10 Haunted Places in California That Will Make You Scream

There’s so much more going on here than the usual things going bump in the night.

When it comes to the most haunted places in California, you’ll need the kind of psychic protection only hinted at in the oldest of magical grimoires.

Updated 2/9/2020 – Monsters, evil spirits and creepy entities are just the tip of the iceberg here, as humanity takes a back seat while you make your way through this list of horrors.

Try not to squeal as each terrifying tale exposes you to the kind of evil only nightmares are made of.

Be prepared to sleep with the lights on.

These Ten Haunted Places in California Will Make You Scream

10) Gang of Dark Souls at the Agua Mansa Cemetery – Colton

It’s scary enough to face one evil entity in a cemetery, so imagine the compounded horror of facing a group of them at once.

Considered among the most haunted places in California, two main spirits haunt the Agua Mansa cemetery, with deference to the tragic matriarch who drowned herself after losing her children to the same fate.

Her name is La Llorona, also known as the Weeping Woman.

She is assisted by the other spirits, along with Morgan Earp – the brother of Wyatt Earp – who was hung by the neck.

If you see a woman in white with a puffy face – your time is up.

Morgan will strangle you with his scratchy rope while the Weeping Woman fills your lungs with blood.

9) Ancient Evil in the Sacramento Tunnels – Sacramento

The Sacramento Tunnels are considered a portal to Hell, the demonic activity is preceded by an army of rats.

If you’re brave or stupid enough to keep going, you’ll hear the creepy whispers telling you that it’s already too late.

Strange occult symbols will start appearing on the walls – painted with fresh blood – but where do they come from?

It won’t matter, because then you’ll be confronted by something rising up out of the ground.

At first, you’ll think your eyes are playing tricks on you, until the bestial groan makes you drop to your knees.

Only one witness has ever escaped and she warns that it was only luck that saved her.

8) A Need for Skin at Deforest Park – Long Beach

After dark, the hungry ghost of a serial killer stalks Deforest Park.

Dare to visit when twilight begins and you’ll be hit by sudden blasts of icy air accompanied by creepy laughter taunting you from beyond the veil.

Some say that due to the veil thinning the spirit has returned to the scene of his crimes, sifting among the shallow graves of his victims.

It’s reported that he is looking for the skins he still believes belong to him.

He had hoped to skin his victims after they had been “cured” long enough in the dirt.

Now that he’s desperate, he won’t think twice about ripping yours off your back.

7) Dark Lady of the Snakes at Hecker Pass – Santa Cruz/Santa Clara Counties

Some say that the soul of a dead woman haunts Hecker Pass and she likes to roam the area followed by her faithful army of slithering entities.

It’s believed that she was a demon too evil for Hell – which makes her a terrifying entity to say the least.

You’ll hear the hissing before you see her and if you feel her hot, slender tongue flicking at your ear – you might already be dead.

6) Lord of the Maggots at Pioneer Cemetery – Placerville

With many pioneer spirits spending their time underground, there is one entity who lords it over the dead at Pioneer Cemetery.

Said to have been a poor white slave back in the 1800’s, he now holds sway over the once rich pioneers who wait for Judgment Day.

People have reported swarms of flies before he appears.

One frightened witness advises that she was hanging around the cemetery with some would-be ghost hunters, when a sudden cloud of flies filled the air.

She then saw them all drop at once, forming a pool of maggots at her feet.

As she screamed, a glowing apparition flew up from the ground – screeching as she ran to safety.

5) Headless Rider at Ortega Highway – San Juan Capistrano

Many deaths have been reported here on the Ortega Highway, at one of the most haunted places in California.

One terrifying ghost has nothing better to do than to torture the living.

The bizarre thing is that he uses his own head to bowl his victims over.

One witness said that he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a bicycle helmet skidding along the ground.

What made his blood run cold was the fact that a skeletal face was peering out from under the visor.

As he ran back to his car he heard the frenzied footsteps behind him.

He only looked back once while driving away, to see the headless ghost bending down to pick up the helmet.

4) Band of Banshees on Hicks Road – San Jose

Some believe that there’s a spirit portal to a dark world on Hicks Road, due to the horrifying entities guarding the invisible gateway.

One witness described a feeling of shifting consciousness when she stopped to change a tire, so much so that she had to go and sit down on the grass.

She then heard several feet padding over to her, making her jerk her head around, only to be faced with a horde of screeching entities.

Pale, humanoid creatures with no eyes, they tried to drag her into the bushes – but not before she made it to her car – driving off in a wild panic.

3) You’re not Welcome at the Whaley House – San Diego

No one has lived at the Whaley House for over fifty years; no one living, that is.

If you feel like paying a visit, be prepared to be creeped out to the max.

First, your nostrils will be assailed by burnt wood, reminiscent of a house fire, which then sweetens into a lovely perfume.

You’ll be entranced, until you hear the baby crying.

It’s the Whaley’s baby son, with his older sister, Violet – who committed suicide.

She’s still angry at the world – including the living.

She waits in the shadows while you seek the baby out.

Without warning she’ll wrap a noose around your neck.

Why should you be alive while she still dwells in darkness?

2) Hell-Fire Horse at Black Star Canyon – Orange County

Among the variety of hauntings at Black Star Canyon – which is considered one of the most haunted places in California – there are Native American Indian spirits haunting here.

The most frightening apparition is that of a crazed, black horse.

Thought to be half demon and half horse, you’ll hear the thundering hooves coming from all directions.

At first you’ll be lost in confusion, not knowing where to run.

Then you’ll see the wild, white eyes and the flaming mane as it bears down on you, doing its best to trample you to death.

Some say that it serves the Dark Master who rules the Hellish underworld, hungry for souls and lying in wait to drag them back to his terrifying realm.

1) Spineless at 8 Mile Road – Stockton

8 Mile Road in Stockton, California has a sinister history of evil.

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There’s a reason why the Woman in White lies in wait for you as you drive by.

She needs to take care of her lover who hides in the darkness.

He apparently has a taste for human spinal columns.

The victims are lost souls – seen dragging themselves along the ground.

Locals don’t like to talk about it but one witness reported that it’s a hot spot for occult activity, where many evil witches hold dark rites in order to ensure a healthy number of “donors” for their Lord and Lady.

Here’s to hoping that you won’t need to stop on 8 Mile Road.

Who wants to spend eternity dragging their carcass around?