged.

Would you like to tell us what happened?


“It was Valentine’s Day, and several of my colleagues were leaving work early to take their significant others out to dinner.

“I’m a single woman, and I had no reason to leave.

“In fact, I recently spoke to a phone psychic and she told me I would find true love at work, so all the more reason to stay, right?” she says with a laugh.

“Anyway, I figured I would take advantage of the quiet and finish up a project our office had started for the police department.

“So I got in the elevator to head upstairs.

“I went up a floor and a half when the elevator began to slow down and stopped.

Fellsmere: Where the Devil Resides?

Haunted Fellsmere: Demonic Entity Lurks at Town Hall

Photo credit: deviantart/evancampbell

“Now, I should preface this by saying that the elevator malfunctioning is not uncommon at town hall,” she nodded.

“For some reason or other, the spirit doesn’t like the elevators and is always interrupting service, so…

“As annoying as it was, I didn’t panic.

“I picked up the phone in the elevator and called down to maintenance.

“’The elevator is stuck between the second and third floor,’ I told them.”

‘The ghost is at it again.’

“The maintenance staff said they would remain in contact with me while they figured out the problem.

“Twenty minutes or so had to have gone by and I was getting frustrated.

“’Spirit or ghost or whatever you are…I know you did this!’ I called out.

‘I need you to quit this nonsense because I have work to do!’

“As soon as the words left my mouth, the elevator jolted down a few inches.

“I yelped and clutched for the railing.

“Suddenly the lights went out.

“I was starting to get scared then,” she said, looking grim.

“After a few seconds the emergency lights kicked in.

“It illuminated the elevator enough that I could see the reflection of a creature standing behind me on the elevator door.”

A creature?

“It…it looked like a demon, really,” she whispered.

“It had huge black horns and a wrinkled face.

“It’s teeth and eyes were huge and he seemed to grin at me, as if he enjoyed making me scared.

“It frightened me so badly, I passed out then and there.”


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