San Bernardino: The Horrific Paranormal Secrets of Fort Irwin

Nestled in the Mojave Desert in the north of San Bernardino County, Fort Irwin is an active major training area.

By training there, Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf and the whole cast of the war movie ‘Fury’ may have re-introduced the name of Fort Irwin National Training Center in today’s popular culture.

San Bernardino: The Horrific Paranormal Secrets of Fort Irwin

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Updated 2/10/2020 – However, the area that houses over 9,000 individuals is home to other entities as well.

Especially ghosts.

If this tempts you to explore the area, find out what you’re up against before heading there.

San Bernardino:  Ghosts of Soldiers Past

The training center has been the center of many paranormal entities, but the most active are the ghosts of soldiers who died there.

What most people won’t tell you is that the suicide rate at the training area is quite high.

But if you’re sensitive to the paranormal, you’ll find that out yourself.

One of the former soldiers who allegedly committed suicide there is now the ghost known as ‘Danny’.

Heard crying after midnight, his eyes are completely white and his skin is covered in boils.

According to one of the people who came across him, he keeps on mumbling, “I didn’t do it, Sarge.”

San Bernardino: The Horrific Paranormal Secrets of Fort Irwin

Photo credit: tumblr/darkkaart

Just don’t get too close to him.

He tends to clutch the shoulders of anyone who comes close with ice cold hands, shaking them and screaming like a wounded animal.

The last person who saw him fainted after being held too long and being screamed at.

But he’s not alone.

It is rumored that there are many aside from him who served and died there, be it by taking their own lives or mysteriously meeting their demise.

Paranormal ‘Animals’

While the ghosts are what most of Fort Irwin’s population complain about, there are other entities that will rob you of your peace and instill paranoia in your heart.

Most of these take the form of animals.

Rather, the pets residing with the people there.

A couple stationed there in 2008 shared their story.

While living on Monmouth Street and before the husband was medically discharged, the couple would see pets that didn’t belong to them.

Their own cat was black and “extra fluffy”, but the one they mostly saw was gray and quite thin.

The wife wrote that her own cat would hide under the bed, scared of the ghostly entity roaming around the home.

Their daughter even ran after it, but failed to catch it because it wasn’t there.

A dog, which the wife believed to be an Australian sheep herder, was also seen at their home despite the doors and windows being tightly locked.

This was the last straw for the couple, especially after their cat turned violent with her owners.

All of these appearances, however, and the cat’s aggression disappeared once they moved back to Arizona.

So, if you see a pet around Fort Irwin, you may want to think twice before petting it.

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