St George Hotel: Victims of Deadly Fires Still Haunt Volcano, CA

Historically speaking, the town of Volcano, California has had its fair share of bad luck when it comes to hospitality.

In 1853, the Eureka Hotel was built, only to be destroyed by a fire a few years later.

In 1859 the town tried again, and the Empire Hotel was built at the same location.

St George Hotel: Victims of Deadly Fires Still Haunt Volcano, CA


Repeated Tragedies in Volcano

Updated 9/23/2019 – It too was leveled by a fire.

Trying their luck a final time, B.F. George built a hotel on the same site and called it St. George.

He hoped that by naming it after a saint, the building would be protected from a similar fate.

The St. George still stands, and has never had an issue with accidents, arson, or wildfires.

But that does not mean the hotel is void of troubles.

Many locals and guests are convinced the St. George is haunted by more than a couple ghosts.

Disembodied noises, and uncooperative lights are reported on a regular basis.

Additionally, a couple of guests have reported seeing apparitions in the distance, walking about the halls at night.

Considering the two horrible fires on the site prior to the St. George, many locals are not really surprised by the activity.

Joel had heard about the hauntings of the St. George Hotel prior to booking a room there, but he did not expect such a unique and intense encounter when he arrived.

All he hoped to do was capture a few disembodied voices on his camera and sell the rights to a paranormal investigation team for profit.

“That night at the St. George changed everything,” he said.

The Hunt for Evidence

A girl in a white dress sits on a wheelchair from another world.


“I had asked around about the most haunted room, but everyone seemed to have a different answer for me.

So I just booked a room at random, and settled in, hoping for the best.

As soon as I got to the room, I immediately set up my camera in the corner, so everything was visible on film,” Joel recalled.

“I started recording and decided to take a shower instead of just staring expectantly around the room.

I was in the shower no more than a minute when I heard something fall off the counter.

One of the little complimentary shampoo bottles was rolling around on the floor.

“Now, I know what most people will say,” Joel said, holding up a hand.

“The bottle is cylindrical; it can roll by itself.

But it had been sitting on an edged tray on the counter, and I certainly hadn’t moved it.

“I quickly rinsed the soap off my body and hopped out of the shower.

I walked back into my room to find the bed—which had been nicely made up by a maid—all messed up with the blankets on the floor!

I can’t begin to describe how ecstatic I was,” he beamed.

“I ran over to the video camera, only to find that it wasn’t on.

The battery had completely died, despite the fact that I had put fresh ones in the moment I pulled into the hotel parking lot.

Annoyed but not discouraged, I put on some fresh clothes, popped in new batteries and headed down to the lobby.

“I went out to the parking lot to have a cigarette.

It had been cold and rainy that day, but the night was warm, and the moisture on the ground was evaporating, making the grounds all misty and foggy.

I turned to go back inside when I saw a figure in the mist.

“It appeared to be a little girl, wearing a white dress.

I could have sworn she was looking right at me, but she disappeared with the evaporating mist.

I’m not 100% convinced that is what I saw…but nevertheless, chills ran down my spine for an hour afterward.

“When I got back upstairs, my camera was on the ground, and the batteries were dead again.

If you ever have a chance to visit Volcano, do check out the St. George Hotel.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that it is haunted.”


16104 Main St
Volcano, CA 95689
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