Medium Readings: What They Are Like & What To Expect

Discover the truth about medium readers and how they can help you communicate with the other side.

Discover the truth about medium readers and how they can help you communicate with the other side.

Want to learn about Medium readers?

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Mediums, also sometimes known as psychic mediums, have a powerful gift that can potentially connect people in the physical world to a loved one in the spiritual world.

But, what does a medium do, and how can one help you stay connected to your loved ones who are no longer with you?

This article navigates the experience, so you’ll know what to expect before you talk to a medium.

– Updated 10/11/2019

What Do Mediums Do?

Mediums are specialists who have the gift of spirit communication.

Some mediums connect with spirits who have already crossed over, others can make connections to ghosts who haven’t yet crossed, and some mediums communicate with both.

Medium readers tend to see and hear things that others don’t.

They might mentally see symbols from a spirit or even see or hear the spirit.

Through a real medium, your loved one can communicate with you and give you answers that make sense about your loved one, their life, their death, and other questions you might have.

If you’re wondering how a Medium is able to see and contact spirits, this video will give you some insight:

How Are Mediums Different Than Psychics?

A good medium reading can put you in touch with higher truths and pure love.

A good medium reading can put you in touch with pure love.

Understanding the difference between psychics and medium readers is essential to ensure that a medium is the right type of person for you to visit.

Psychics are people who perceive information about you and your life based on their heightened senses.

They might sense your aura or hear or feel things from the energy around you.

From the information they perceive, they make predictions about your future.

In contrast, medium readers use their abilities to receive information from the spiritual world to connect with those who have passed.

Sometimes, readings are solely for connecting with spirits for closure, as they can give you peace knowing that your loved one is still near.

Other times, mediums use the information from a spiritual source to provide you with information or advice about your future.

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What to Do Before Visiting a Medium

When you visit a medium for the first time, it’s common to feel a little unprepared and out of place.

You might even feel overwhelmed.

It’s essential that you first consider your emotional state and if you’re ready to handle the information that may come to you from the other side.

Spend some time thinking about your loved one you’d like to connect with.

Consider where you are in the grieving process too.

How will you feel if the medium can’t connect with the spirit?

What if she does connect, but you’re not yet in an emotional state to handle it?

These are essential questions to ask yourself to gauge where your emotional state lies to make sure the timing is appropriate.

What to Expect at a Medium Reading

Once you decide to go through with a medium reading, you should keep your mind open.

No medium is perfect, and everyone has their off-days.

Additionally, it’s up to the spirit of a loved one to come through and communicate.

He or she may just not be ready yet, and it’s not the medium’s fault.

Sometimes, spirits may come through that you don’t know.

At your reading, you can expect your medium to:

Connect to a Spirit

A medium can help you connect with loved ones in heaven.

A medium can help you connect with loved ones in heaven. Photo: Visual Hunt

At the beginning of your session, your medium will usually explain a bit about the process and how they’ll communicate with the other side.

Now is a good time to ask any questions you have.

Your medium will then begin connecting to a spirit.

This can take some time as they gather information and get a feel for the person’s looks and personality.

The medium will then start describing the spirit that came through, usually by naming the hair or eye color and some personality traits.

Eventually, the medium should have some more concrete evidence for you to prove that it’s your loved one.

This is when the medium will relay information given by the spirit for proof, such as mentioning the type of car he drove or what his favorite restaurant was.

Receive Messages from the Spirit

Once a medium gives you evidence to subside any potential skepticism, it will be time to move into receiving messages from your loved one, if the spirit chooses to do so.

These are usually special messages between you and the spirit.

If a spirit comes through that you don’t know, the medium will still relay the messages to you.

There may still be a reason that spirit has chosen to come through to your reading that could help you with present or future events.