The Female Ghosts’ Redemption at the Old Gilroy Hotel

There once was a glamorous hotel located at 7365 Monterey Rd in Gilroy, California.

This establishment, known as the Gilroy Hotel, was a popular place for the higher echelon of local society to meet back in the day.

Citizens of Gilroy would mingle amongst their peers, discussing the latest gossip and events of the day.

The Female Ghosts’ Redemption at the Old Gilroy Hotel

Ghost in Old Gilroy Hotel

The Brutal Gilroy Murders

Updated 9/23/2019 – Then, on a seemingly innocent day, all hell broke loose.

Two guests at the Gilroy, a young woman and a young girl, were attacked in their hotel room on the second floor.

According to local legend, a man entered the hotel, located the two females and raped them.

After he was finished, he brutally stabbed each of them and left them to die alone in the room.

Staff was not aware of what had transpired until it was far too late.

Nobody seems sure whether or not this tragic event had anything to do with the closing of the Gilroy Hotel, but the crime would forever change the atmosphere inside.

Now, many locals would swear on their mother’s graves that the building is still haunted by that one horrific night.

People passing by the former hotel in town are said to have seen the ghost of the little girl, looking out the window at passersby.

Others have claimed to have seen the apparition of the young woman, hovering in the hallway.

For one former employee, who wished to remain anonymous, the tale of the two females was simply that – a tale.

She felt awful that anything like that had the potential of being true…but she never experienced fear while working at the Gilroy.

Until the day everything changed.

Following the Piano…

She sat at the piano, playing a familiar tune...then she vanished back to wherever she came from.

Jake Allison/500px

“The rest of staff talked openly, almost excitedly about the hauntings,” she remembered.

“Personally I thought it was kind of sickening to listen to…I was sure those two women were just a Gilroy legend.

But if that really had happened, I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to talk about my death with such glee, you know?” she said, clearly upset at the thought.

“One day, I was having a hard time keeping up with my duties.

I passed by one of my co-workers speaking in an excited tone about maybe seeing the ghost girl that day, and I just lost my cool.

I snapped at her, asking how she could possibly derive such joy out of a story like that?

“’Shame on you for even thinking it, let alone saying so,’ I told her.

‘If that story is true—and I doubt it—but if it was, then that poor little girl died in pain, and fear, and because of someone intolerably cruel.’

“Well, needless to say that certainly shut her up,” the former employee said with a vindictive smile.

“I left the room and resumed my duties on the second floor.

I was walking through the hallway when I thought I heard the sounds of a piano being played.

“Now, I don’t know what the building is like now, but at the time there was no piano upstairs, and I was instantly on guard.

I tip-toed to the room, and nudged the door open with my foot.

The curtains had been drawn back in the room, and a flood of sunlight hit my face, blinding me.

“As I tried to peer through, I thought I saw a large, wooden piano, and a young woman perched on its bench, pushing the keys down with her fingers.

But after a minute my eyes adjusted, and there was nothing in the room but a couple of beds and end tables,” she said.

“I shook my head and left the room, but to this day, I swear I heard someone whisper ‘thank you’ behind me.

After that, I had a whole new respect for those women who died at the Gilroy Hotel.”


7365 Monterey Road
Gilroy, CA
United States