Terror in San Clemente: 4 Camping Spots Where Ghosts Will Speak To You

Nicknamed The Spanish Village by the Sea, San Clemente is constantly bustling with life.

From top notch restaurants to exciting shopping outlets and all the way to surfer-friendly beaches, this quaint beach city has it all.

Terror in San Clemente: 4 Camping Spots Where Ghosts Will Speak To You

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Updated 2/10/2020 – But if you really want to discover the city, consider planning a San Clemente camping trip.

Whether you prefer RV camping or roughing it up in a tent, you’ll love setting up a spot on one of the city’s beautiful beaches.

But before you head there, be forewarned: most campsites in San Clemente are dangerously haunted.

The ghosts of the following four camping spots in San Clemente are the most notorious, so plan your trip there with your safety in mind.

4 San Clemente Camping Spots Where Deadly Ghosts Lurk

4) The Holidays Camp Community

The Holidays in San Clemente State Beach promises a nostalgic experience through its vintage trailers.

But while great memories, fun, and adventure are listed on the campsite’s brochure, there’s one thing missing: the possibility of coming face to face with a ghost.

One camper and spiritualist claims a mother and son are eternally trapped near The Holidays.

She first saw the boy crouched near the beach.

When she approached him to ask about his mom, she suddenly experienced chills and felt unexplained fear.

This stopped, suddenly, when a cold hand grab her shoulder.

Looking behind her, she saw a dark figure with bright red eyes.

The figure then moved ahead of her and held the boy close.

For a second, she saw the angry face of a woman before both the child and ‘mother’ disappeared.

3) San Mateo Campground

San Mateo Campground in San Clemente, California

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Another beachside San Clemente camping spot, San Mateo Campground is a favorite weekend getaway.

Located within San Onofre State Beach, it offers ample amenities and great sights.

But while you’re staying there, you may want to be on the lookout for the ghostly soldier.

According to a camper, who refuses to go back now by the way, he woke up to heavy footsteps outside his tent.

Having served himself, he identified the silhouette he saw as that of a soldier in full gear.

But when he stepped out of his tent, he saw no one.

The former soldier looked around, but found no one.

When he went back inside his tent, though, he froze.

He could still see the silhouette of the soldier.

This time, however, the man seemed to be facing his tent.

The soldier said, “Leave immediately.

This is military property.”

Suddenly, smoke started seeping into the tent.

The man quickly ran out, but found no fire remotely near his tent.

Shaken, he left San Mateo Campground without his things.

2) San Onofre Bluffs

San Onofre Bluffs in San Clemente, California

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San Onofre Bluffs is another famous San Clemente camping spot in San Onofre State Beach.

Popular with swimmers and surfers, it’s the closest you can get to the sandstone bluffs.

It’s also one of the places in San Clemente where you can camp with ghosts.

If the stories are true, you may come across the ghosts of the Native Americans that once called San Onofre State Beach home.

Nearby is Panhe, one of the oldest sacred, ceremonial, burial sites of the Acjachemen people.

Few campers have seen Native American ghosts appear and disappear near the campsite, especially at sunrise and sunset.

A woman camping at the Bluffs claims she saw a shaman carry out a religious ritual.

When her phone rang suddenly, the shaman glared her way before dematerializing.

1) San Clemente State Beach Camping

San Clemente State Beach Camping in San Clemente, California

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Whether you wish to set up a tent or camp in your RV, San Clemente State Beach Camping is perfect.

But only head there if you’re lucky or think you can escape with your life.

Rumor has it that this is one of the haunted San Clemente camping sites.

On the RV campsite side, campers have heard loud whispers throughout the night.

Several claim the doors of their RVs open and close with a bang suddenly at night.

Similar stories have been written about the tents area as well.

But one story that’s especially freaky is that of the evil spirit that appears in photos.

Few campers claim that a ghost appeared in the photos they clicked.

One camper wrote that the ghostly figure was looming over his aunt.

When they returned from their trip, she became sick all of a sudden and died within two weeks.