Prepare Yourself For What Lurks In The Cold Shadows Of This Pasadena Trail

The Angeles National Forest in California is one of the most stunning national parks in the state, and the hiking trails and paths that you can enjoy on a great, sunny day are numerous.

It may not be as accessible for those who do not own a car, but if you want to see natural beauty and experience paranormal terror, this is a place you must visit…if you dare.

Updated 2/10/2020 – The jewels inside the forest are many, and between them stand the Sturtevant Falls, a fine waterfall that you can access to through a 3.25-mile hike that you start at Chantry Flats, where you can park your car.

This falls hike is visually striking, and follows a pristine creek as well as passing by some resort cabins.

In addition, it also has a smaller, less-known trail somewhere along the way that is said to be the home of dark, horrifying beings that will cause you nightmares at night.

This Trail Hides Malevolent Paranormal Entities

Close to the end of the Sturtevant Falls hike, there is a slight turn to the right that you can easily miss if you do not know that it is there.

This turn opens up to a slimmer, shadowy trail that is concealed with the amount of vegetation that surrounds it.

Rumor has it that there are stunning viewpoints at the end of this trail, although no one has ever really made it to tell.

The dark, terrible beings that lurk along it always manage to make the adventurers run back to the main hike.

It is told that the deeper you go into the trail, the colder it gets, and that feelings of being followed and watched by invisible beings will give you goose bumps, at the very least.

Some have faced worse things, that shouldn’t even be repeated unless absolutely necessary.

On this trail, there is something always watching you, and this daunting paranormal energy will not leave your side until you are very far away from it.

In fact, some of those who have walked this trail have experienced being stalked all the way to the Sturtevant Falls and back.

The Things That You Come Across Here Will Scar You For Life

The Things That You Come Across Here Will Scar You For Life


What will happen when to you when you go into the trail is unknown, and those few adventurers who have managed to find the entrance in the first place have different stories to tell.

This one particular hiker had not even heard about the place when he noticed a slight turn to the right he decided to venture on, only to find the home of beings that seemed to come out straight from hell.

“From the moment I went in, I felt I was walking into the shadows.

It only got colder and darker and it became more and more difficult to breathe.

Several times, I thought someone was walking behind me, but there was nothing there when I turned,” he remembers having considered the possibility of walking back a few times when he stumbled upon piles of human bones laying all over the sides of the road.

“They seemed very old, but I could clearly tell they were human skulls and bones.

That was it for me, and I ran back to the main road after that”.

What is at the end of the path is unknown.

Some say good things await if you make it, but would you take the risk to go through a sinister trail to see if that’s true?