The Evil Entity That Follows You Home From This Santa Barbara Park Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

The city of Santa Barbara, in the state of California, has more to offer to its residents and visitors than its beautifully diverse coastline: the Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden is also a great touristic attraction to all those who want to escape to a greenery scenario in the middle of the urbanized jungle any city can become.

Updated 2/10/2020 – The large botanical garden has over seventy different trees and plants species, along with picnic areas, jogging and hiking paths, gazebos, and even a koi pond for fish-watching.

The Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden has to be the perfect weekend spot to spend a sunny day walking or grilling in Santa Barbara… or is it?

You Could Be Going Home With More Than Just Good Memories

According to a few of the visitors’ experience, the trip to this charming garden can easily turn into a terrifying event that will leave you sleepless for uncountable nights.

Seemingly, a paranormal entity lurks around the park haunting and disturbing the guests to the dreadful point of even following them back to their houses, where he later terrorizes them during the night.

Some locals have developed certain evasion concerning the Memorial Garden and support the idea that this entity has been in the area for a very long time now, forcing people to acknowledge its presence and horrifying them at home until they do.

He then later goes back to the garden where he will choose another victim.

The garden’s apparition is a quiet one, and although no one has faced him yet, some believe he might be the dark spirit of a lonely man who does not wish to be forgotten, even after death.

Hold On Through The Night

dark entity lurking around


What is so horrifying about this entity is that it won’t only haunt you in the garden but if it chooses you, it will also follow you back home to terrorize you in the night and leave you restless.

No one knows why the ghost picks some people over others, but this particular man who happened to be the apparition’s target explains having felt followed while he walked through the park, a sensation that didn’t leave him even after getting back home.

“When you live alone, and you happen to feel there is someone, or something, else than you in the apartment, you get anxious.

I tried to do my things as usual, and felt observed throughout the evening,” he retells, “It wasn’t until I got to bed that I realized how scared I was: I had to keep the lights on”.

The man could not sleep that night, and the sensation that someone else was with him in the room never left him.

“I could feel someone standing by my bed, looking down on me.

It makes me uneasy just to remember it,” he explains, “I finally stood up and yelled at nothing.

I told that thing that I knew it was there, and asked it to please, leave me alone.”

“In the end, I went out to buy cigarettes in a midnight store, terrified of being home, but by the time I went back to the house, I felt alone, and knew it was gone”.

It seems that this terrible entity is only looking for acknowledgment, but you might want to be careful when visiting the Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden.

You would not want to be the apparition’s next prey, would you?