How to Communicate with Spirits (in 5 Simple Steps!)

Ready to discover exactly how to communicate with spirits?

Ready to discover exactly how to communicate with spirits? Photo: Dwight Stone

Communicating with spirits and other higher beings is a truly exciting experience.

But it’s not something you should rush into.

Rather, you should take your time, understand the entire process, and then ease into it slowly.

Failing to do so can not only lead to an unfulfilling experience, or a failure to achieve actual communication, but even a negative experience as well.

Remember that the first step is ensuring you are ready to reach the spirit world.

These connections are powerful and shouldn’t be done until you are comfortable and completely sure of your intentions.

If you’re interested in inviting a spirit to communicate with you, or you’ve noticed an energy in a particular space, there are several steps you can follow to ensure communication as well as your overall safety.

Here’s how to communicate with spirits in 5 simple steps.

Updated 2/11/2020

1) Protect Yourself

You must ensure that you’re adequately protected before you ever attempt to communicate with spirits.

Simply put, your safety is most important.

And while communicating with spirits is mostly safe, there’s also a potential for risk, so taking precautions is hugely advised.

According to Amanda Linette Meder, there are numerous ways to ensure your safety.

You must make your intentions known.

You must make your intentions known. Photo: Dominic Alves

Some people prefer meditation to charge up energy.

Others will use protective crystals.

Still others call a known spirit guide or guardian angel to their side before attempting to contact a new spirit.

2) Let Your Intentions Be Known

Perhaps the most important step in establishing contact with a spirit is letting your intentions be known.

What exactly is the purpose of the contact?

What do you hope to achieve out of contacting the spirit and communicating with them?

Saying your intentions out loud while thinking of the spirit will enable them to hear these intentions and decide for themselves if contact is preferable.

That’s why your intentions must be positive.

Spirits will naturally protect themselves and are unlikely to show for a potentially negative encounter.

Making your intentions known also helps to guarantee your safety as it tells the spirit what to be ready for during the communication session.

Watch this video to get some helpful tips:

3) Create a Safe Space

Mind Body Green states that creating a safe space is pivotal to your safety and enjoyment of communicating with spirits.

A safe space is also sacred.

It should feel completely safe and comfortable both to you and the spirit you are attempting to contact.

The more comfortable and welcoming the space you create, the most comfortable and open with you the spirit will be.

Many people like to fill their sacred space with plants, crystals, candles, and other similar items.

4) Watch for Signs and Symbols

Sometimes spirits will talk to you through signs.

Sometimes spirits will talk to you through signs. Photo: Bharat Mudgal

Unfortunately, communicating with spirits isn’t always straightforward.

Once contact has been established, some spirits will still prefer to communicate to you with messages shown through signs and symbols.

Of course, some spirits will send you audible spoke messages that you and others can both hear.

Some will just send you an audible message that only you can hear.

Others prefer to communicate directly with the medium through a series of bodily sensations including tingling.

You should also watch for other common signs such as orbs or sparks of light, feathers and other objects appearing, or sudden thoughts jumping into your head.

Those that have experience communicating with spirits can even try a device such as a pendulum or a Ouija board to further develop communication with the spirit realm.

5) End the Communication

Never leave a communication open after you end the session.

Forever Conscious states that you should always explicitly end the communication in the same way that your started it.

Simply put, let your intentions be known.

Tell the spirits you’ve contacted that you’re done with the session for today.

Many people also like to thank the spirit for their communication.

It’s always good to end on a positive note.

It’s also very important to cleanse your safe, sacred place after each spirit world session, even if you don’t believe contact was made.

Cleansing is most often done with white sage, crystals, or incense.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn how to communicate with spirits, the first step is staying safe.

Not only does this mean ensuring your own safety, but it also means creating an environment that a spirit will feel comfortable visiting.

Do both of these things and communicating with spirits is probably a whole lot easier than you can imagine.

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