Third Eye Meditation: Expand Your Consciousness with Trataka

You're about to learn the truth about third eye meditation.

You’re about to learn the truth about third eye meditation.

Your senses are powerful factors in how you think and feel and what you do.

The eyes are possibly the most powerful, as everything you see can affect you mentally and physically.

Just as you can train your brain and body through exercise, you can also train your eyes to become more focused to allow for enhanced concentration and perception through third eye meditation, known as trataka.

– Updated 2/11/2020

What is Trataka?

Trataka, also known as third eye meditation, open eyes meditation, or Yogic gazing, is a form of tantra meditation that focuses solely on training the eyes through specific gazing methods.

The techniques you use in trataka enhance the third eye area, which is one of the seven main chakras of Indian beliefs.

Third eye meditation through trataka can help you enhance not only your physical vision but also your mental vision.

In other words, through increased concentration and perception, you can also improve your emotional and psychological state by seeing things more clearly.

What are the Benefits of Trataka?

Improved eyesight is one of many benefits you can get by practicing Trataka.

Improved eyesight is one of many benefits you can get by practicing trataka.

People use trataka for many purposes and can start seeing its benefits soon after starting.

One of the most significant benefits is that trataka can help strengthen the eye muscles to improve eyesight with continuous training.

Additionally, the third eye exercises you use in trataka can also help you calm your mind, which can give you a heightened sense of clarity when dealing with important situations.

Trataka can be used to lower the symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve insomnia, and give you an overall peaceful feeling.

Trataka can even be used as a tool to improve cognitive function.

One study that included elderly participants showed that the practice enhanced things like short-term memory, attention, and cognitive responses immediately and after one month of completing the techniques regularly.

Watch this video for additional benefits you’ll get with trataka practice:

If you’re interested in learning about more of the the health and spiritual benefits you’ll get, check this video out:

How to Expand Your Consciousness with Trataka

Trataka is relatively simple to complete and shouldn’t take much practice to learn.

Those new to chakra and meditation can still catch on quickly and see some of the benefits of this practice immediately.

While there are several forms of trataka, we are going to teach you the most well-known steps for performing trataka meditation in your home:

The 7 Most Common Steps for Performing Trataka Meditation in Your Home

1) Prepare a burning candle

First, place a burning candle about two feet away from where you’ll be sitting, keeping it level with your eyes.

2) Relax your body and breath deeply

Even if you're new to Chakra meditation you can quickly expand your consciousness.

Even if you’re new to Chakra meditation you can quickly expand your consciousness.

Next, relax your body. Sit on your bed, a comfortable chair, or on the floor.

Keep your shoulders, legs, and neck relaxed.

Breathe in deeply and exhale several times until you feel relaxed and your mind is clear.

3) Keep still and focus on the candle

Keeping your body still and relaxed, focus your eyes on the candle, moving them up to where the flame escapes from the wick.

You should keep your eyes on the steadiest part of the flame, either at the very top of the wick or the start of the flame.

4) Gaze at the candle without blinking

Without blinking, gaze at this part of the flame.

The goal is to gradually increase the time you’re able to gaze without blinking.

5) Let your mind escape

Allow your mind to escape you, keeping your eyes focused on the flame.

Eventually, you shouldn’t notice anything else around you but the flame.

6) Hold your gaze for a minimum of 15 seconds

Try to hold your gaze for at least 15 seconds when you’re beginning.

If you feel as though you need to blink, you can slowly close your eyes and imagine the flame.

7) Slowly open your eyes and repeat the process

When you can no longer see the flame in your mind, slowly open your eyes and repeat the process if you desire, aiming to increase the time you gaze.

As you gain more experience with this practice, you should be able to work up to holding your gaze for 30 seconds or more.

How Often Should You Complete Trataka?

For the best results, you should aim to complete a round of trataka daily.

But, the beauty of this type of meditation is that most people can practice it whenever you feel the need for it.

Trataka comes in handy, especially, during a long day at work when you have trouble concentrating, are experiencing anxiety over a significant event in your life, or are struggling to sleep.

You can also repeat rounds of trataka if you’re not experiencing its benefits right away.

However, you should consult your doctor before practicing trataka.

For some people with specific vision or mental problems, this form of meditation can be risky.