How To Keep Ghosts Away (4 Simple Steps To Protect Yourself)

Need to find out how to keep ghosts away? You're in the right place.

Need to find out how to keep ghosts away? You’re in the right place.

A haunting can be a scary experience between the unusual noises, voices, and apparitions that might occur.

The good news is that most ghosts are harmless and will leave if you use a few items or simply talk to the spirits.

If you are wondering how to keep ghosts away, it is time to give these methods a chance.

– Updated 2/11/2020

Don’t Invite Ghosts In

Spirits are either drawn to a home because they had a strong connection to the place during their life or because you invite them in.

It is possible that you or the previous owner of the home invited an entity inside of the building by accident.

Be mindful of activities that could invite spirits in.

These include playing with a Ouija board or organizing a séance for fun.

Some music and even fashion accessories with satanic symbols can attract evil spirits.

Your home itself might attract spirits.

If your roof or another part of your home shows signs of damages, look for openings and seal them.

If you think that there already is a spirit inside of your home and it is the source of negative energy, this YouTube video will show you a simple trick you can use to determine if there really is negative energy present:

How To Ward Off Spirits

There are different items you can use to repel spirits.

Using one of these items might be enough to cause a ghost to leave your home for good.

Protection Prayers

Keep your doors and windows protected at all times.

Keep your doors and windows protected at all times.

In Jewish tradition, homeowners often keep a scroll with Hebrew verses inside of it on their door.

You can protect your door and your windows with a scroll that contains a prayer from a religious text of your choice, or simply some positive words or sayings written on a piece of paper.


A lot of gemstones have protective properties.

Black tourmaline is very efficient against spirits, but you can also use agate, peridot, or emeralds.

You can either wear gemstones as jewelry or display them around your home.

Lucky Charms

Hang a lucky charm on your porch to protect your home and bring good luck to you and your family.

You can use a horseshoe, a barnstar, or a sign with a four-leaf clover.

Cleanse Your Home

Burning particular substances will help ward off ghosts.

Burning particular substances will help ward off ghosts.

If protection prayers and lucky charms aren’t enough to drive spirits away, it is time to cleanse your home.

Smudging is a Native American practice that consists of burning herbs.

This is a very efficient way to cleanse your home of evil spirits.

You can use sage, basil, or clove.

There are other ways to cleanse your home, including sprinkling salt, turmeric, or cayenne on your doorstep and windowsills.

You can use these herbs and spices to protect your home by planting them outside, using them to make your own candles, or keeping some bouquet garnis and potpourris around.

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Wearing a sea salt amulet or keeping a salt lamp in your home will work too.

Music is another great way to cleanse your home.

Here is a video with some music that will cleanse your home from negative energies:

Ask The Spirits To Leave

If you have extensively read about how to keep ghosts away and still notice signs of supernatural activity in your home, you need to figure out what the spirits want or ask them to leave.

Most spirits aren’t evil.

They are simply lost and can’t figure out how to leave once they enter your home.

Communicate with the ghosts whenever you notice signs of their presence.

Look in the direction of the disturbance you noticed, and use one of these statements:

  • I want you to move on to a new place.
  • I wish you find peace in another place.
  • I order you to leave this place.
  • You won’t find what you are looking for here.

If nothing works, you should think about getting some help from a spirit releaser or from a psychic who knows how to keep ghosts away.

They will know how to cleanse your home, how to tell the spirits to leave, and will be able to figure out what drew the spirits to your home in the first place.