How to Know If You’re Receiving Psychic Messages (5 Tips)

Here's how to tell if you're getting psychic messages.

Here’s how to tell if you’re getting psychic messages.

Many would argue that everyone is psychic to some degree.

Some people can tap into their psychic abilities from a young age and can fully develop their talents as they get older.

But it can take many years before others realize that they have any abilities or before someone starts receiving psychic messages or signs that they have any ability.

Since we live in a skeptical world, it can be easy to shrug off psychic messages as something you ate or as an anomaly.

These five tips will help you know for sure whether or not you’re receiving psychic signals.

– Updated 10/11/2019

How to Know if You’re Getting Psychic Messages and Signals

1) You’re Having Dreams

Psychic dreams are often much different from your common dream. During clairvoyant dreams, you might see a loved one or be visited by someone you don’t know.

The vision will often seem as if it is happening in real time.

You might think you’re awake during it and you are likely to remember the events of the dream very clearly.

Occasionally, psychic dreams are prophetic dreams.

You might learn something about a future event or get a piece of advice that is very important to share with someone in your life during the dream.

2) Electronics Are Acting Weird Around You

Often, people with psychic abilities get a spirit message through an electronic device.

There’s energy all around you, and that energy is often amplified near smartphones, laptops and other electronics.

Your phone might ring, for example, but no one is on the other end.

You might switch on the radio or TV and have a dead person’s favorite show or song being playing.

Often, messages from spirits come through our electronics.

It can be challenging to know what they are trying to say, but it is usually an obvious sign that they want to get in touch with you.

3) You’re Hearing Voices

Some spirits are more direct than others, though.

If you hear voices when you’re alone, or if you’re hearing a deceased loved one speaking or singing to you, it’s very likely that someone is trying to tell you something.

It can take some time to learn to sit and focus on the voices.

At first, the experience of hearing people speaking who aren’t visibly present can be very unsettling.

But it’s important to understand that they are there to tell you something important.

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4) Your Senses Are Acting Strange

Some psychics can sense the messages their loved ones are trying to send them.

Or, they sense but don’t see the spirit who is trying to communicate with them.

For example, if a loved one has come back to give you a message, you might smell his or her cologne or perfume, even if it looks like you’re alone in the room.

Likewise, it’s also possible to physically feel the presence of a spirit.

You might feel someone touching you or feel a whoosh of air as that spirit passes you by.

It might be a cliché, but many people feel the temperature drop a bit when the spirit is in the room with them.

5) Things are Moving Without You Touching Them

Some spirits are a bit more playful than others.

They might try to send you messages by physically moving objects in a room.

For example, you might hang your coat up in the closet, and they might take it out again and set it by the door.

They might also move your keys or other objects that you put on a table.

It can be easy to feel frightened the first time you notice that something has seemed to move on its own.

But if you accept that it’s a way for a spirit to say “hello” or to let you know of its presence, it’s not very scary at all.

As your relationship with the spirit deepens, it might be able to move things to let you know of dangers or concerns.

Here’s a video with more tips:

Parting Words

The next time you get a message that seems to come from the beyond, take a deep breath and tune into it.

Developing your psychic abilities can take time, but can also be a skill that lets you deepen your connection to others — both the living and the dead.